Do you know why successful people are successful? And why they are able to achieve outstanding results despite all odds? Well, the answer is simple, they don’t give up. And why they don’t give up? Because they have a strong determination for what they want and they keep going until they get it.

In this guide, you will discover 10 great methods how you can develop self-determination so that you won’t give up easily on your goals, dreams, or whatever you want to achieve in your life.

Too often, people fail, are stuck, and are living in mediocrity because they lack determination.

They started with a goal or a project, but their determination doesn’t last. After a few weeks of trying and working, they stop and eventually quit.

Think about how many times you told yourself you wanted to lose weight. How many times have you tried to save money?

Or think about how many times you have joined a network marketing company and told yourself that you will do whatever it takes to achieve success, but in the end, you give up.

And think about how many websites or social media pages, or even YouTube channels you have started, but because of your lack of self-determination, you did not stick to your plan until you see the results you want.

It is time to put a full stop to all these.

It is time to beef up your determination, improve it, grow it, and make yourself stick to your plan, never give up, until you achieve the success you want in your life.

So, are you ready to discover the 10 methods of how you can build a strong determination? Here they are…

1. Have a Crystal-Clear Picture of the Success You Desire

Have a Crystal-Clear Picture of Success You Desire

The first and the most important step to growing your determination is to have a crystal-clear picture of the result/outcome/success you want.

Without having a clear picture of what you want to achieve, you will never have the determination to go for it, why?

Simple, have you heard this phrase before…?

“Vague goals produce vague results.”

That’s right. And this is why you want to have a crystal-clear picture of what you want so that you will feel inspired and driven to achieve it.

Let me give you an example.

Imagine you are going to have a vacation for a week. And there are 2 ways to think about your perfect vacation:

  • #1 – I’m going to take a week off and enjoy my vacation, versus…
  • #2 – I’m going to spend 7 days in Hawaii, spending 6 nights at the 5-star Montage Kapalua Bay resort. I’m going to visit Jurassic Park and take a helicopter tour to view the breathtaking sight of Na Pali Coast Wilderness Park from above. And also, I will enjoy the sea breeze at Waikiki Beach while sipping the famous rainbow cocktail.

Now, which of the above options inspires you and motivates you more? You know the answer.

This is why you don’t want to be vague. You want to have a crystal-clear picture of the success or the result you want. And you want to keep the picture in your head, see it as if you already achieved it.

The more specific and vivid the detail, the more you will be inspired. And hence, the more determined you will become.

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2. Have Absolute Clarity on Your Why

Have Absolute Clarity on Your Why

One of the key reasons people lack determination and choose to give up on their goals and dreams is that they don’t have a strong purpose or ‘why’.

When your ‘why’ is weak, you will never want to stick to your plan, especially when things become tough.

Your purpose behind why you do what you do will directly affect your level of determination. When the purpose is weak, so with your determination.

Do you know why most people fail to achieve success in life? Well, because they don’t really want it.

As a blogger, I have seen many others start a blog, but eventually, they give up. And the reason is they lack a strong reason to continue.

Most bloggers start a blog because they want to make money. And so, when they don’t see the money coming in, they started to doubt themselves. And their motivation started to fade. In the end, they choose to give up on their blogs.

But when you have a strong purpose for doing it, you will never quit.

For instance, think about when you do something for passion. You do it because you love doing it. That’s where the magic happens.

No matter how tough or how difficult the situation becomes, you will never give up, you feel inspired and challenged to do the work, simply because you love doing it.

This is why some people are able to wake up as early as 4 AM and drive an hour to get to the golf course just to play golf. Because they are passionate about golf.

Think about a time when you are so passionate that you are willing to sacrifice your sleep and leisure to do something. Why do you have the energy, the drive, and the determination to do it?

Because of your ‘why’. When your purpose is strong and emotional, you will do it, no matter what it takes.

Remember, your level of determination is directly influenced by your ‘why’.

“Find your why and you will find your way.”

John C. Maxwell

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3. Don’t Give Yourself Too Many Choices

Don't Give Yourself Too Many Choices

Yes, limit your choices. Don’t give yourself too many choices because you will feel overwhelmed and paralyzed.

