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5 Powerful Techniques How To Get Motivated Almost Instantly

Motivation is a common topic. Everyone needs to get motivated to take action to accomplish their goals and to reach their dreams.

Without motivation, people will not do anything about their goals, and this is the main reason people fail to accomplish what they want in their lives.

Just like what Zig Ziglar has to say, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

Motivation is something that will come and go. When you have it, you will feel unstoppable and able to take the world on. You become productive and take massive action.

However, when you don’t have the drive, you feel lousy, and you just wanted to put things off. You don’t feel like taking action, and you just want to do something else. Sound familiar?

This is why motivation is important, especially if you have big dreams to achieve and are chasing for huge success. Without motivation, you will never go far.

And in this article, you will learn the 5 powerful techniques how to get motivated almost instantly.

Yes, you read it right, these powerful ways will get you motivated immediately. Don’t doubt about their effectiveness because they work and they are the motivational techniques that I use daily.

So are you ready to discover these 5 techniques? Here they are…

1. Break Your Pattern

break your pattern for motivation

Motivation is all about managing your state. And you can influence the state you are in by changing your pattern.

The pattern I mean is your physiology. Always remember this; it is your motion that creates your emotion. When you are in a slumping state and don’t feel motivated, how does your facial expression like? Did you breathe deep and slow or do you breathe fast and shallow? Look at your physical posture, where is your shoulder and did your head held high or tilt down?

These are the pattern that you need to break. What you need to do is simple and easy, whenever you don’t feel motivated, stand up and jump 10 times.

Yes, do this and you will change your state by changing your physical pattern. In other words, you change your motion and so, you will change your emotion.

If you don’t trust me, you can even do this right now. Stand up and jump for 10 times.

Once you are done, you will feel totally different. You will be more alert, and you will feel your heart pumping faster. And guess what, you will be more driven.

Do you have times when you are tired and no motivation to take action, but once you started the work, you feel driven and don’t want to stop?

Once you are in motion, you will build up the momentum to continue to move. The key is to create the momentum in the beginning. Just like a train, it needs the most energy to move, but once it moved, it builds up the momentum and does not require much energy to maintain the movement.

The same goes for you; you need to create the momentum by breaking your pattern. Once you moved, you will be unstoppable.

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2. Listen to Fast-Pace and Uplifting Song

listen to motivational songs

If the first technique does not sound applicable to you, you may want to try out this second method. And I believe this is a very common technique that you probably have heard about it.

Even so, it is still a very powerful and effective method to get people motivated. Whenever I’m not in the mood to work on my goals, I will listen to fast-pace or uplifting songs.

I found that songs like New Divide from Linkin Park, Eye of the Tiger from Survivor, or It’s My Life from Bon Jovi are powerful songs that will boost up your mood.

If you prefer music, here are some examples, Chariots of Fire by Vangelis, End of My Journey by John Dreamer, and Knight’s March by Hans Zimmer.

All the songs and music provided are just examples; there are many more uplifting and powerful songs that will change your mood.

I believe that anyone can simply get access to their phones or YouTube for this powerful music. However, never overspend your time surfing YouTube and wasted all your time there.

You know what is the best way to get motivated instantly? Combine technique number one and technique number one. Listen to a fast-pace song while moving your body around. Turn up the volume and then jump or move with along with the song. You will feel motivated immediately.

3. Drink A Cup of Coffee

drink a cup of coffee for motivation

Do you know that crude oil is the largest traded commodity and coffee is second on the list? While most people drink coffee for fun, you can opt for another reason, which is to help you boost your energy, alertness and motivation.

Some people may think that drinking too much coffee is not good for their health while I’m no expert in this, but I’m not suggesting you drink a ton of coffee every day.

All I’m suggesting is to drink just a cup of coffee whenever you started your work. It is a great reward to start your day, and it will boost up your energy and alertness.

If you have a health issue and can’t drink coffee, you can skip this method. However, I believe that people who are committed to taking action and are willing to do all it takes to achieve success in life, drinking coffee could be a great way to stay alert and driven.

Studies have shown that people who drink coffee are more likely to be successful, what do you think?

4. Imagine Failure and Success

imagine success and failure

When you are down or when you don’t have the motivation to do anything, imagine the failure that you are going to get if you skip the action.

For example, if you are in sales and you don’t feel like calling or meeting with your clients. What would happen? You have to exaggerate the effect here. You may lose a sale, what if this continues for a long time? You will lose your job. And you may end up having no money, and the bills will pile up. Banks will be calling you. Imagine all your friends and colleagues are doing all great, driving luxury cars and moving to a big house, where would you be?

You will disappoint your parents and people you love. What about your family? You don’t have enough money to survive even, or you have to live life in debts. Do you want this?

The more you exaggerate, the more impactful it is going to be.

Now, turn the situation around. What if you make the calls and what if you commit and meet up with all your clients? And what will happen if you close the sale or even become your company’s top sales? Probably you will be promoted to be the sales manager. People will look up to you. You may earn a lot of money.

And when you have the money, you may want to drive a better car and live in a bigger house. More importantly, you can provide your family a secure and comfort life. You will feel great, and you can’t wait for your next vacation in your favorite country.

How does that sound? Good isn’t it? This is exactly what you need to do in this technique. You need to imagine the bad things that will happen if you don’t take action, and after that, imagine all the great things that will come to you if you work on your goals and your dreams come true.

The more real you think about it, the more motivation you will get. You need to feel the thoughts here. Make it as real as possible.

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5. Get Help

get support for motivation

This is the final method I would love to share with you. It can be easily done as well. What you need to do here is to get help from someone who is more positive and who will support you.

For instance, when you are down and feel no motivation to work on something, go and get help. You can call up someone for immediate effect.

You can call your leader or your boss, you can call your parents, you can talk to your partners or your friends who will support you or better yet, you can call your mentor for this.

When you talk to someone about your dreams and your goals, you will get motivated right away because you are discussing your calling, your purpose, and your passion. If your goals and your dreams are not motivating you, then probably you are chasing the wrong thing, don’t you think?

The key to making this motivational technique work is to choose the right person to talk to. If you talk to people who don’t support you, be prepared that you will get cold water splash on your face.

It is always a wise choice to talk to people who will support you and tell you that you can do it. Talk to people who believe in you and people who are positive.

Just a short few minute’s call will do the work. This is especially true if the person you talk to are someone you respect and someone you aspire to be.

Imagine talking to your father and he tells you that you can do it, how would you feel? Instantly inspired and driven to work no matter how tough it is.

This is why you need to choose someone that will inspire you and who will support you in your life.

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These are the 5 powerful techniques how to get motivated almost instantly. I believe that these strategies are effective if you seriously work on them.

Remember, you don’t have to apply just one technique at a time; you can apply all of them together to create a more impactful source of motivation for you.

Finally, motivation will never last. Thus, you have to make it a habit of taking action. Once you have built up the habit, you will do it automatically, with or without motivation. And this is why your habits will build you or break you.

I started out with a quote from Zig Ziglar, and now I would like to dedicate this quote from Jim Rohn to you, “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

You need to build success habits, but first, you need motivation, and these are the 5 techniques that can help you.

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