37 Good Goals to Have to Live a More Successful and Fulfilling Life

good goals to have

Are you looking for good goals to have in life? I bet you know the importance of setting goals and you’re looking for examples and samples of good goals ideas that you can consider setting to live a more successful and fulfilling life.

The problem main problem is that most people treat their goals like wishes and dreams. Let me tell you this – goals and dreams are different.

Your goals should be something concrete and something you can act on. Goals should also have a deadline or time frame to let you know when and where you should complete them.

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So, what are some of the good goals to have in life and where should you start? Well, to achieve greater success and to live a more fulfilling life, you need to start with every area of your life.

Here are the 6 areas you should consider having goals:

  1. Career and finance
  2. Health and fitness
  3. Love and relationship
  4. Personal development
  5. Fun and experience
  6. Legacy and contribution

Most people only focus on their career, finance, and fitness. A lot of people set goals to earn more money, to build a successful business, and to lose weight, and they often forget about other important areas of their lives.

You can’t consider yourself to be truly successful if you’re not living a good life. And living a good life means improving and having a fulfilling life in every area.

You don’t want to be rich but have a broken relationship and being hated by people. You don’t want to spend all your time building a successful business that you don’t enjoy or love doing.

You want to strike a balance between your work and your life.

And this is why you should consider setting goals in the 6 areas mentioned.

Career and Finance

Financial freedom is available to those who learn about it and work for it.

Setting goals for your career and finance is one of the most important areas of all. We all spend more than half of our lifetime working, and if you don’t have specific goals and targets, you’re going to waste a lot of your time living through life without a clear aim.

Here are some of the examples of career and finance goals you can have:

1. Save X amount of money by the end of this year.

Saving is always a good goal to have. But you need to know how much the amount is to save, by when to use the money, and for what purpose. Get clear with your purpose of saving so that you will be more motivated to stick to your saving plan.

2. Create a master plan for your career development.

Don’t just work for the sake of working. You need to find a vision and have a purpose for it. And it all starts with your vision. What kind of work-life do you want to have? Create a master plan and build your career now. Regardless of whether you are working for someone else or if you are self-employed, you need to have a vision and a plan.

3. Build a side income or start a side project.

Yes, build a side income or start a side business. You don’t want to just rely on one source of income stream. What if things happen and suddenly you lost that income stream? Hence, prepare for the worst and start creating multiple streams of incomes.

4. Track your spending and create a budget plan.

You cannot improve what you don’t measure. If you want to get better with your finance, start by managing it. Learn to build a budget plan and track your spending. It is easy to do so these days with the help of your smartphones.

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5. Improve your knowledge and skills in your respective industry.

You can’t become better and improve your career if you don’t work on improving your knowledge and skills. You will quickly become obsolete and other younger people will replace you sooner than you think. Thus, commit to constant-and-never-ending improvement and upgrade your professional skills.

6. Learn to invest your money.

If you don’t invest, you won’t have more. Read investment books, take action and start small. If you don’t have the knowledge and experience, start small and grow from there.

7. Declutter and reorganize your workstation for higher productivity.

I bet you know that your environment plays an important role in determining your level of productivity. Make your workplace conducive and supportive so that you can work at better efficiency and effectiveness.

8. If you’re in debt, make it your goal to settle it off as soon as possible.

There are good debts and bad debts. And if you have a lot of bad debts, make it a must to settle them all as soon as possible. Don’t let your debts become something that stops from living your dreams.

9. Plan for your early retirement. Dream about it and then create a plan to live it.

Until what age do you intend to work? No matter what your answer is, you need to plan for your retirement. Time past faster than you can anticipate. If you don’t have a plan for your retirement, you will never retire and may have to work your entire life.

10. Live and spend less than what you earn.

Yes, live and spend less than what you earn. You don’t want to simply buy and spend on things that are not helpful or able to improve your life. Live below your means for the short-term so that you can enjoy the reward for the long-term.

Health and Fitness

Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live in.

