Life is full of challenges that make it the most exciting roller coaster you can ever conceive. And though dotted with ups and downs, the journey we take throughout the years makes us wiser and more resilient. But we also become more reluctant about our chosen paths and viewpoints.

Trial and failure are inevitable on the way to success. Yet, sometimes the lack of motivation to keep trying and staying true to your goals can stall your growth. So, why not seek stimulation in the realm of the written word?

These books for inspiration will challenge you to pose questions, reconsider your perspectives, and grow in unexpected ways. Here are four American classics that provide an unflagging source of motivation to sparkle your internal fire and keep it glowing.

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Published in 1960

Many books leave a colossal impact on readers, but a few have appealed to the broader audience as To Kill a Mockingbird did. The inspiring story of the Pulitzer Prize winner Harper Lee revolves around the local attorney Atticus Finch and his coming-of-age kids, Scout and Jem. They grow up in a community divided and defined by inequality, hatred, corruption, and racism.

Many English teachers assign writing samples on topics like injustice, bravery, poverty, and oppression. Those who find such assignments challenging can refer to these high-quality To Kill a Mockingbird essays provided by EduZaurus. Most papers touch on complex issues and offer valuable insight into the book’s essence.

As a result of its powerful messages, the book is a mainstay at all education levels. Moreover, this classic novel has influenced the way people perceive and treat each other. It teaches about the value of friendship, trust, honesty, and affection. Lee wants to highlight that people shouldn’t judge by appearance but by character.

Moby-Dick or The Whale by Herman Melville

Published in 1851

Herman Melville’s masterpiece is one of the best books to inspire you to do incredible things. Starting with “Call me Ishmael.” this classic story follows Captain Ahab and his year-long obsession with Moby Dick, the massive white whale. Responsible for Ahab’s lost leg years before, the sea giant constantly combats the protagonist. And when everybody else on board dies, Ahab survives the violent attack thanks to his formidable thirst for revenge.

University students across the globe struggle to decipher the numerous symbols and meanings embedded in the novel. Melville’s ability to produce juxtaposed interpretations has made Moby-Dick a must-read for any keen reader.

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

Published in 1963

Though Plath’s first and final novel, The Bell Jar, is one of the best books for motivation. Plus, it is relatable and has a considerable cultural and feminist impact.

The semi-autobiographical story is about Esther, who descents into mental illness. Besides being a promising poet, she constantly struggles with identity issues and societal norms. Hence, this book will teach you to recognize anxiety and never stop fighting on multiple fronts.

Many college professors incorporate this novel in their syllabuses because of the pressing matters it addresses. Should we strive towards a socially acceptable identity or forge our own? Should women venture into success beyond the home and achieve independence?

The Awakening by Kate Chopin

Published in 1899

As a boundary-pushing feminist novelist, Kate Chopin produced numerous books for inspiration. In this book, she narrates the story of Edna, a Louisiana housewife who learns to be herself after an extramarital affair. The Awakening stands for every woman’s right to pursue an identity and control over her life. The central message it sends is to achieve self-ownership through free spirit.

Modern critics highly appreciate the book, although it was considered provocative in the 19th century. Chopin’s description of female sexuality and opposing societal expectations is so vivid that it has become vital for any English course.

Final Thoughts

Though non-exhaustive, this list of the classic literature sets the stage for a remarkable reading journey. Hopefully, you’ll find our suggestions so stimulating that they lead to a turning point. These American classics can help you lead a more fulfilling life full of wonder, thirst for freedom, and self-realization. Keep reading and stay inspired!

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