Do you truly believe that there is a formula for success? The word, “Formula” means something proven. And if there is a formula to success, it means that as long as you follow the formula and work accordingly, your success will be guaranteed.

Simply put, a formula is a proven way of getting what you want. And in this case, it is a proven method of achieving whatever you want in your life.

How good is that? Think about it, what if there a formula, a proven system to achieve what you want in life? What do you want to accomplish then? Do you want to…

  • Build multi-million dollar businesses?
  • Become rich and famous?
  • Travel the world first-class?
  • Sipping a cocktail while sun-bathing on the beautiful Hawaii beach?
  • Race camels in Egypt?

What will you do if you can have absolutely everything? How will you live your life?

A formula works just like a mathematical equation. For example,  one plus one will ALWAYS equal two.

It is the same for the ultimate success formula. As long as you follow through and work on this formula, you can achieve whatever you want in life, period.

So, are you ready to learn the formula and apply it to your life?

There are 5 fundamental steps to this formula. And you must follow through exactly in order to make the formula works. Let’s dive into each step right away…

Step 1 – Your Dreams and Desire

The first step to achieving any success you want is to start with your dreams and desire.

The starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desire brings weak results, just as a small fire makes a small amount of heat.

Napoleon Hill

Without a dream, you will never know what you want to achieve in your life. And without desire, you will never do anything about your dream and your dream will remain just a thought in your head.

The majority of the people out there don’t have a dream. They have no idea what they want to do or accomplish out of their lives.

Even if they know what they want to achieve, they have no desire to turn their dreams into a reality.

They often give lousy excuses such as “It’s too difficult”, “I don’t know how to do it”, “I have no time”, or simply “That is impossible”.

I believe if you are reading this right now, it means that you know what you want out of your life. You have something you want and something better that you wish to achieve.

For now, you need to know what kind of life or dream you want to materialize in your life. It is okay if it is blurry or unclear. You will discover how to be specific in the next step.

Therefore, stop and take a minute to think about your dream and what you want out of your life. Dream about your ideal future.

  • What do you want to achieve in your life?
  • What do you want to accomplish in your career or in your business?
  • What kind of results do you want to have?
  • Who do you want to be?
  • How does your future looks like?

You have to spend some time to think about these questions. You must find out your calling and what kind of destiny you want to enjoy.

The average people, the unsuccessful never bother to discover their calling and what they want to accomplish. And this is why most of them are living in mediocrity, complaining about their work, their boss, and thee economy. Don’t let this happen to you.

Take charge of your life right now and become intentional with what you want to achieve.

Brainstorm, spend as much time as you want to find out what kind of future you want to create.

The fact you are reading this means that you have stronger desire to achieve something better in life.

Perhaps you want to earn more money. Or maybe you want to build a multi-million dollar business. Or maybe you just want to earn some passive income from the internet to pay some bills.

Whatever it is, you must first identify them before you can make them concrete and come up with a blueprint to achieve them.

This is what the first step is all about: Finding out your dreams and desire.

What If You Don’t Know What You Want?

Well, if you have spent some time thinking about your future, but still, you can’t manage to find the answer what you want to do with your life, don’t worry, just start with something, anything.

I believe that sometimes, things may not fall to us in our first attempt. And you have to try many different things or attempts before you truly discover your desire and your wants.

So, just start with anything and anywhere. The key is to keep moving and make progress.

Adopt the shotgun method and scatter your search. You may not know if something is what you want until you try it out.

Try out as many things as possible until you have the answer, “This is it. This is what I want to do in my life. This is my dream!”

Once you have discovered your dreams, the next step to do is to define your goals and make your dreams solid.

Step 2 – Define Your Goals

The second step of the ultimate success formula is all about streamlining your dreams into your goals and make them as close to reality as possible.

And when it comes to goal setting, most people will think that this is old school stuff and there is nothing new about it.

Yes, goal setting may be old school, but the thing is: IT WORKS!

There is no way you can turn your dreams into reality without defining them in detail. What you need to do is simple, just write down your goals in this format:

“I want to _____ from X to Y by (DATE).”

When you put your dream into the goal format above, you are making it measurable, from X to Y, and you have a deadline by when to achieve it.

