I love short stories that come with life lessons. And today this is one I considered one of my favorites. Here’s the story…

A few good friends come along and chat with each other. One of them starts complaining about their work. He said, “We, the workers, work the longest hours and we spend the most effort into the work, but ended up it is the manager that gets the praise and the boss of the company that get the most rewards.”

One of them listened and said, “My friend, when you looked at the time either from the clock on the wall or from your watch, which do you read first? You look for the hour hand and then the minute hand. You didn’t even look at the second hand even though the second hand is the one that ticks the most and work the hardest to push the minute and hour hands to move.”

Interesting story isn’t it?

The one who works the most does not always get the most reward. When you look at your watch, the second hand ticks and move the fastest, but sadly, when we read the time, we did not even look at it.

The same principle applies in our life. Usually it is the normal worker that works the most and put in most effort. They have to work with their hands and deal with technical stuff to make sure the whole company operates in the right manner. However, the highest reward will go to those at the top, usually the managerial level or the owner of the company.

Therefore, stop complaining and start working yourself toward the higher level so that you can enjoy the same benefit as those business owners.

If you just started a business and working on everything on your own, it is time for you to put in more effort to build up the system so that you can enjoy the fruits and leverage on other people’s work.

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