5 Major Sacrifices You Must Make to Achieve Great Success in Life

scrifice for success

So, you want to live an extraordinary life and achieve great success? One thing for sure, success will never come easy. If you want it, you will have to sacrifice and let go of being ordinary.

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the best-selling book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, once said…

“When I speak to people about investing in real estate, they often tell me they’re not interested in real estate because they don’t want to fix toilets.

When someone says, ‘I don’t want to fix toilets,’ they’re saying that little problems like toilets are more important than their financial freedom.”

For most people, these are the reasons why they never want to attempt to sacrifice and achieve their goals.

If you are not willing to sacrifice your pride, your comforts, or security, you will never get to unleash your greatness and achieve extraordinary success in life.

Living an Extraordinary Life Means Giving Up Living an Ordinary One

Don’t just say that you want to achieve massive success. It is not going to happen without action, hard work, and sacrifices.

Think about it, if you want to build a successful business empire, you can’t just binge-watch Netflix. You can’t spend all your time playing games and watching YouTube or checking Facebook.

You will need to put an enormous amount of time into reading, researching, and working on your business plan. You need to put in the hard work and sacrifice living the ordinary life.

The same goes if you want to build 6-pack abs. You can’t just set it as a goal and then go and eat ice-cream.

Things are not going to happen automatically and you have to understand that there are no magic pills.

You need to work for it. You can hire a trainer, but you can’t hire someone to do your push-ups for you.

You are the one who will have to go through the process, like transforming from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly.

Nobody can do the work for you.

And if you are serious about achieving great success, you must get yourself ready because you will have to sacrifice a couple of things to achieve what you want.

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1. Being comfortable

The first thing you need to let go is the state of being comfortable. The journey of success is full of struggles, but it can be fun and fulfilling at times.

The point is that if you are not willing to venture out of your comfort zone and do something extraordinary, you will never make a change.

As the word suggests, to become extraordinary, you must be willing to do the extra.

You can’t do what most people do and expect to receive an extraordinary result. If you want to achieve great success, you must do what most people are not willing to do.

As Robert Kiyosaki said, you must be willing to fix the leaky toilets.

Where most people are not willing to do, there are opportunities. But you must have the courage to let go of your pride and to go beyond your comfort zone and do it.

Yes, it is going to be difficult and sometimes, it may seem crazy, but that’s the path that will make you someone different.

Like building up this blog. Most bloggers are not willing to write and publish every day. They make excuses and give up.

They tell themselves that they don’t have the time, or they have other important things to do, but I keep to my publishing schedule. I write and publish every weekday.

Sometimes, I even have to wake up as early as 6:30 AM to write articles for my blog.

So, ask yourself, are you willing to venture out of your comfort zone to work for your goals and dreams?

Are you willing to do the hard stuff and sacrifice your comfort state in order to create something amazing in the future?

If you study the biographies of successful people, you will notice that they all are ordinary people, but they are willing to ditch their comfort level and do something most people are not willing to do.

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Great things never came from comfort zones

2. Less play and sleep

The second thing you need to give up is your play and sleep. Yes, success requires massive actions and people who tell you otherwise are just fake.

You can’t achieve greatness without putting in hours of hard work. And to do so, you will have to sacrifice your play and your sleep.

Of course, I’m not asking you to work 20 hours a day and take only 4 hours of sleep. If you follow this routine for years, you will end up destroying your health.

What’s the point of having the wealth or the success but without the health to enjoy them?

You don’t want to go to the extreme, what we want here is to strike a balance. You want to spend more hours working on your goals and dreams, but at the same time, sacrifice a little bit of your play and sleep time.

Grant Cardone said that before 2008, he was playing golf 3 times a week. And he got distracted and started to rest on his laurels. Cardone then made a decision to master his work and if that means his golf game has to suffer, so be it.

Today, Grant Cardone is a top sales expert who has built a $500 million real estate empire and a New York Times Bestselling author.

We all know that we need to put in the hard work and invest time to build the success we want. And the easiest way to find time is to cut down our play and sleep time.

If you see people who have a lot of playtimes, who always binge-watch Netflix, who always on Facebook, or people who seem to be addicted to mobile gaming, trust me, unless that’s their business, they are wasting a lot of time playing and enjoying their present and sacrificing their future.

You want to sacrifice your now to build your future, not the other way round.

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3. Negative and unsupportive people

This is a little difficult to swallow. What if people who are closest to you refusing to support you and your dreams?

There will be people who will laugh at your dreams, don’t support you, and people who ridicule you for not being “practical” or “realistic”.

You can choose to listen to them and give up on your goals. Or you can choose to work on your dreams and prove them wrong.

The choice is yours. But this is a tough call especially if the people who are closest to you don’t support you.

You can’t live a successful life if you are being surrounded by negative people who always complain and tell you what you want to achieve is impossible.

Well, you may not have to leave a relationship, that’s the ultimatum. But you have to at least cut-down time spend with negative people.

Try to spend less time with the pessimists and put in more time to build a relationship with other successful people who are positive.

4. Your pride

Another major thing you have to sacrifice for success is your pride. No matter what kind of success you are trying to pursue, you must let go of your pride in order to move forward.

If you are not willing to accept your mistakes and failures, you will never learn and improve.

It is when you put down your pride, accept what is working, only then you will be able to move forward.

I recently attended the Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar, they have a phrase, “You can be right, or you can be rich.” And I think this phrase says it all.

Usually, people are not willing to go all out or to do the difficult because they are afraid. They fear failure. They worry what if they fail or what if others laugh at them.

We choose not to pursue our dreams because we are afraid. And most of the time, it has something to do with our pride.

We don’t want people to look down on us when we fail. We don’t ask questions in class because we are afraid that others will laugh at the stupid questions we ask.

The fears and your pride are the things that hold you back from living the life you want.

Think about it, why are you not doing the things you are passionate to do? Why are you not pursuing your goals and dreams?

For a moment, stop letting your pride get over your life.

Never let your pride and your fears stop you from living your best life ever.

5. Security

Another common factor that holds people back is security. There is no way you can be successful if you are someone who doesn’t take the risk.

The moment you decide to live an extraordinary, it demands you to walk a different path, and that requires you to risk the ordinary to venture into the unknown.

Most people are afraid because of the uncertainty. They don’t know if what they do is going to be fruitful.

Think about it, if you can’t fail and everything you do will be given a guaranteed success, what will you do? Will you do it?

If you are given a guarantee to succeed, will you finally start the business or pursue your goals and dreams?

Most people will say yes. If everything they touch will turn to gold, they will start any business they can think of.

You can’t hold on to security if you want to achieve great things in life.

You need to let go of feeling secure and venture into the unknown. Yes, it will be scary and yes, it is going to be uncomfortable, but that’s what you need to do if you seek growth.

Have you read the book, Who Moved My Cheese? It is a great book that encourages people to venture out of their comfort zone and dare to make changes.

Success cannot happen if you keep doing what you have always done. Because if you do what you have always done, you will be getting the same old result.

If you desire for something better, you must be willing to let go of the security and aim for growth.

Be willing to venture into the unknown. Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

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