You don’t really have to worry about how to do it for now because we will cover that in the next step.

For now, you just need to make your dream as measurable as possible.

Here are some additional resources to help you understand how to set goals and achieve them:

Goal Setting is a Skill

A lot of people either underestimated the power of setting goals or they don’t really know how it works.

Let me share something with you. Goal setting is a skill. And if you want to improve your skill, what do you need to do?

You practice it. You do it daily.

And this is exactly what you need to do with your goals. You practice setting your goals, regularly. It can be monthly, weekly, or even daily. Whatever you do, you must review your goals regularly so that they become real to you.

First, you need to put your goals into the paper. If you have no idea why you should write down your goals, read this article now.

Next, you must review your goals regularly.

Most people do not review their goals on a regular basis. This is where they get it wrong. Just like what I have mentioned above, goal setting is a skill. And in order to improve your skill, you must practice it consistently.

Take meditation as an example. The first time you do it, it feels hard and you can’t seem to focus. The first minute feels like ten minutes to you.

And if you press on and continue to do it, do you think that things will be different the next day?

No, not at all. In fact, the second day when you practice your meditation again, nothing much changes.

However, if you continue to do this every single day, slowly, but surely, things will change. You will start to feel the difference. You will experience more energy, better focus, and ten minutes of meditation can seem to happen in an instant.

My friend, goal setting happens to be the same.

Changes will come slowly, but surely. Unfortunately, most people give up before they can experience the change. And then they claim that goal setting doesn’t work or they simply don’t do it anymore because it is too “simple”.

It is not about whether it is simple or complicated, it is about being consistent.

Lifting a dumbbell for 50 times a day is an easy task. Everyone can do it, but it is those who are consistent with their actions that get to enjoy the reward.

So, how difficult do you think it is to write down your goals and to review them? It is a piece of cake and very easy to do.

What about doing it each day for a year or 365 days straight? Easy? Yes, but most people will not do it because they are not committed enough.

And this is why goal setting did not work for them.

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Step 3 – Crafting Your Plans

For most people, this is the most important step because this is about the “How to”. It is about drafting your strategy to achieve your goals. This is where the fun begins because you will explore the possibilities and the strategies you can apply to accomplish your mission in life.

Coming up with a plan is not as difficult as most people thought. In fact, your plans are largely depending on your goals.

Your Goals Define Your Strategy

In step #2, you learned to set your goals. And in this step, you will learn to craft your strategy to achieve your goals.

One of the most important things you need to understand is that your strategy, your plan, your blueprint, or whatever you want to call it, is defined by your goals.

For example, the strategy to earning $10,000 a month and the strategy to earning $100,000 a month is totally different. Agree?

Imagine that if you want to start a business selling fruits. If you set your goal as to earn $10,000 a month, what are your strategies?

For instance, you can set up a shop to sell the fruits. You can manage the store yourself, make sure your fruits are fresh, prices are reasonable, and you can also market your business to your local neighborhood to attract more customers. If this is still not enough, operate your store for longer per day hours, provide delivery service, and consider improving customer service to build a long-term customer relationship.

Does this sound like a viable plan to earn $10,000 a month? It is.

Now, what if you set your goal to earn $100,000 per month? Do you think you can use the same strategy or plan? No, you cannot. You need a better plan to get you there.

For instance, you can start by writing a solid business plan, raise money from investors, invest in R&D, instead of starting with a store, plan to build a franchise system, produce dried fruits to sell across the groceries in the country, and perhaps, even apply for IPO for your business.

As you can clearly see, both goals require different strategies to achieve.

The problem is that most people have the wrong perception to think that in order to achieve more, they just need to pour in more hours or work harder.

This is not true at all.

The strategy you use to earn $10,000 will never get you to earn $100,000. You need a different strategy.

If you want to see the sunrise, there is no way you are going to make it if you keep on running to the west direction. No matter how hard you work, if you plan is not viable, you will never get the result you want.

If you are selling pens from door to door, there is no way you can become a millionaire. Unless you do something different, you will continue to get the same old results. You need other better plans, my friend.

Write Out Your Strategy and Make Sure They Are Viable

The first thing you need to do is to write down your strategy. It can be in point form or it can be a full essay, or you can also draft a more proper business plan for your goals.

