why goal setting is important

Why Goal Setting Is Important? Read Before It Is Too Late For You

Goal setting is considered a very common topic in the personal development industry.

Most people underestimated what goal setting can do in their lives and oftentimes; they overestimated their own ability in achieving big goals.

It is true that we should set big goals, however, if the goal is just too big, and we set it in a way that is unrealistic to us, we will tend to sabotage ourselves and paralyze.

One common example is to set the income goal to earn a million dollar.

Most people set their goal to earn a million dollar in a year. While it is very possible to achieve this goal, but you must understand whether it is realistic under your circumstances.

Do you have what it takes to achieve that amount of money? Are you working on it each day? Will the effort you put in gives you the result? Do you have enough time to reach the goal?

These are the common mistakes people made when it comes to goal setting.

They thought that thinking big is everything and they jump right in to set big goals and wait for the result to come.

Guess what, when they take action and they did not see the result they want, they end up losing hope and eventually give up on their goals.

Never let this happen to you. Whenever you want to set your goals, make sure the goals you set are realistic to you.

While I’m not saying that you should not set big goals. In fact, you should set big goals, but you must also have the resources to achieve them.

When you set your goal to make a million dollar in a year, do you have the blueprint to achieve it? Is the blueprint proven and do you follow the steps and take massive action each day?

A lot of people set big goals but they do not have the right strategies or resources to achieve their big goals.

For you goals to work, YOU MUST WORK.

for your goals to work you must work

Most people set the same goals in life. Some will achieve them, while some don’t.

Therefore, it is not goal setting that does not work; it is the person who sets the goals that do not work.

I have a whole category of goal setting for you to explore if you want to learn more about it.

You can also check out my step-by-step strategy to setting your goals here.

Let’s face it, goal setting is important. No matter whether it is in your work, your life, your health, your financial life, etc, goal setting can be the guiding light to living the life you always wanted.

Here are 7 reasons why you must set goals. You have to understand the importance of it to make it work for you…

1. Your Goals Will Build Your Discipline

Yes, goal setting can make you more discipline. Think about it, right after you set goals; you will usually come up with a plan to achieve it.

And whenever you follow the plan, it builds your discipline.

When you resolve that you are going to do 20 push ups and you did it, you built the self-discipline and you increased your self-confidence as well.

It does not have to be something big like building a million-dollar business. Self-discipline starts small in your everyday life.

When you set your goals to stop watching TV and start reading books for 30 minutes, the moment you turn off the TV and pick up a book to read, you have successfully built the discipline.

A lot of people thought that goal setting is about achieving the goal, but it is not.

Goal setting is about building you into a better person with empowering and success habits.

This is why people said that it is the journey that counts, not the destination. You become a better person while on the journey to achieving your goals.

You learn to be more responsible and have better self-discipline when you set goals and go for them.

This is why goal setting is important.

2. Your Goals Give You Direction

goals give you direction

Next, do you know that your goals can direct your focus?

Tell me, what did you do the last weekend? If you said that you did nothing and stayed at home wasted your time watching TV and checking updates on Facebook, it simply shows that you do not have a clear goal.

When you have a clear goal such as you wanted to lose weight. There is a high chance that you will spend your time in the gym or jogging during the weekend.

This is because your goal gives you clarity and it gives you the direction where you should go.

In other words, your goals can direct your focus in every area in your life.

People will go through life like a lost sheep if they do not have a clear goal. If you don’t have a plan, you will end up in someone else’s plan.

Do you ever have the experience where you have no idea what to do and out of a sudden your friends give you a call and ask you for a drink or watch a movie?

Your friend has a plan, and you don’t, and you end up following his plan.

It is the same in every other area of your life. If you have no plan to build a business, then you will end up working for someone who has the plan to build a business.

Does this sound familiar? Can you see how goal setting can influence your life right now?

When you have a goal, you know where to focus and you will have a clear direction where to go.

So stop ended up as part of people’s goals and plans. Create your own goals and make your own plans today. And learn to set goals.

3. Your Goals Allow You to Measure Your Results

How can you tell where you are or how far you have come if you do not even know what you want in the first place?

The first step you need to do if you want to lose weight is to weight yourself. You want to know where you are right now so that you can track your progress.

You cannot do this if you do not have a goal.

Imagine getting into a taxi and the driver asks you where to go. And you tell the driver that you have no idea where to go, what do you think will happen?

Probably the taxi driver will throw you out. You cannot get to your destination without knowing where it is that you wanted to go in the first place.

You must identify and know what you want to accomplish before you can start your journey. And when you know what you want, you can then measure your progress.

This is one of the most important keys why goal setting is important and why goal setting works because it allows you to measure your result and track your progress.

When you have a clear goal and are working on the goal each day, you will see yourself moving closer toward it each day.

You can know if you are moving in the right direction or you should change your strategies because they are not getting you where you want to go.

So create a clear, specific and a measurable goal that allows you to track your progress.

When you know where you are and how far you have come, you can then adjust your plan to reach your goal more effectively.

4. Your Goals Give You Hope

goals give you hope

Think about it, those who set goals will know what to do in order for them to reach what they want.

And because they work out and find out what it takes to achieve their goals, they make their goals possible.

They know that it is possible for them to achieve their goals, hence, giving them hope.

Not only that, your goals will become the light that guides you when tough times come.

You will know what you need to do when things are bad and the situation is not helping. Your goals will show you your next step and guide you through the challenges you face.

Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper editor, but because he had a clear vision and goal, he continued to strive for his dreams.

