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Setting Realistic VS Unrealistic Goals: What You Need to Know

realistic vs unrealistic goals

When we all talk about setting goals to achieve something that we want in life, many people will have the question of whether the goals that they set are realistic or unrealistic. How do you know if your goals are realistic, or unrealistic? And what which option should you go for? Should you make your […]

77 Positive Affirmations to Start the Day

positve affirmations to start the day

“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.” – Muhammad Ali Affirmation is a statement or a declaration that you tell yourself, either out loud or within yourself in your mind, repeatedly until it becomes true to you. It is considered one […]

10 Step-By-Step Instructions How to Plan Your Day the Night Before

how to plan your day

One of the key differences between extraordinary people and ordinary people is that extraordinary people are able to get more done, achieve better results, and are productive during the day, and all this is because they know how to plan their day. If you want to be more productive and get more things done, you […]

The Secret of Warren Buffett’s Success that Most People Never Know

warren buffett success

When it comes to investing, making billions, and managing companies, Warren Buffett is one of the most famous idols that most people will look upon. Buffett is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, a multi-national conglomerate holding company that wholly owns GEICO, Dairy Queen, BNSF Railway, Lubrizol, Helzberg Diamonds, NetJets, and also owns a portion of […]

Why Working Hard Cannot Guarantee Your Success in Life

Why Working Hard Cannot Guarantee Your Success in Life

When it comes to living a successful life, one of the most common and very first thought most people have is that they need to be extremely hard working. The truth is that hard work alone is not enough. There is no point to work hard on something that only gives you little results. You […]

Here’s How to Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever

2018 best year ever

In the beginning of every new year, everyone seems to have high hope for what is coming, especially in January where things are still new and look fresh. However, if you look back into the previous year, what have you done? Do you manage to achieve the goals you have set? What about your previous […]

10 Practices How to Improve Yourself Every Day

How to Improve Yourself Every Day

If you want to be successful, to achieve better results, to accomplish your goals, and to live the dream life you always desire, there is only one way to go about it – improve yourself every single day. Most people get it wrong by thinking that all they need to do to achieve greater success […]

How To Get Motivated Through Mental Conditioning Using Power Moves

tiger woods fist pump

We all know that in order to produce an extraordinary result, we must work on our goals consistently almost every single day. However, the problem is that most people can’t find the motivation and the drive to persist for the long term. If you are an actor, there will be days that you feel lousy […]

10 Best Time-Tracking Tools for Macs and iPhones

10 Best Time-Tracking Tools for Macs and iPhones

Time is not on our side. The pace of the daily grind has most people running to catch up. Businesses seeking greater productivity and individuals seeking to squeeze an extra ounce out of a busy day have a lot in common — they all struggle to do more with less time. Fortunately, there’s an app […]

How Jeff Bezos Make Decisions Using the “Regret Minimization Framework” Thinking

jeff bezos regret

Making decision is a vital part of determining your future and the results you’re going to get in your life. This is especially true if you desire for greater success and wanted to produce outstanding results in life, you need to make the right decision so that you will project in the right direction to […]

How To Take Initiative And Start Doing

take initiative

One of the most important keys to achieving the success you want is not how talented or skillful you are. It has nothing to do with your knowledge, whether you have the money or not, and it is not about being lucky. It is all about taking the initiative and start doing. This is the […]

How to Build a Habit Using the Pregame Routine

build habits with pregame routine

Developing a habit can be a challenging task, but it is one of the most important things that you need to learn how to do because your habits will determine your life. In the world of sports such as football, you will often see substitutes jogging, sprinting, and stretching along the touchline during games. To […]

How to Stay Focused on Your Goals

how to focus on your goals

We have to face it. One of the most important reasons people fail to achieve their goals is that they fail to stay focused on course. Steve Jobs knew this too. He took Apple from a company with hundreds of products to one with a simple 10 products when he returned to the company in […]