If you want to develop determination, you have to limit your choices.

For example, don’t focus on pursuing 10 goals at the same time. Focus on just one. Set just one goal, work on it diligently, and achieve it before you pursue something else.

There was a famous study called the “Jam Experiment“. Psychologists Sheena Iyengar and Mark Lepper conducted the study by providing testing samples of jams with different flavors.

They discovered that the people were more likely to buy the jams when they were given fewer flavors to try.

The researchers placed 24 flavors of jams on the table for consumers to try. And then they tracked the sales. And they found that when consumers were given fewer choices to try – only 6 flavors – the sales increased.

The conclusion? More isn’t always better.

This is because when you were given more choices, you tend to feel overwhelmed and that creates decision paralysis – you choose not to make any decision and walk away – which caused the sales to drop.

And the same can be applied to your level of determination.

When it comes to pursuing your goals, dreams, and success in life, don’t pursue too many things at once. Instead, limit your choices. Focus on just one.

How do you do it? Here’s a powerful technique: Follow the 90-90-1 Rule.

4. Develop Passion for What You Do

Develop Passion for It

As I have mentioned above, when you are passionate about something, you will do it even if it is difficult. And that’s why your passion is key to increasing your determination.

People who don’t love what they do will choose to give up and quit when things become tough.

If you look at all the successful people who have made it, people like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Michael Jordan, Lionel Messi, Kobe Bryant, Muhammad Ali, etc., they all love what they do.

And that is one huge reason they are determined to do it. Because they love doing it.

Do you know Tiger Woods trained in the rain at midnight because it doesn’t rain often in California? When it rained, Tiger went out for training even if it was 3 AM.

Do you also know that Kobe Bryant used to practice at 5 AM in high school? And he was found shot in the dark 2 hours before practice. Kobe was known for his incredible dedication to practice and training. You can read more about it here.

How did these people are so determined to train and become the best in what they do? Because they are passionate about it.

Thus, if you want to develop self-determination, make yourself passionate about what you do.

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5. Avoid Distractions at All Cost

Avoid Distractions at All Cost

Yes, if you want to keep your motivation and determination high, you must avoid distractions at all costs.

One reason people lack determination and they fail to stick to their plans is that they have too many distractions in their day-to-day life.

Have you heard about the ‘shiny object syndrome?

Many people started a project online and try to make money from the internet. But most of them failed because they are constantly being bombarded with ‘new ways’, ‘better strategies’, and ‘secrets’ to riches.

Imagine you start a blog today, you have high hopes and you are determined to build a content website to serve your target audience. But a few weeks later, you saw someone shared his strategy to make sales using a sales funnel.

You are intrigued, and you decided to stop blogging and start creating funnels instead. After a few weeks, again, you saw people shared screenshots of how they made it with e-commerce, selling physical products with Shopify.

So now you decided funnels may not be for you and instead, you want to start an e-commerce store. And it goes on and on.

Does this sound familiar?

This is an example of the endless pursuit of shiny objects. You keep looking for new and better strategies, but none will work out because they are all distractions.

Unless you stick to just one, nothing will work for you.

Hence, get rid of all possible distractions. Work on just one project/goal at a time. That way, your determination will never be affected.

If you want to improve your focus, read this guide:

6. Have the Skin in the Game

Have the Skin in the Game

In other words, create the commitment. You need to put in the commitment to be more determined with it.

Just like when Hernan Cortes took the island by asking his men to burn all the ships they arrived in. You have to do the same to increase your level of commitment to be determined.

Think about it, when you have more skin in the game, you become more determined because you can’t fail, right?

This is why exercising with a partner in the gym is more likely to happen than when you try to do it alone.

When someone is there to hold you accountable, you are more determined and committed to doing it. You know your partner is waiting for you in the gym, thus, you are less likely to procrastinate.

There are many ways how you can build commitment and develop determination, check out this guide to learn more:

And if you want to truly be committed and stay committed for the success you want, get yourself a coach. Get involved with weekly or monthly coaching until you make it.

My favorite coach is John Assaraf. Currently, John is giving free training to show you how to become unstoppable. I strongly suggest you attend the training here.

