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Golden Life Lesson: What Can You Learn From This Blind Man

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I believe that you have about this many times, “If you want to be successful, first, help others to achieve what they want.” In other word, it is saying that if you want to live the life of your dream, you must first create value and help others.

Few days ago I came across this interesting post in Facebook. The story went like this…

There is a blind person standing on the street, apparently he is lost and it is almost night fall. He is carrying a lantern in the same time. One young man who walks across the street sees the blind man and asks him if he is lost and if he needed help.

The blind man said yes he was lost and waiting for people to help him to get back to his house. The young man offers his help and in the same time feels curious about the lantern. Since he is blind, so why did he need a lantern to show the way? The blind man definitely cannot see a thing so what is the use of having a lantern?

So the curious young man asks the blind man, “Why do you need a lantern to show the way when you cannot see anything?” The blind man said that he had the lantern with him so that he can lighten the place so that others can see the way while walking there. The young man was amazed by the blind person, complimenting him for his considerate act.

After that, the blind man said softly to the young man, “Actually I bring the lantern is to help myself. I light the way for others so that others can see me and help me and bring me home in the same time.”

In order for others to see the blind man, he has to light up the way to help others to see the way. This is a win-win situation and it will only works if both sides are willing to work on it.

The same goes in business and life, if you want to be rich, help others, create values, give them your best service and in return, they will pay for your products and use your services.

A lot of people out there get it wrong by thinking, “Why should I do that? Why should I do the extra?” The best example would be those people who are working for someone else, most people would have the mindset that, “if you want me to do extra, you pay first or give me increment then I’ll do it.”

This is a totally backward thinking. If you want your company to pay you more, you must first show your value and do the extra for your company. And if your manager or boss notices your hard work, he will give you a pay raise. Some may say that they work hard and do the extra work but their boss still did not value their work.

What you need to do is to ask for it. Tell your boss that you have put in the extra and create more value to the company, ask for the raise. It is your choice whether you want to keep quiet or ask for what you want. And if after you asked for it and still your boss did not want to give you the pay raise you deserve, here’s what you can do, quit.

Yes, you can just quit and join other company that would pay you more since you have created so much value and you will definitely help other company to grow higher. If choose to stay and complain, it is your choice.

The main reason for this article is to show you that in order for people to increase your pay, to buy from you, to give you money or to help you achieve your goals, you have to first help them or give them something upfront.

Help others and they will help you back. If you want more sales, give your clients the services or show them how much added value they will get if they buy your products. If you want others to smile at you, just smile at them and they will return the favor.

Always remember the story of this blind man. First you have to put in some wood, and then only can you get fire from the wood.

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    there is wiser sense for real life situations especially for for professional life …..very good for human development-

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