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How to Celebrate Success and Reward Yourself – The Right Way!

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When was the last time you celebrate your success and give yourself a reward for your hard work? Oprah Winfrey says it perfectly, “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

Why do you want to achieve the goal that you set in the first place? Why do you want to do better and accomplish extraordinary success in life? The reason is simple, you want to live a much better life, right?

More importantly, you want to be able to ENJOY your hard work at the end of the day. What’s the point of achieving huge success in life but you are not able to enjoy it?

I bet you have heard the phrase, “Work hard, play hard”. What if life is all about working hard, and without any play or joy? Would you still be working as hard as you are?

This is why we all should learn to celebrate our success and reward ourselves for the effort that we have poured in.

Why it is Important to Celebrate Success and Reward Yourself

There are a couple of reasons why celebration and rewards are important. Here are some of them.

1. Celebration and rewards can motivate you

This is straight to the point, right? We all work hard for something. We want to have a better life, drive a better car, be able to travel overseas three times a year, we want to live in a bigger house, etc.

And celebration and rewards can definitely motivate us to work harder and achieve more.

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2. Celebration and rewards strengthen your behaviors

When you feel good, endorphins are being released into your body. And when you celebrate, you are reinforcing the behavior and make it your habit.

Why do you think successful athletes like Tiger Woods pumped his hands every time when he made a great shot? He reinforces the incredible feeling by anchoring it to his body movement. And whenever he makes that move again, he feels good. This is how he maintains his state and momentum.

This is what an article from says when you don’t celebrate your success:

“If you fail to celebrate your many accomplishments, you are training your brain that what you are doing isn’t all that exciting and important. If every day feels mundane (even when you are crushing it) you will stop giving 110% of yourself and that will lead to lackluster results. Simply put, the lack of celebration will lead to a feeling of emptiness that will result in less focus and decreased performance over time.”

3. Your celebration makes you a winner and attracts more wins

You have probably heard the phrase, “Success begets success”, or “Like attracts like”. When you accomplish something and you celebrate or reward yourself, you are building up your momentum to achieve more.

Think about it, when you win a trophy, how does that make you feel? Good right? And it makes you want to win more, correct?

4. Celebration and rewards prevent burnout

Life is about enjoying the moment. If you work hard, even if you love your work, you can still end up feeling exhausted and burnout.

No matter what industry or what you do, you must take time to slow down, relax, and recharge your body, mind, and soul.

Imagine that you are so passionate about your work. That you work almost every single day and you spend 18 hours working.

You neglected the other areas of your life. You neglected your family members who care about you, you forgot your friends, and you don’t take care of your health anymore.

Do you want to have this kind of lifestyle? You can focus on your work for a month or two, but if you do this for years, your life will take its toll. Your health and relationship will suffer.

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5 Important Tips How to Celebrate Success and Reward Yourself

There are many ways you can celebrate your success and reward yourself for the hard work that you have put in, but not every reward or celebration can be a good one.

For example, if you have achieved your weight loss goal, celebrate it with a dinner party may not be a good choice.

If your goal is to run 5km each day because you want to lose weight and you love listening to songs, you can combine both.

Whenever you run, listen to your favorite songs. This allows you to enjoy (listen to your favorite songs) while you work (running).

And if you have reached your weight loss goal, perhaps, you can reward yourself with a better Bluetooth earphone. This is a much better way to reward and celebrate your success.

So here are 5 tips you should consider when you come up with ways to celebrate and reward yourself.

1. Celebrate and reward yourself as soon

First, try to celebrate and reward yourself as soon. You don’t want to wait for a month only to reward yourself when the feeling of achievement isn’t there anymore.

If you watch how trainers train their dogs, you will notice that they give a treat to their dogs almost immediately right after the dogs obey and do what the trainers request them to do.

You want to celebrate and reward your success at the highest emotional state. Whenever you feel great, you celebrate.

2. Try to make it public

Well, you don’t have to shout it out loud, but it is better to involve others in your celebration.

This is because when you make your celebration public, your good-feelings will soar even higher.

In sports, the winners always celebrate in front of the public. They don’t celebrate backstage quietly, they do it right in front of the crowd.

This is when they feel the most intense feeling. When others are involved, your feelings will soar.