Health and fitness are the other areas where you want to have goals. You can’t achieve great success without energy. And you certainly don’t want to get rich but don’t have the health and energy to enjoy your hard-earned money, right? Hence, learn to take good care of your health and work on your fitness.

Below are some of the health and fitness goals you can consider setting:

11. Spend time to exercise every day.

Make time to exercise. You don’t need to spend an hour to exercise, you just need an intense 10 to 15 minutes workout. There are plenty of YouTube videos showing you how to do quick exercises. All you need to do is to be consistent.

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12. Make it a target to walk 10,000 steps a day.

Another good goal to make sure you keep your health is to walk 10,000 steps a day. You can install an app on your phone to monitor how many steps you have taken each day. Track your steps and encourage yourself to walk more.

13. Commit to eating more greens and less processed foods.

There is no way you can be healthy if you put in all junk foods into your mouth. You must treat your body like a temple. Mind what you eat and try your best to take in more vegetables and fruits. You can even go vegan for a one-full day once a week.

14. Play sports with friends once a week.

Sometimes exercising all by yourself can be boring. If you want companions and you prefer sports, then invite your friends or others who can play sports together with you. I play badminton once every week. If badminton is not your thing, what about basketball?

15. Start a healthy nutrition plan.

Nutrition is important to your overall wellbeing. You can take supplements from time to time. Like, taking vitamin C to improve your immunity. Eat more fruits if possible.

16. Practice yoga and meditate every day.

Plenty of studies have shown that yoga and meditation are great exercises that can improve your physical and mental fitness. Take a yoga class if you want to. And practice meditation for 5 minutes each morning before you start your day.

Love and Relationship

Do what you did in the beginning of a relationship and there won't be an end.

Don’t just set goals for your career and finance, if you want to have a complete life, you must also set goals for your love and relationships. Here are some of the goals you can consider:

17. Try out a new restaurant with your loved one at least once a month.

You need to eat every day, why don’t make it more exciting by bringing your significant other and dine in a new restaurant both you and she have never tried out before? Trying new things open up a conversation and the experience helps boost intimacy.

18. Make every Friday or Saturday night your date night

When was the last time you date your lover? You should create the experience of a new couple every week by going for a date night. Some relationships fail because people take things for granted and they don’t put in the effort anymore.

19. Schedule time to meet with friends and people you care about.

Besides your family members, you should also make time to meet up with your friends. Once a month is fine. The key is to maintain your relationship with the people you care about. You want to be social and don’t want to completely lock up yourself in your own island.

20. Plan a family trip once a month or every quarterly.

Now, you don’t have to go for an expensive or overseas trip every time. You can go somewhere near and convenient. The key is to make time to get together.

Personal Development

The best investment you can make is in yourself.

Personal development is important. If you want to upgrade yourself, your life, and to live a better lifestyle, this is where you must set goals and improve. Here are some personal development goals to consider:

21. Read 30 minutes a day.

Do you read every day? Reading important, no matter what books you read, reading helps boost your focus and widens your knowledge. The more you read, the more you know. The more you know, the more places you can go.

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22. Attend 2 seminars or workshops each year.

How often do you attend classes, seminars, and workshops? If you have never attended any seminars before, make it your goal to do so. The fastest way to learn is to learn it from the right person. And through classes, seminars, and workshops, you get to learn directly from the experts.

23. Learn to manage your time and work on your priority first.

If you want to improve yourself, you must work on your priority. You don’t want to go through every day being busy but not getting much results. Thus, focus on your priorities and work on the most important tasks that get you the most result first.

24. Make it a habit to review your goals and progress daily.

Don’t just set goals and then forget about them. Goal setting is not a one-time process. You must make it a habit to constantly reviewing your goals and measure your progress. If you don’t review your progress, you will never know if what you do is moving you forward or backward.