There are usually two questions or things that people love to know when it comes to crafting their strategies.

First, what should I do or what strategy do I have?

There are many ways how you can do so. It can be as easy as checking for the solution in Google. You can buy related books and then read them. I believe that whatever you want to achieve, there is a book out there that can guide you. If you dare to reach out to people who have the knowledge or who can guide you, it will be even better.

And second, how do I know if my strategy is workable?

The answer to this question is simple; you can’t, unless you do it.

You see, if you have a recipe to bake a perfect cheesecake, and you follow the recipe to bake the cake, do you think you will get the exact same perfect cheesecake?

Yes and no. There is no guarantee that you can definitely get the exact same cheesecake by following the recipe because there are so many factors affecting the result, but you can be sure that the result will be as close as possible, right?

Thus, understand that your plans and strategies are only good when you execute them. And more importantly, when you follow the right plan, you will greatly increase your chances of success.

Therefore, brainstorm and come up with a plan to achieve your goals. The best plan is the one from people who have successfully done it.

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Step 4 – Execution

Once you have created your plan, the next step you need to take will be obvious. In order to produce the outcome that you want, you need to work on your plan.

Taking action is not as difficult or challenging as you imagine. All you need to do is to just work.

The difficult part is in turning your actions into habits.

The reason most people fail to achieve their goals is not that they are not motivated or not taking action, but it is their inconsistency.

When they first set their goals, they are so motivated, so driven, and they just can’t wait to start taking action. In fact, many of them take massive action, but it did not last long.

Look at the goals that you set last year, did you achieve them? Or have you forgotten about them?

For most people, their goals slowly slip away from their attention. Of course, their motivation also slowly dies down as the time goes by.

The reason is that people are usually busy with their lives. They have children to take care, they need to work, they have dramas to watch, they need to check updates on Facebook, or play games.

After all, their goals are not part of their habits. It is not something that they do every single day. So this is why they give priority to other more urgent stuff and they forget about their goals.

Hence, the key to consistent action is to turn your goals into your habits.

The best saying to summarize this step is from Aristotle:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”


And I discuss this in detail in my guidebook, “Reach Your Goals”, and you can download it for FREE from this blog.

I talk about the importance of making your goals “Alive” and I also shared some techniques on how you can do so. Download the guidebook and read it.

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Step 5 – Handling the Outcomes

Finally, we have come to the final step of the ultimate success formula. Although that this is the final step, it is not the end.

Plus, I’m going to share with you two additional defining factors that will greatly influence this entire formula system. So continue to read on to learn more.

Continue from the previous step; after you have poured in your effort and execute your plan, you will definitely receive some results.

Even if everything that you did does not produce any result, that, by itself, is a result. Receiving no result is an outcome.

And thus, when you execute and take action, there are only 2 kinds of outcomes you will be receiving.

First, you succeeded. You receive the outcome you desire. In which this means that you make progress or have achieved your goals. And what you need to do next is to set bigger goals and pursue more interesting stuff.

THence, just celebrate and then proceed further. The critical part is in handling the second type of outcome.

The second outcome is when you fail to produce the result you want. After you have poured in the hard work but you are not making any progress or seeing any result, provided that you have given it enough time, you have failed. And you need to do something about it.

Now, you don’t have to be so upset to think that you have failed. It is a very common outcome. And I failed most of the times in my journey to achieving my goals too.

The 3 Types of Reactions to Your Failure

1. You give up and quit

This is what most people will do. When they fail to achieve their goals or reach the targeted outcomes that they want, they either quit or give up.

And if you quit, you are the real failure. Remember, a winner will never quit and a quitter will never win.

As long as if you choose to persist on, there is a chance that you will succeed.

2. You repeat the process

There are also times when people fail to achieve the outcomes that they desire, they did not give up, but they choose to repeat the process. They set last year’s goals, this year.

Guess what will happen, they will repeat their previous year this year.

You have gone through the process once, and if you continue to do so, you will only get back the same old result. So what you need to do is to change your strategy and your plan.

If you keep doing the same thing, you will be receiving the same old result. Make sense?

3. Upgrade or change your strategy

This is what you need to do. You need to change your plan or upgrade it in order to receive a much better outcome.

