how to get rid of negative thoughts

7 Effective Techniques How To Conquer Negative Thoughts

One of the top killers of all successes is the negative thought that dwells in our mind. It is proven that we think more negative thoughts than positive ones. We are constantly bombarded with all kinds of negative news every day, from the newspaper to Facebook updates. People tend to pay more attention to negative things than the positive. You…

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7 things you should avoid to stay productive at all time

7 Things You Should Avoid To Stay Productive At All Time

There are many reasons why people achieve great success in their lives. And there are also many reasons why people fail to achieve what they want. If you want to be successful, you not only need to study success, you need to understand why some people fail in achieving what they want, and avoid making the same mistakes. In other…

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keys to personal motivation

15 Keys To Personal Motivation

We all know that motivation is very important regardless of whether you are running a multi-million dollar business or just an ordinary employee working for someone. Motivation is the kick that will keep you moving forward, make you feel that you are living fulfilling life and it is the force that will push you to achieve higher in life. People…

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how successful leaders think

10 Ways How Successful Leaders Think

If you want to be a leader, you will have to think like a leader. The easiest way for us to mimic and replicate the success of all the great people out there is by learning and adopting their thinking. When we think like they do, we would be able to do things like they do, and thus, produce the…

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personal development tips

21 Personal Development Tips That Will Change Your Life

Feeling lost, no direction, getting nowhere, lack of motivation and don’t know what to do? Don’t worry, commit to develop yourself and you will find the ‘light’ in your life. I’m always passionate about personal development. Every one of us wanted to live a successful life. We all want something better, something bigger and live a charged and motivated life….

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