Do you want to be successful? Of course! Who would answer no to that question? 🙂

Well, I love to read books and read a lot of them. Especially in the field of personal development and business success. I come to the conclusion that if you want to achieve the same amazing results like those super successful people, you have to adopt their personalities, think like them and act just like they do.

There are many reasons people succeed in what they do. Some devote their success to hard work, some to the consistent habit of taking action, some said that they never give up, some ask you to dream big, some said that you have to believe in it, etc. Out of all these possibilities, I have come to the conclusion that there are 3 personalities or characteristics that all the successful people shown.

This is just my favorite top 3, there are more for you to discover. And aside from these 3, other success factors are also important. It is just that I feel that these 3 are the must have. Here they are…

1. Successful people are extremely DETERMINED with their dreams

determination to succeedDo you have a dream? What do you want to accomplish in your life? Do you want to live in a bungalow by the beach? Do you want to drive the limited edition of Lamborghini? Do you want to race camels in the Egypt? Or you are unclear with what you want in the future?

First, you have to have a dream. You have to know exactly what you want to accomplish in your life. You have to understand that setting a clear goal about what you want is the first step to achieving it. You cannot hit a target if you don’t even know where is the target.

Next, out of all your dreams and goals, how many of them that you are still actively working on? The problem with most people is that they have dreams, big dreams, but they never really hold on to their dreams long enough.

Most people will tell you that they want to be rich, but they never get rich mostly because they did not keep their dream or whatever they want with them for long enough. They tell you that they want to be rich and they take action for just one or two months. Some took action for just a few weeks. Some just told you what they want but they never really do anything about it.

If you study the biography of all the extremely successful people out there, you will notice that they have big dreams, just like you and me, and they are extremely determined with their dreams.

They think about their dreams all the time. They talk about what they want to achieve and how to make their company or products better every single moment. Successful people are extraordinary rare breed. They talk about the things that they want all the time and take action, massively!

The founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma, talks about growing his business all the time. He thinks about it when he is in the toilet. He imagine his business empire grows before he sleeps. He talks about it with his staffs, his partners and to everyone he knows about it.

It seems that these great leaders just can’t get their dreams and their goals out of their life. They connect and link their business with their lives. They think about it and dream about it all the time.

Can you do that? If your are not committed and determined with the success that you want, perhaps what you want may not be necessary for you. It could be something that you love to have. It could be something that you wish to accomplish, but it is NOT A MUST ACHIEVE for you.

This is why most people fail to accomplish what they want in their lives. They dream about having what they want, and they might even take some action. Unfortunately, they did not PERSIST long enough until they make it happen.

2. They are extremely COMMITTED with their dreams

commitment to succeedJust now we talked about being determined and never give up with your dreams, now we talk about being extremely committed with your dreams. So are you committed to your dreams and your goals?

When I talk about commitment, I’m not referring to partial commitment. I’m talking about 100% fully committed with your dreams. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to achieve what you want?

Did you know that Colonel Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), was rejected more than 1,000 times before he finally get a yes to sell his secret recipe? Most people would have give up after they get a few “no”.

My definition of commitment means that you have decided to do it and you will keep your word and do it no matter what happen. There is no other options for you beside making it all happen. If the way is blocked, try to go under it. If you cannot go under it, just go around it. If you cannot go around it, just climb over or jump over. If all else fail, try to blow up the obstacle that blocks your way. You have to keep trying new strategies until you achieve what you want.

I used to be selling properties before. And you can clearly see that those who sold the most properties are those who are most committed to their business. When I was in real estate before, I have a colleague who are so committed that he wakes up at 530am every single day. He makes sure he reaches office by 730am and started his work earlier than most people. Being a property negotiator in my home country is considered self-employed and you treat it like your own business. And guess what, most of the negotiators will never go into the office before 10am. Some will reach office by 11am, check emails and Facebook, had their lunch and after that only they would really start their work.

This is what I mean by being committed. When you have committed to go for your dreams, you have to take action and make it happen. There is no turning back and FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. You will never give up until you get the results you want. And as long as you never give up, you will never fail. So keep trying and keep taking action until you make it.

3. They are extremely POSITIVE with the future

positive success futureI don’t really fancy positive thinking that much until I experienced the power of it. Yes, we need to be extremely positive about our future, our company, our products, our economy, the market, our dreams and our goals.

Can you imagine that if the economy is bad and the market is slow, what would Apple do? Will Tim Cook announces that Apple is not going to launch any new product that year since the market is not doing well? Will Donald Trump continue to build and close more real estate deals when the economy is not performing? How about the professional athletes? Can they complain and throw the tantrum saying that they are not in the mood to practice? Well, maybe yes, but not always.

You have to understand that the market and economy is always running in a circle. There will be up times and there will be down times. You just have to understand that everything is a cycle and you just have to go through it. During tough times, you have to think creatively to tackle the market better.

Just like Osim, the pioneer company that sells massage chairs in Singapore faced tough times during the economy downturn. So what did Osim do? They venture into new markets such as India. They grow their markets and increase their product lines. And they made more sales than most of their competitors during tough times.

Successful people will never be successful if they are negative about the future or their company. The negative thoughts will block your thinking and every other thought that comes into your mind after that will not be constructive.

The more positive you are about achieving what you want in life, the EASIER and FASTER you can accomplish it.

Well, these are my favorite top 3 characteristics of extremely successful people. I know that you have your own set of success personalities as well. Do share with me by leaving your comment below…

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