25. Develop a good morning routine.

How you start your day says a lot about your life. If you want to accomplish more during the day, then make sure you get a good start. Develop a good morning routine to prepare yourself for what’s coming. Read this post, 7 Best Morning Routine to Kick-Start A Great Day.

26. Get at least 7 hours of sleep every day.

Don’t ever discount your sleep. If you want to deliver great work, you must make sure you get enough sleep. You don’t want to feel tired and exhausted every day. It is important to make sure you get enough sleep so that you can perform at your optimum level.

27. Commit to finishing what you started

Don’t just focus on starting, you want to commit to finishing what you started too. A lot of people set goals, but they don’t see their goals to the finish. Never let this happen to you, make it your priority to complete what you started.

28. Build a gratitude list by writing down 10 things you’re grateful for each morning.

If you want to feel good each day, start your day with gratitude. You can make it a habit by writing down at least 10 things that you’re feeling grateful for. When you appreciate what you have, you will have more to appreciate. Feel the feeling as you write down the list.

Fun and Experience

One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.

Life should be fun and exciting. You don’t want to live a dull life or repeat the same year for 75 times and call it life. You want to make your life fun and enjoyable. Here are some good goals to have to create more fun and experience in your life:

29. Travel overseas at least once a year.

Make it your goal to travel overseas at least once a year. Remember the savings goal you created above? You can also create a “travel fund” and save a portion of your money for this purpose. The more you travel, the more experience you will gain, and the richer your life will be.

30. Enjoy your hobby and do something you love doing regularly.

Depends on what you love doing, you can do it every day or on a regular basis. For instance, if you love playing computer games, you can do so each day for 30 minutes or an hour after you have done what you are supposed to do. Enjoy doing something you love doing regularly to make your life feels alive again.

31. Learn a new skill like playing guitar, piano, cook, or bake.

What kind of new skills you do you want to acquire? Try not to attach it to any specific result, just dive in and enjoy the process. If you like to cook, by all means, do it. You can also learn a new language if you want to.

32. Build vision boards for every area of your life.

One thing that sparks inspiration and motivation in your life is to envision the perfect you want to have. And you can do so by creating a vision board and regularly visualize yourself living in your perfect life. It is fun to find pictures and let your mind goes wild to think about the perfect lifestyle you want to have.

33. Pamper yourself with luxury dining or go for a spa.

From time to time, you want to reward yourself with something good. If you hit your target, you can buy yourself something you really love. Or if you have put in the hard work and make some progress, you can pamper yourself with good dining or go for a massage. Whatever you do, reward your hard work and progress.

Legacy and Contribution

Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life's deepest joy: true fulfillment.

Life can only be complete if you work on helping others and lift their lives too. Read the book, Give and Take, written by Adam Grant and you will understand that people who have a bigger purpose larger than their lives are more committed and driven achieve greater success in life. Here are some legacy and contribution goals you can have:

34. Donate a certain amount of your income.

Donation is the easiest and most convenient way to contribute. Of course, you don’t have to donate all your money for the sake of doing so. You can donate a certain portion where you feel comfortable. When you help others, it makes you feel good too.

35. Write a book and share your life experiences.

Have you ever thought about leaving your legacy by writing a book? These days, anyone can publish a book. You self-publish your book and use the print-as-you-sell approach to do it. Plus, there are many ways you can leave your voice behind, including blogging and video publishing through YouTube.

36. Prepare your will.

Anything can happen. You will never know when will be your last day on earth. The best way to leave your legacy behind is to communicate and document your intentions by creating a will.

37. Volunteer your time and effort to help out.

If you don’t have much money to help, you can volunteer by putting your time and effort. You can visit the old folks’ homes or visit the orphanage to help. Or follow the work of any charity organization you like and volunteer yourself there.


Having good goals in every area of your life is important because your goals determine your direction. Without a clear direction, you will never know where to go and feeling lost in life.

Setting goals have completely changed my life. Hence, I suggest you do the same. Set goals for every area of your life and start making a positive change. If you have no idea how to set goals, check out my masterclass here.

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