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How to Maintain Your Motivation When You Feel Like Giving Up

maintain motivation

Maintaining your motivation in your journey to achieving your goals and success is one of the most difficult tasks you must handle. People give up because they lost interest in the goals that they set out to achieve in the beginning. And because success will not come to you overnight, learning the techniques to stay […]

This is the Best and a Must-Read Book by John Assaraf (It Changed My Life)

john assaraf book

I have always heard the story of how a book can change people’s lives. And I hope that one day, I can read a book that can change my life for the better too. Now, when I think back, there was a book that totally inspired and changed my life, and it is a book […]

10 Unhelpful Thinking to Let Go If You Want to Be Successful in Life

unhelpful thinking

Mindset is everything. Whatever you think, you become. And this is true. There is no doubt our thinking shapes our life. But the problem is that too many people are living in mediocrity because of their unhelpful mindsets. They are getting stuck and are going nowhere due to their negative thinking. In this article, I […]

17 Amazingly Inspirational Jack Ma Quotes You Can Learn From

jack ma quotes

I bet that you have heard the name Jack Ma. Who doesn’t know this Chinese billionaire who founded Alibaba and Taobao, right? Jack is often seen as Jeff Bezos of the United States. Besides his tremendous success in the e-commerce world, Jack is also known as a great teacher where he shares his knowledge, ideas, […]

7 Powerful Steps How to Overcome Failure in Life and Bounce Back

how to overcome failure in life

The more successful you are, the more failures you will go through. We have all heard about this. And both you and I know that failure is inevitable. Unless you don’t do anything and you don’t venture out of your comfort zone, failure is something that we all must face and go through. The key […]

30 Useful and Applicable Tips How to Have a Productive Day

how to have a productive day

Aristotle said it beautifully, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” And if you want to achieve great success and produce amazing results in life, start by managing your days, not your weeks or months or years. And learning how to have a productive day, every day, […]

17 Most Inspirational Quotes from Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold-Schwarzenegger quotes

Arnold Schwarzenegger has always been one of my favorite movie actors. Not only that, Arnold also serves as the role model and an inspiration to me that I’m able to achieve extraordinary results like he did. There is no doubt that he is one of the most inspirational characters to many, including myself. And in […]

10 Amazing Methods How to Be Consistent in Achieving Your Goals

how to be consistent

One of the most obvious factors that separate the successful and the unsuccessful is the power of consistency. Successful people are able to produce extraordinary results because they choose to follow their plans and take the necessary action almost every day, with or without motivation. Thus, if you want to produce amazing results and to […]

Vision Boards – The Ultimate Guide to Creating and Living Your Dream Life

vision boards

A vision board is also known as a dream board. It is a widely popularized idea of creating pictures of what you want to achieve in life and make them into a board so that you can visualize and manifest the things that you want. I first learned about the idea of a vision board […]

15 Amazing Quotes from Bruce Lee that Inspire You to Success

bruce lee quotes

There is no doubt that Bruce Lee was one of the most successful martial artists that was widely known for his unique style. Besides being an amazing actor, Bruce was also a successful film director, screenwriter, and also a philosopher. Bruce was famously known for his unique style and that he founded Jeet Kune Do, […]

10 Motivational Questions You Should Ask that Reignite Your Drive and Passion

motivational questions

Asking the right questions can be one of the most powerful ways of finding solutions to almost every problem you face in life. Children learn by asking questions. Students learn by asking questions. When you are lost and stuck in life, you can find out the purpose of your life by asking questions too. And […]

10 Great Tips How to Discipline Yourself to Achieve More

discipline yourself

Self-discipline is one of the most important keys to success. Without self-discipline, nothing that you ever learned will work. No matter how many books you read or how many seminars and workshops you attended, if you don’t have the self-discipline to follow through your plan and act on it, nothing will ever come true to […]

Why Motivation is Important and the 10 Ways to Get More of It

Motivation is a huge topic and it is something that everyone talks about when it comes to creating remarkable success regardless of whether it is in life or at work. In my personal opinion, motivation is extremely important. You need the motivation to take action and to build habits. While it is true that we […]