Why Motivation is Important and the 10 Ways to Get More of It

Motivation is a huge topic and it is something that everyone talks about when it comes to creating remarkable success regardless of whether it is in life or at work.

In my personal opinion, motivation is extremely important. You need the motivation to take action and to build habits.

While it is true that we cannot solely rely on motivation to reach our goals and to act on our dreams, motivation is still very much needed when it comes to taking initiative and achieving overall success in life.

Here are 7 reasons why motivation is important:

1. Motivation increases your effort

Yes, motivation increases your effort. Without motivation, you feel lazy and in a slump mood. You don’t feel like taking action at all and you just want to waste time and do nothing.

When you have the motivation, you feel driven and you want to take massive actions. It increases your effort and at the end of the day, you will discover that you took more action during days when you are absolutely motivated than days when you are not.

So motivation helps increase the effort that we put in. If you are supposed to write a 1,000 words article a day, when you have the motivation, highly likely, you are going to complete the article and even get more done.

On the other hand, when you don’t have the motivation, you will find it difficult to write even the first paragraph.

Thus, motivation is important because it increases your effort and helps you take more action.

2. Motivation boosts productivity

The second benefit of motivation is that it boosts your productivity. Motivation not just makes you work harder, but faster as well.

And because you are in a motivated state, you then to be able to get into the “flow state” easier.

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And when you are in the flow state, you are able to perform better and complete more than when you don’t.

When I’m feeling absolutely motivated, I’m able to write over 2,000 words for an article in one go. Compare to when I’m not feeling motivated, it is difficult for me to chunk out even 1,000 words.

Hence, motivation influences our states and as a result, directly impact our productivity.

When we are motivated, we become more productive and able to get more done.

3. Motivation helps you go against all odds and see the possibilities

You need the motivation to go through tough times. It is easy to take action, be happy, and enjoy life when everything is smooth and going according to your plan.

The real challenge comes when things are going against you. When everything you do does work out and you fail to achieve all your goals, these are the times when you need motivation the most.

You have to understand that we are easily affected by our emotions. And motivation is a state that can influence our emotions.

When you are motivated, you are feeling driven and you will feel positive even when things are not working out.

You tell yourself that you will work it out and it is just a test from God that you need to learn.

On the contrary, when you are not motivated, you feel gloom and tend to think more negatively.

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You tell yourself that you are unlucky and everything you touch turns into failure. And even when there is a possibility, you may still look at it from a negative view and regard the opportunity as not possible.

Just like this quote below:

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity. An optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”
– Winston Churchill

4. Motivation can influence others

We all know that energy is contagious. And you want to be around someone who is highly motivated and positive rather than be with someone who always complain, blame, negative and lack of motivation, isn’t it?

Motivation can influence others. Your energy can impact others who are around you.

Imagine working in a negative environment where the employees there are back-stabbing each other and where everyone’s level of motivation is low, do you want to work in those place?

I bet you know the answer. People love to be with others who are motivated and positive.

Therefore, commit to staying motivated and positive all the time. It can influence people around you, including your spouse, your children, partners, co-workers, friends, and more.

energy is contagious quote

5. Motivation builds your habits

For those who say that motivation is not as important as habits, think again. You need the motivation to build the habits, especially in the beginning.

When an action becomes a habit, we still require some motivation to execute the habit, but the energy required will be much lower.

However, in the beginning, when you first wanted to develop the habit, it requires a lot of motivation.

Think about building the habit of writing 1,000 words a day or getting up at 5AM daily.

It is extremely difficult in the beginning because you are not used to doing these things. If you used to wake up at 7AM every day and now you want to make it a habit to get up at 5AM, it requires a lot of motivation in the beginning.

You will feel tired and very reluctant to wake up. However, as you make progress and as you train your mind to get used to this new habit, eventually, you will require less effort to do so.

This is why motivation is still important when it comes to building habits.

6. Motivation makes the process and journey fun

Yes, without motivation, things are going to be boring. Just like reading this article, if you are not feeling motivated to read, highly likely, you are going to read just the sub-headings and maybe even stop reading and do something else.

Motivation gives you the drive and the zest in doing things.

When I’m motivated, after I did my work like writing an article, I feel absolutely fulfilled and satisfied.

However, when I’m not motivated, I don’t feel the zest or very much enjoy the doing the work. I just want to get the work done rather than enjoy the process.

Motivation makes the process fun. It makes the hard things look easy to achieve and more importantly, it gives you the sense of fulfillment as you work on the task.

7. Motivation gets you to your goals and dreams

This is obvious, isn’t it? You need the motivation to get things done. You need the motivation to go through tough times. And of course, motivation gets you to your goals and helps you live your dreams.

We all need some form of motivation to act on our goals and the things that we want to achieve in life.

Without motivation, we aren’t going to accomplish much. It is the motivation that boosts our drive and put us into making the decision and taking the necessary action.

try and triumph quote

10 Quick Motivational Tips to Fire You Up

Now that you understand the importance of motivation, what if you don’t feel motivated? What can you do? Here are 10 quick motivational tips you can consider:

1. Walk around and move your body

Feeling no motivation to work? Don’t worry, just walk around and move your body. Motions are able to create emotions.

