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How to Change Your Environment to Create Better Success in Life

how to change your environment

If you are serious about changing your life and you want to achieve great success in whatever you do, you must never neglect the invisible force that shapes your life – your environment. When it comes to success, what we all think about most of the time are habits, hard work, talent, skills, mindset, characters, […]

How Reading Can Change Your Life – The 10 Ways

reading can change life

I have mentioned it many times in my blog posts, that reading is one of the most important factors that will change your life and make you successful. As what Robin Sharma often says, “Ordinary people have big TVs, extraordinary people have big libraries.” Therefore, it’s clear, if you want to change your life, start […]

10 Effective Methods How to Build Mental Strength for Success

build mental strength

Whatever you want to achieve in life is out of your comfort zone. Your talents, your skills, and your education are not the main factors of your success. it is your mental strength that will determine how high you can and how much you can achieve in life. “Nothing in this world can take the […]

Why “Knowing Your Why” is Important to Your Success in Life

know your why

You have often heard that to be successful, you need to know your why. Knowing why you want what you want will propel you into action and make you unstoppable. Is this true? In short, the answer is a “Yes”. When you are clear with why you want what you want, you will come up […]

7 Great Ways How to Achieve More by Doing Less

achieve more by doing less

We only have 24 hours a day. And no matter how much you try to cram everything into your day, there are only so much you can do. We’re constantly being distracted and there are more things trying to grab our attention than ever. But why and how do some people seem to be able […]

Why It Is Important to Reward Yourself for Your Hard Work

why reward is important

Is the carrot and stick principle still work in today’s world? The short answer is yes. The reward and punish system still work and you can leverage it to build good habits that help you reach your goals faster. This is why it is important to celebrate your hard work and to reward yourself for […]

How to Turn Your Weaknesses into Strengths for Greater Success

turn your weaknesses into strengths

Nobody is perfect in this world. The good news is that you don’t need to be perfect or to have all strengths and no weaknesses to achieve success in life. If you think that you’re good for nothing or that you have no strengths to be successful, think again. Do you know that Albert Einstein, […]

Want to Live Your Dream Life? Follow These 7 Steps Now

live your dream life

There were 3 bricklayers working on a construction site. A traveler passed by and asked the first man what he was doing. The first man said that he was laying bricks. When the traveler approached the second man, he asked the same question and the second man told him that he was putting up a […]

What You Need to Do When You’ve Lost Motivation to Do Anything

what to do when you have no motivation

Let’s be honest. As positive and motivated as we try to be, that’s much easier said than done. Sometimes, stress, burnout, and depression just sap away any motivation we seem to have. If you’ve experienced this, you know how tiring and frustrating it is. So, how do you get your motivation back? It’s difficult, but […]

7 Great Benefits of Waking Up Early and How to Be to an Early Riser

wake up early benefits

We have all heard it, people who wake up early tend to be more successful than those who wake up late. But, is this true? Is it true that early risers tend to be able to accomplish more in life and able to achieve greater success? Here’s a wise quote from Benjamin Franklin: “Early to […]

21 Things You Can Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

feel like giving up

No matter who you are, be it a successful entrepreneur or a dedicated teacher, there will be a time when you will feel that no matter what you do, you’re not getting anywhere. You’re stuck. And you doubt yourself. And you feel like you want to give up on everything. “Many of life’s failures are […]

10 Easy Tricks How to Beat the Afternoon Slump and Stay Productive

afternoon slump

Feeling tired and sleepy in the afternoon? Well, that’s completely normal, but it doesn’t mean that you should let the afternoon slump control your day, instead, do something and make your afternoon a bliss. Most of us are productive and motivated in the morning, but when it comes to the afternoon, we’re often hit by […]

How to Reward Yourself for Your Hard Work and Effort

how to reward yourself

What makes you do what you do? Why do you want to achieve your goals? The answer can be downright simple, you either want to avoid the pain of not doing it or to gain the pleasure of accomplishing it. In other words, if you want to wire yourself to achieve your goals, you must […]