7. Review Your Goals and Realign Your Actions

Review Your Goals and Realign Your Actions

Yes, and you want to do this regularly. One of the most common reasons people lose their determination to achieve the success they want is that they lose their connection with it.

You can’t set a goal once and then do nothing. It is not a one-time process, but a continuous effort.

This is why you want to constantly review your goals and align your actions with your plan. You can’t do it once and then hope that everything will happen magically.

Do you know that airplanes are out of their flight paths most of the time? This is why they need a navigation system to recalibrate and readjust the planes to fly on the right track.

The same goes when you are driving. Your car doesn’t really travel in a straight line. You, as the driver, have to hold the steering and keep the car in the lane.

That’s what you want to do for your goals and plans too. You want to constantly visit them and make adjustments to your plan. You want to make sure everything is in order so that you can stick to your plan and create the results you desire.

Sadly, most people don’t review their goals and plans. First, most of them don’t have a plan. And second, even if they do, they don’t review them often enough.

When you review your goals, you are telling your mind what you need to focus on, and most importantly, you are creating a connection between your life and the success you want. And that will increase your determination for the results you desire.

This is how you ‘attract’ success. The more you pay attention and focus on your goals, the more likely you are going to act on them and bring success into your life.

Therefore, schedule time to review your goals. Make time for planning because if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Check out these 2 guides:

8. Turn You Actions Into a Habit

Turn it Into a Habit

When a behavior becomes habitual, it becomes automatic. And you don’t have to worry about being determined. In fact, being determined can be a habit as well.

For example, if you are determined to become a writer, one great way to do it is to develop the habit of writing.

Make it a habit to write 1,000 words every day. This way, you will build up the habit and at the same time, become a writer while doing so.

Determination can be built through habits.

When an action becomes a habit, it will require less willpower and energy to perform. Hence, your motivation and determination can last longer.

And when it comes to habit-forming, there’s a must-read book you should get: Atomic Habits

This is a must-read book. Get this book from Amazon now, read it, and then learn to build success habits.

Remember, once behavior or action becomes a habit, you will become determined to stick to it and make it happen.

9. Give Yourself a Reward

Give Yourself a Reward

If you want to develop self-determination, you can give yourself a reward or a threat, to make yourself look forward to it. Just like what Oprah Winfrey said:

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

When you give yourself a reward or something you look forward to getting, you are more likely to stick to your plan and that makes you more determined for it.

Success isn’t a walk in the park. It is something complicated. And that is why most people failed and are stuck in their life.

And that is why you want to have something to look forward to, to recharge your energy, spark your motivation, and keep you on track.

Think about it, if you put in all the hard work every day, but you are not getting anything in return, how long do you think you can last?

But when you give yourself a reward, a threat, and a pat on your back, you are more likely to continue because you are rewarding yourself for the hard work you poured in.

In her best-selling book, Better Than Before, Gretchen Rubin wrote:

“When we give ourselves treats, we feel energized, cared for, and contented, which boosts our self-command — and self-command helps us maintain our healthy habits.”

So, celebrate your success and reward yourself. Learn how to do it here:

10. Make the Journey and Progress Exciting

the Journey and Progress Exciting

Why do you think people are more willing to work for visionary companies like Tesla, SpaceX, and Google than a company without a vision?

The answer is simple, when the vision and the progress are exciting, people are more inspired to do it. And that’s the factor that keeps people determined.

Just like the story of the 3 bricklayers:

“A traveler came upon three men working.  He asked the first man what he was doing and the man said he was laying bricks. He asked the second man the same question and he said he was putting up a wall.  When he got to the third man and asked him what he was doing he said he was building a cathedral.”

When you have an exciting vision, a purpose-driven mission, a calling, you will be inspired. And that inspiration will keep your determination high.

This is why your goals, your vision, and the success you want to pursue, must be exciting. And that’s why people often said, “dream BIG”.

The bigger the dream, the more exciting it is. And the more exciting it is, the more likely you are going to be inspired to achieve it.

I strongly suggest you read this post to learn how to create an exciting target that pulls you:

And this is how you develop determination so that you won’t give up.

Most importantly, attend this free training from John Assaraf. You will learn how to ‘shortcut’ your way to success.

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