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The #1 Problem with Goal Setting – Why Setting Goals Can be Bad

goal setting problems

What? Setting goals can be bad? Are you serious? In short, yes, there is a huge problem with goal setting and if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can give you the negative effect in achieving the success you want in life. We all heard about goal setting and we set goals in order […]

10 Simple Rules to Achieve Extraordinary Personal Success

rules for success

So, you want to live an extraordinary life and achieve outstanding personal success? Success can seem like someone being lucky. But if you look closely and you study it, success isn’t about being lucky. It is about doing the right thing at the right time and being the right person. In other words, success can […]

7 Productivity Principles You Can Use Now to Live a Successful Life

productivity principles

No matter what industry you’re in or what kind of work you’re doing, every one of us wants to become more productive and get more things done. We all want to produce exceptional results in the shortest time given possible. The problem is that we often feel like going nowhere, getting nothing done, and yet, […]

7 Insightful and Inspirational Questions that Will Change Your Life

ask questions change life

One thing that sparks change in our lives is through asking questions. As the saying goes, “Ask and you shall receive,” is truer than ever. When we ask the right question, we get the right answer. And when we ask insightful and thought-provoking questions, we can change our lives and live better. “By doubting we […]

The 3 Fundamental Keys to Achieving Any Goals You Desire

keys to achieve goals

Goal setting is no doubt one of the most powerful tools that anyone can use to achieve greatness in their lives. Too bad that most people don’t use it. And even if they did, they fail to produce the results they want and hence, fail to reach their goals. The main reason is that most […]

How to Get Motivated to Study: Useful Tips for Tired and Stressed-Out Students

motivated study

Lots of students wonder how quickly their enthusiasm for learning ebbs after their first semester in college. Do you remember your first days in college? You were so fascinated with your campus, professors, and new academics that you were barely thinking about the upcoming difficulties every student is bound to encounter on their way to […]

13 Tiny Habits That Will Completely Transform Your Life In A Year

tiny habits

It all started with your habits. No matter what you want to achieve and accomplish in life, it all started with what you do, day-in and day-out. Success is not the result of a one-time action, but rather, the result of consistent actions. That means if you want to be successful and live your dreams, […]

10 Powerful Steps How to Fully Commit to Goals That Terrify You

commit to your goals

Let’s be honest, setting goals is easy, anyone can do it. The difficult and challenging part is in execution. To be specific, to commit and stick to your goals, that’s the most challenging of all. In fact, most people fail to live their dream life because they don’t stick to their goals and plans. Life […]

7 Things To Do When You’re Totally Not in the Mood to Work

no mood to work

Always not in the mood to work? Finding it hard to come up with the motivation to act? If this is happening to you most of the time, don’t worry, the solutions are in within this article. Continue to read on. No matter what you want to achieve in life, it takes years of consistent […]

How to Change Your Mindset to Take Massive Action for Success

action mindset

One of the core success factors is taking massive action. And this is where most people fail to follow through. You see, everyone has dreams and goals they want to achieve in life, yet, they fail to take the necessary to achieve the results they want. The reason? They don’t have the right mindset that […]

What is The Real Meaning of Success in Life? And How to Define It

meaning of success

So, have you pondered about it? What is the real meaning of success in life? What do you really want to achieve? What kind of life are you looking forward to living? For most people, they have no idea exactly what they want to achieve in their lives. Most people are influenced by other people […]

10 Success Mindsets of Highly Successful and Wealthy People

success mindsets

Want to be wealthy and successful? Start by changing your mindset. When you change your thinking, you change your action. And when your action changes, your result changes, and so with your life. it may sound easy to understand, yet, most people have no idea how to do it. Achieving great success in life is […]

7 Reasons Why Personal Development is Important to Your Success

importance personal development

Personal development is a huge topic and when people talk about personal development, it could mean a lot of things from advancing their career to the next level to living a better and more rewarding life. Although most people have no idea what exactly is personal development and they don’t have a clear plan for […]