Michael Jordan was rejected from his basketball team when he was young because he was not good enough.

However, that never discouraged him. Instead, he went on to practice even harder because he knew what he wanted. He had a clear and specific goal that gives him hope.

Howard Schultz, the person who grows Starbucks and changed the way we drink coffee has been rejected by more than 200 banks during the time he wanted to expand Starbucks.

But he never gives up and he never quits. He knows what he wanted and goes ahead to achieve it.

Your goals will give you hope. So think about your goals all the time. Program them into your subconscious and make them part of your life.

The more you think about your goals, the more likely you are going to achieve them.

There’s a saying…

“You will become who you think about most of the time.”

So think about your goals and you will eventually reach there.

5. Your Goals Can Inspire and Motivate You

Without a doubt, your goals should give you inspiration and motivation.

If your goals are not giving you any inspiration or motivation when you think about them, probably you have set the wrong goals.

Whenever this happens, you should really ask yourself if the goals you set are what you truly want.

You can see this situation clearly from those who set goals and get excited about them in the beginning, and after some time, their motivation and excitement decrease and eventually they give up.

If your goals are something that you truly want to achieve in your life, you will never feel lousy or no motivation for them.

Steve Jobs was able to work on what he wanted day and night because it was what he wanted the most in his life.

He loves design and technology. They are part of his life and he is passionate about his work. He cannot help but think about it every moment.

The same goes for Warren Buffett. Investment has become part of his life because he just loves it. Whenever he thinks about investment, he feels excited and this is what leads him to set a goal to make a million dollar from investing at age 11.

You have to do the same. You have to find out why you want to set the goals in the first place. Your goals will drive you and motivate you when you have crystal clear reasons behind them.

People give up on their goals or fail to accomplish them because their purposes to achieve the goals are not strong enough.

Thus, find a strong and compelling reason why you want to achieve your goal. Make your goals your motivation whenever you think about them.

6. Your Goals Give You Commitment

It is not easy to set a goal. This is because when you set a goal, you know it within you that you have committed to something.

For example, if you set your goal as to earn $10,000 in 2 months, you are committed to producing the result.

You know you are going to take the responsibility and you will put yourself accountable for the result.

It is not easy especially if you share your goals publicly.

Do you dare to make a public commitment to the goals that you have set? Do you dare to tell other people what you want to achieve and how are you going to do it?

Whenever you share with other people, you are putting yourself on the line and you will feel the commitment and the pressure.

Of course, you do not have to do this if you can’t take the pressure. What you can do is to either commit to yourself or even better, share your goals with people who will support you, such as your spouse or your partners.

Create the positive commitment that gives you the accountability you need to reach your goals.

And remember, you have to put in 100% commitment to making sure you will achieve your goals.

Successful people are 100% committed to their goals and their dreams. This is why they successfully accomplished them.

If you are not 100% committed, you will find excuses and you will procrastinate. And ended up not achieving what you want.

Never let this happen to you.

7. Your Goals Can Serve As Your Starting Point To Greater Success

goals starting point greater success

Even if you are not sure if the goal that you set is what you truly want, you should just set and go for it. Why?

The answer is simple, the goal you set will lead you somewhere and you will discover more there.

Some people say that they have no idea what to do with their lives and they have no clear goals to achieve. Well, just start somewhere.

Start with something that you think you want to achieve in life.

You will never know what will happen in the future. Who knows what you will encounter and who knows if you will encounter something even better down the road.

Richard Branson will never start an airline if he never started Virgin Records. Steve Jobs will never bring Apple to where it is today if he never got fired from Apple before.

Things happen for a reason and you just cannot connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect the dots looking backward when you have arrived somewhere.

If you are a failure now and you are not accomplishing much in life, it does not matter.

Start right now and set a clear goal to achieve what you want in life. Your past cannot determine your future, unless if you let it.

What matters most is where you want to go in the future. Start somewhere. Start now.

It is absolutely alright if you set the wrong goal. It will lead you somewhere. By the way, how can you tell if it is a wrong goal if you did not work on it in the first place, right?

Setting your goal is the beginning of everything. So do it now.

Set Your Goals Today

Do not worry and just set your goals. Just follow this guide here and set your goals step by step.

If you need more information and wanted to take goal setting to the next level, learn from my Goal Setting Formula.

It is created specifically for people who wanted to accomplish outstanding goals and achieve higher success in life.

The course is powerful and it has helped transform many people’s lives.


Now you know why goal setting is important. So do not go through life directionless and without goals.

Make sure you know what you want to accomplish in your life. Just like what Anthony Robbins said, “Clarity is power”.

The moment you know exactly what you want and why you want it, you will be unstoppable.

So do you set goals in your every area of your life? Let me know in the comment section below.

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  1. I think the times I benefit most from my goals is when I break them down and wrap my head around them. Making a million dollars a year hasn’t ever been a great motivator for me because that’s such an absurd amount of money that I can’t actually comprehend it. But if I break it down to the number of t-shirts I need to sell or the number of views I need to get on my YouTube channel, that starts to become more realistic – more tangible.

    Actually, maybe money goals just don’t help me because I’ve never had any money, haha.

  2. Hi Michael, you are right. Most people are not motivated by their dreams, it is the meaning behind the dream that drives people, not the dream itself.

    The same goes for making a million dollar. Most people don’t want the money just for the money. They want what the money can give them. The freedom, the things that money can buy, etc.

    And you are absolutely right to break down your goals into actionable pieces. Just follow your plan and take action consistently and you will eventually be there. 🙂

    Shawn Lim

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