How John Assaraf Used Vision Boards and Changed His Life

john assaraf vision board

We all know that our imaginations are powerful. What we visualize, we tend to manifest in our lives. This is why we often hear people say that you become what you think about most of the time.

And when it comes to visualization, one of the most powerful tools you can leverage to help you visualize better is the vision boards.

The idea of a vision board was made famous by John Assaraf.

John was a New York Times best-selling author, he was featured in books like The Success Principles written by Jack Canfield, and was also one of the gurus in the Law of Attraction industry.

Today, John is a well-known neuro-brain expert where he shared everything he has learned about how our brains work.

How John Assaraf changed his life using vision boards

If you haven’t heard about John’s story and how he used vision boards to change his life, here’s the excerpt from The Success Principles:

“In 1995 John Assaraf created a vision board and put it up on the wall in his home office.

Whenever he saw a materialistic thing he wanted or a trip he wanted to take, he’d get a photo of it and glue it to the board. Then he’d see himself already enjoying the object of his desire.

In May 2000, having just moved into his new home in Southern California a few weeks earlier, he was sitting in his office at 7:30 AM when his 5-year-old son Keenan came in and sat on a couple of boxes that had been in storage 4 years.

Keenan asked his father what was in the boxes. When John told him his vision boards were in the boxes, Keenan replied, “Your vision whats?”

John opened one of the boxes to show Keenan a vision board.

John smiled as he looked at the first board and saw pictures of a Mercedes sports car, a watch, and some other items, all of which he had acquired by then.

But as he pulled out the second board, he began to cry.

On that board was a picture of the house he had just bought and was living in!

Not a house like it but the house!

The 7,000-square-foot house that sits on 6 acres of spectacular views, with a 3,000-square-foot guest house and office complex, a tennis court, and 320 orange trees—that very home was a home he had seen in a picture that he had cut out of Dream Homes magazine 4 years earlier!”

This story is inspiring about how visualization can change your life.

The similar story happened to me as well.

I write down my goals and the things that I want, and I have also created vision boards for myself too. Just like John did.

Just a couple of months ago, when I was doing some cleaning and trying to organize my workstation, I discovered the vision boards that I have created and the goals that I have written down many years ago.

Guess what, I was hit by a similar situation just like John Assaraf.

I was moved by all the things that I imagined and put my mind to focus on, and most of them actually came through.

I wrote down that I wanted to bring my mother to visit the Great Wall of China, and I accomplished that.

I also wrote down that I wanted to buy and invest in real estate, and I achieved that too. Today, I have a few investment properties giving me rental income.

Now, I don’t only write down what I wanted, I also created vision boards for the thing that I desire.

So, vision boards work for John Assaraf and me.

Who knows, it may work for you too.

Create your vision boards and visualize the success you want now

If you want to learn everything about vision boards and how to create them, read my previous article:

Vision Boards – The Ultimate Guide to Creating and Living Your Dream Life

In the article, I have covered everything about vision boards, from A to Z.

I also shared the step-by-step method of how you can build your own vision board to help you visualize the success you desire.

Not only that, but I have also included some good vision board examples including the one from Jack Canfield.

So, you want to make sure you check out the article.

Get rid of the negative thinking that is preventing you from success

As much as you want to visualize the things that you want, you must also learn how to let go of the negative thinking that is holding you back.

Now, I’m not a brain expert like John Assaraf, but what I can do is point you to the right place.

John Assaraf is holding a web-class about uncovering and overcoming your conscious and non-conscious fears and turn them into fuel for your success.

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A lot of people know that if they want to live their best life, they must learn to take in the new, good, and positive mindsets, habits, and characters.

But they often forget that in order to soak in the new, they must first let go of the old.

You must get rid of the negative thinking that is not helping you before you can program the positive ones into your mind.

Please understand that you can’t litter negativity everywhere and expect to live a positive life.

When your cup is full, you can’t take in more.

This is what John Assaraf’s web-class is about – overcoming and transforming your fears into success.

I strongly suggest you register for the class and take as much note as possible.

Once you have identified and overcome what is stopping and preventing you from unleashing your inner potential, you will become UNSTOPPABLE.

Go here and register for John Assaraf’s free web-class now.

Most people are not living their dreams because they are living in their fears.

Never let this happen to you. Learn how to transform your fears into the fuel that drives you to success now.

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    1. Yea, you’re right. Whenever you see your vision board, you will be inspired. It is a great reminder for what you desire in life. And writing down your goals help too. 🙂

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