3. Align it with your goals

You have to reward yourself correctly by aligning your reward with your goals.

If you are a blogger and you have to face your laptop most of the time, whenever you achieved a certain milestone, you can reward yourself with a better or new laptop.

When the reward is in harmony with your goals, every time you reward yourself, you are allowing yourself to work harder and to perform better.

You don’t want to reward yourself with desserts after you reached your weight loss goal.

So choose a reward that is helpful to your goals. Let your reward drives you to achieve more.

4. Celebrate give yourself a reward no matter how big or small the victory

There are many ways you can celebrate your success. When you achieve big success, you can go on holiday and travel first-class. And when you achieve a small daily goal, you can give yourself a pat on the back, or just shout out, “Yes!”

Whatever you do, you must celebrate and reward yourself regardless of how big or small the victory.

As a blogger, I found that whenever I published a blog post, I feel good and I celebrate it. What do you think will happen if you don’t celebrate it and you think it is such a small and puny task that is not worthy to celebrate at all?

If this is happening, the work, writing articles and publishing it on your blog, may become mundane, boring, and something not worth mentioning.

Eventually, you feel that it is not worthy to write and publish articles on your blog. You will quickly lose your motivation and you don’t want to do the “puny” work anymore.

Therefore, celebrate your success. Give yourself a reward no matter how small your achievement.

The key is to acknowledge your hard work so that you can build up the momentum and achieve much more.

5. Remember to include your feelings

The main reason we celebrate and reward ourselves is so that we feel good about what we have done.

Thus, you don’t have to reward yourself with material items all the time. The feeling is the most important, not the physical thing or the money.

A trophy is there to remind you of your achievement. It is a reminder of your feelings.

If I won a trophy and I give it to you, I bet you won’t feel anything. It will be just a decoration for you. This is because you are not emotionally connected with it.

So remember, when you celebrate or give yourself a reward, make sure you include your emotions and feel it.

10 Good Examples How You Can Celebrate Success and Reward Yourself

Now that you have completed the work, accomplished the task, hit the milestone, and achieved your goal, so how should you celebrate?

Like I said, there are many ways you can celebrate success and reward yourself. Just remember the 5 tips above when it comes to it.

Here some great examples of how you can celebrate your success and give yourself a reward.

1. Enjoy a cup of your favorite coffee, sit back and relax, either at home or from a café. You can just do nothing and watch the people around you, daydream, or read a good book or magazine.

2. Take an hour or two off and do what you really want to do. You can play games, you can read books, you can sing, bake a cake, or watch an inspirational movie.

3. Create your own victory move. It can be a dance style that you created on your own. Every time you did what you are supposed to do, fire off your victory move.

4. Celebrate and enjoy your time with someone who you really care about. You can do whatever that comes to your mind, without a plan. Just go and experience whatever life brings you.

5. Toot your own horn by sharing your achievements in social media. When you share it with others, you feel good. At the same time, you inspire others too.

6. Write down your victories and wins in your success journals. Putting your success into words reinforce your subconscious mind that those are important moments. Of course, you can read through your wins and victories whenever you want. You can also show it to your kids when you are old.

7. Feeling tired after the hard work, well, give yourself a good sleep. Taking a power nap can be very helpful too.

8. Donate some money to help those who are in need. This is a great way to celebrate when you hit your income goal. Well, don’t just bank in the money, try to meet with the person in need and be emotionally connected.

9. Dine out in a restaurant. It can be an expensive one or it can be a new meal that you have never tried out before. Remember, you can always involve someone else and dine together with him or her.

10. Buy yourself something. It can be a headphone that you desire, a good book, a fancy tumbler, a coffee machine, a sunglasses, whatever.

If you want more ideas on how you can celebrate success and reward yourself, read this article from

The author, Scott, shared a huge list with 155 ways how you can reward and celebrate your success.


Celebrating your success and rewarding yourself play an important role in building your momentum and motivating you to achieve more.

What is there in life if what you do is not worth celebrating?

The point is that you want to feel good about what you want. You want to feel that you have done something great and worthy to celebrate.

And when you do, there will be more for you to celebrate.

So, share with me, how do you celebrate your success? And what kind of reward you give yourself?

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