You will never feel sleepy when you are in an active mood like sports. So move your body to get rid of your sleepiness and your lack of motivation.

Try to walk around. You can jump on the ground a few times and do some simple stretching to refresh your body and mind. You will notice that after you do that, you feel more alert and energetic.

2. Review your goals and purpose why you want to achieve them

One of the main reasons we are not feeling motivated is because we lose the connection between the work and why we want to do the work. Thus, a great way to overcome this is to review your goals and your purpose.

What are the goals you want to achieve? Your goals can work as the trigger that inspires you. Plus, answering the questions about why you want to achieve what you want allows you to gain clarity and a sense of purpose in doing the work.

The clearer you are with why you want to achieve your goals, the more motivated you will be.

3. Play with your mental images

Run some mental images in your head when you are not feeling motivated. What you can do is to imagine all the positive things that you are going to receive if you get the work done and accomplish your goals.

For instance, your boss praises you, you close the sale, you become richer, you feel proud, and you are living your dream life.

On the other hand, you can also run negative mental images like what will happen if you fail to take action.

Perhaps, you let your partner down, you got fired from your company, you stress and worry about having no money to pay the bills, etc.

Imagining the outcomes in your head can motivate you. However, you have to make sure you are playing the right mental images in your head so that you will get motivated instantly.

walt disney quote

4. Create a small reward for yourself

Another great way to get motivated instantly is to create a small reward for yourself. Here’s what you can do the next time when you are not feeling motivated to work.

Make a deal with yourself that if you get the work done, you will reward yourself. The reward can be anything like watching a movie, play an hour of computer games, dine in your favorite restaurant, etc.

The key is to create a reward that you look forward to. A reward that pulls you and motivates you into taking action.

5. Stimulate your environment

Do you know that the environment you are in can greatly impact your level of motivation?

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For instance, to create a motivating environment, play some background music. The white noise in the office like in a bank can boost your productivity too.

Putting up some motivational posters and your vision boards in your workspace can motivate to work as well. Hence, create an environment where you will want to work.

When I write articles, sometimes I will play some soft music or some fast-paced background music. It helps in putting me in the mood to write.

6. Start with an easy task

Do you know that success builds on success? What you need is to always start small and then grow.

How do you make $10,000? The answer can be simple, learn how to make $1,000. And how do you make $1,000? The answer is of course by learning how to make $100. This is how the success cycle works.

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You can always leverage the success cycle and start with an easy task to build your confidence and grow your momentum. Once you are in the higher energy level, you can then go on and tackle bigger tasks.

The key is to start small when you have no motivation. You want to build the momentum so that you can gain your motivation.

7. Enjoy a cup of coffee

If you hate coffee, just skip this method. There are nine other methods you can choose from.

Personally, I love coffee. It makes me alert and gets me motivated to work. Even while writing this article, I have my coffee by my side.

Of course, I don’t recommend you drink 5 cups of coffee a day, all I’m suggesting is a cup of coffee in the morning as you work on your most important work.

Plenty of studies have been done on the effect of coffee. It is said that coffee can make you feel more alert, increase your productivity, and of course, increase your energy so that you can get the work done.

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8. Talk to someone positive

Talking is another good way to get motivated, however, you have to make sure you talk to the right person.

If you talk to someone who is not motivated and negative, guess what, you will end up feeling even less motivated after the conversation. It is the conversation that counts, this is why you have to make sure you talk to the right person.

Talk to someone positive and motivated. When you discuss your goals and dreams with someone else, the conversation helps in focusing your thoughts and thus, make you motivated.

So choose to talk to people who are positive and with higher energy level when you are down.

darren hardy quote

9. Create a to-do list and schedule your tasks

Sometimes the reason we are not feeling motivated is that we simply have too much to do and we feel like getting nowhere.

When this happens, simply start with a to-do list and schedule your most important tasks. What you want to do is to put down everything into writing so that you can clear your mind to refocus better.

Take a look at your to-do list and you know what you need to get done. All you need to do then is to follow your list and get the first thing done.

10. Dive straight in

Feeling no motivation to work? Just dive in and work. As you take action and as you work, you build up the momentum and the motivation will come automatically.

Imagine you are pushing a car. In the beginning, you need a lot of energy to push the car, but once it started to move, you will require less energy. This is momentum at work, my friend.

Momentum can be your friend or it can be your foe. Use it wisely.

Dive straight in even if you don’t feel motivated. Act like you are motivated and just work. And eventually, the motivation will come because you have built up the momentum.


Let’s face it, motivation is important. But it is also difficult to stay motivated and keep the motivation going every day.

The number one reason we fail to achieve our goals and make our dreams a reality is because we lack the motivation to maintain our work and fail to achieve the consistency in what we do.

Therefore, you need to do something each day to stay motivated. Like what Zig Ziglar famously said:

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

You have to do something on a daily basis to keep your fire burning.

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  1. Personally speaking , I know how it feels……
    I’ve been there…done that… & got the tee shirt… !
    It may even be happening to us unconsciously & we don’t even realise it until the we become ill.
    That’s exactly what happened to myself.

    1. Hi Larry, you nailed it. Yes, most people will never put in the necessary effort that is needed to live an extraordinary life. And you don’t have to be “most people”. 🙂

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