This is where you treat your outcome as feedback to improve. When you are not getting the outcome you want, you don’t really fail, you learn. And when you learn, you get to improve.

You can then build a better plan to achieve what you want or get even better results.

So, if what you do is not working, my friend, change your strategy. Do something different, try something else, and change your plan until you get the results you want.

Stop repeating the same process because you will be getting the same result.

Remember step #3 where we talk about the strategy for your business where you sell fruits? Unless you change your strategy, there is no way you can earn a million-dollar setting up a stall by the roadside. No matter how hard you work, it will never come true.

Spend a few minutes to think about your strategy and ask yourself if what you do will get you the result you want. If it is not, perhaps, it is time for you to do something else.

And use your outcomes, the results you receive from executing your plans as feedback for improvement.

Repeating the Formula

First, you come up with a dream, then you set them as goals, and you develop strategies to achieve them, and then you take action and execute your plans.

When you fail to produce the result you desire, change your strategy, and then take action and repeat again until you succeed.

The 2 Defining Factors that Influence Your Ultimate Success Formula

There are two powerful factors that will affect this entire formula. With these two factors, you can achieve whatever goals and dreams you desire; without them, you find it extremely difficult to start, to have the motivation, or to even follow through and execute on your plan.

You Require a Burning Desire

The first factor is your desire. Napoleon Hill said:

Desire is the starting point of all achievement.

If you find it difficult to come up with motivation or you always procrastinate on your goals, it is because you do not have a strong desire for what you want.

Desire is what gets you moving. Desire is what turns your dreams into reality. Desire is what you are willing to do even when all else seem impossible.

Your desire for what you want must be strong. If it is not, you will not have the drive. And even when you force yourself into doing it, without a strong desire, you will give up the moment you face difficulties and challenges in your journey.

So what makes all the successful people having a strong and burning desire?

They are driven by a compelling reason. Ask yourself, why do you want to achieve what you want?

If your answer is not compelling or emotional enough, your desire will never be strong. When you have an absolute convincing reason to achieve something, you will do it no matter how hard it is.

Therefore, if you want to build a strong desire for your goals, find your compelling reasons why you want to achieve them.

Always remember, it is the purpose behind your goals that drive you into achieving the impossible.

So if you’re not feeling so motivated or you’ll procrastinate on your goals, take a minute to think about your purpose. Perhaps, your goals are not something as important as you may think. Perhaps, it is alright even if you don’t hit your goals.

When you understand what drives you, you will work harder, willingly, and get rid of procrastination.

Your Belief System

The second factor that influences the ultimate success formula is your belief system.

Whatever you do or whatever you want to achieve, you must believe that it is possible before you can actually achieve it.

Think about it, you’ll never do something that you don’t believe in.

Take driving a car as an example. If you don’t believe that your car will come to a stop when you push down the brakes, will you drive the car? No, you won’t.

And why do you think people buy lottery tickets? Well, it is because they believe that they stand a chance to win. The same goes for people who gamble in the casino. If they don’t believe that they can win, they will never want to go there in the first place.

People start a business because they believe that the business is going to work.

And guess what, if you don’t truly believe that your goals and dreams are possible, you will never do it with your best. You will attempt them in a half-hearted manner.

Highly successful people believe that their dreams are possible, this is why they are willing to pour in their hearts and do it with 100% commitment. They believe that what they want to achieve is possible, and hence, they are willing to go all out for it.

On the other hand, when you don’t believe that it is possible or you doubt it, you will never tap into your full potential and do your best at it.

“A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking because her trust is not on the branch but on its wings. Always believe in yourself.”

Applying the Ultimate Success Formula in Your Life

The ultimate success formula is a proven formula used by all successful people in the world. Regardless of whether they are aware if they are using the formula or not, the one who uses it will achieve whatever that they truly desire.

Tony Robbins also shared this formula in one of his books, Unlimited Power.

Go through the steps in this formula, and then use them with what you want to achieve. As long as you follow this formula; turn your dreams into your goals, create strategies to achieve your goals, execute, evaluate your outcomes and make adjustment accordingly, you will definitely arrive at your destination.

Don’t forget that this formula is driven by a strong desire and also an unshakable belief as the fundamental support to make it work.

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