If you are a business person or starting up a new business of your own, it is important that as well as nurturing your business, you are nurturing yourself. The health of your body and mind are essential to business success, and this includes eating well, exercising, being aware of mental health, and having a purpose.

Healthy eating and exercise are great for increased cognitive function, such as memory and problem-solving capabilities, and mental health care is vital for your ability to manage the strains of the business world and avoid a crisis situation.

Healthy Eating and Exercise

It is no secret that healthy eating has a huge impact, not only on our physical health but on our brain function as well.

We are all told from a very young age that we should eat foods rich in nutrients, such as omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins. A healthy and balanced diet improves the cognitive functions of a business person’s brain. This includes their ability to concentrate, remember, learn, and think, all of which are vital for success.

Just like healthy eating, exercise is also great not just for the body’s health but for the brain as well. Physical activity is known to improve cognitive health, as it helps you to think, learn, problem-solve, and balance your emotions.

Daily exercise can improve your mental health, boost your memory, and reduce levels of anxiety or depression. These are all obvious benefits for everyone, but in the context of business, they are clear assets for success.

The more a person can problem-solve and manage stress, the better they will be able to navigate the business world.

Sitting in an office from nine to five can cause a person to snack throughout the day and limit their daily exercise. As a result, office workers might find they are gaining weight quickly.

To combat this, they can take Designs for Health 7-Keto supplements, which increase the metabolic rate and therefore help a person burn calories efficiently. The compound used in these supplements is known as 3-acetyl-7-oxo DHEA. Combined with moderate exercise and a reduced-calorie diet, 3-acetyl-7-oxo-DHEA significantly reduces body weight and body fat, much more so than exercise and a reduced-calorie diet alone.

Mental Health and Emotional Balance

Mental health problems and business or entrepreneurship often seem to go hand in hand, and it can be the case that the same mental conditions that can propel people to success can also be the very things that plunge them into darkness.

Research by psychiatrist Dr. Michael Freeman, who specializes in working with mental health illness in business and entrepreneurship, quoted in Entrepreneur.com, found that 49% of 242 entrepreneurs reported having one or more lifetime mental health conditions.

Entrepreneurs are more likely to have experienced depression, attention hyperactivity deficit disorder, bipolar and substance abuse. 

While it is true that some mental health conditions and emotional imbalances can drive people in business, such as a low level of mania or anxiety that pushes people to work harder and commit more time to business, it is also fair to say that it is vital to manage your mental health and avoid a crisis.

A business person should never have to endure constant anxiety or depression just because they are managing to stay successful. It should be a top priority to be happy and healthy before business success comes into play.

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Only when a person is happy, confident, has high self-esteem, and has a good ability to cope with stress, disappointment, and small failures, can they truly excel in business.

One way to overcome mental health issues among entrepreneurs is to create a business with a meaningful purpose. By giving your business a social cause, a goal to work toward that brings good to the world, you can feel the value of what you are doing and stay driven. This is why it is important to have a purpose-driven mission for your business.


This has been a brief and simple look at how your health, both bodily and mentally, goes hand in hand with your success in the business world.

Only with a strong mind and body can you achieve great things as an entrepreneur, new business owner, or business person. From better cognitive abilities, like thinking and concentration, to an improved ability to manage your anxiety and depression, a focus on your health will pay off in increased success in your business.

Remember that having a purpose in your business plan, a charity or cause to promote, or a social goal to attain, can give you a sense of moral purity and motivation in your work. This can help business people to ward off feelings of uselessness, depression, and failure.

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