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Business and Success Timing: Learn the Law of Gestation

Have you ever ventured into any business, poured in tons of effort and put in a lot of your time, but ended up the business is a failure? Or you heard success stories from others a few months right after you quit the business? I believe you can relate if you built businesses before or if you are in sales.

Sometimes things may seem so difficult that you quit, and only to find that others have made it the moment when you give up. When I was in real estate sales, the first few months are the most challenging moment. It is the time when most newcomers try out things and if they did not close any deal within that period, they would give up and quit.

After I have gone through the first few months and closed a few deals, things started to get easier. The same goes for my internet business journey. It is difficult and challenging in the beginning. I need to learn about the business, do a lot of reading, generate a lot of content and do the marketing all by my own. After some time down the road, things started to get in place, the whole things seem to work smoother and it gets easier.

When you start something new, especially building a new business, it takes time for things to grow and for things to get in place. And I would like to introduce you this universal law that can help you to better understand about your business and success timing in life…

Law of Gestation

If you never heard about it, it is alright. Oxford dictionary defined gestation as “the process or period of developing inside the womb between conception and birth; or the development of something over a period of time.”

Every business that you build, every project that you act on, every deal that you put effort into, takes time to grow and mature before you get finally see the result that you want. Just like planting a tree, you start with planting the seed. All you can do during that period before the seed grow into the tree are to make sure the seed has enough water and able to sprout and bloom in the right environment. You cannot force the tree to grow from the seed, all you do is wait and make sure the seed is in the right environment at all times.

be patience with success

The same goes for any business or any deal you are trying to do. You do all you can do and you cannot force the result. The result will automatically come to you when the time is right. Of course, you have to put in the right effort in order to make sure that happen.

A cat’s pregnancy last about 65 days before it delivers the baby kitten. The gestation period for a cow is approximately 274 days before you can get a cattle. As for human, the pregnancy period is about 40 weeks. What about the gestation period for your business? Is it going to be a few weeks, a few months or a few years? Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer.

As you can see, everything takes time to go through the gestation period in life. For some deals, you may spend a few hours to close the case. For some other deals, you may spend a few weeks or even months before you can close the case. Some businesses take a few months to grow and mature into a profitable business and some may take years.

Once you understand this Law of Gestation, here are the things that you can do to make sure you never miss the golden timing.

What Can You Learn From The Law Of Gestation In Business And Life

1. Be patience and wait. For the seeds to turn into the fruits, it will take time. For you to grow your business from scratch and into maturity, it takes time. You just need to give it enough time to grow. There is no need to rush. As long as you have do the right thing, you will eventually get the result.

2. Make sure you put in the right effort. When you plant the seed, you have to make sure the seed is growing in the right environment. You have to give it enough water, enough sunlight and enough fertilizer so that the seed will sprout and germinate into plant. In the same time for your business, you have to work on it, make sure your business gets your focus, get the right attention, you pour in the right effort and acted upon what you need to get done. And eventually your business will grow to the next level.

3. Enjoy and value the stage. I know it may be difficult to wait after you have poured in the effort. However, this is a stage that we cannot skip. Microsoft, Apple, Pixar, Honda, Toyota, Dell, etc, were not built in a day. All of these great businesses have to go through the gestation period before it reaches the tipping point and things started to bloom.

4. Believe in it. If you have put in the effort, you just need to believe that the result will come to you eventually.

5. Never give up. If you truly believe that you have put in the real effort to make things happen, then you should not give up as time will prove itself and the result will come to you. The most important thing is that you have to put in the effort.

This Law of Gestation is a universal law that works all the time just like Law of Gravity. No matter who you are, it will apply. Therefore, understand this law and make it your tool in your journey to success in life.

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