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The 3 Core Reasons The Law of Attraction Is Not Working For You

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Have you tried to visualize vividly and imagine what you desire in life, but somehow, the Law of Attraction is not working for you?

If this is what is happening to you right now, continue to read on because you are about to discover the 3 core reasons why most people fail to attract and manifest what they want into their lives.

But before we start, you should really ask yourself this question:

Do you believe in the Law of Attraction?

You see, a lot of people love the book and the idea of how one can manifest their dreams and deepest desire, but the problem is that the law just doesn’t seem to be working for them.

It is true that everything is made with energy and our thoughts can really affect our outcomes. But why is it that the Law of Attraction is not working for most people?

If you are one of them, don’t worry because below are the 3 core reasons why the law is not working for you.

And as long as you conquer these 3 roadblocks below, you will greatly, let me repeat, you will GREATLY increase your chances of attracting and manifesting what you want into your life.

1. Your feelings, beliefs, and thoughts are not in harmony

My friend, you have to understand that the Law of Attraction is not just about your thoughts. How you think is just one of the many ways to activate the law.

It is about aligning and getting your feelings, beliefs, and thoughts in harmony.

Just merely thinking about becoming a millionaire is not going to make you a millionaire. You must also align your belief system and make yourself feel like a millionaire before you can become one.

A lot of people get it wrong to think that the LOA is all about your thinking.

Yes, visualization does help, but your beliefs and how you feel are also the vital factors to make the Law of Attraction works for you.

What you can do:

The thinking part can be easy, but changing your beliefs and getting your feeling to be in harmony with what you want may be more challenging.

I suggest you practice the 15 Minutes Manifestation to rewire your subconscious conditioning.

When your beliefs, feelings, and thinking are in harmony with each other, you will that life starts happening to you. What you want will come to you, automatically.

2. You are not working on your part

If you think that the Law of Attraction does not require work and all you need to do is to think about what you want, you are wrong!

Money is not going to fall on your lap no matter how hard you try. Maybe it will, but the possibility is near zero. And I don’t suggest you do this.

What I suggest you do, instead, is to build the “bridges”.

You see, to manifest what you want, the Universe needs a “bridge” to connect you with what you want.

For example, you always dream about buying a house. And one day, your friend talks about a house up for sale and you love the house so much that you decided to put down the deposit on the spot.

Your friend is the bridge. Your friend is the one that connects you with what you want.

Most people only focus on the visualization, so much so that they miss out on the opportunities the Universe brings them.

The bridge or the opportunity is what you need.

And you must work on yourself to create the bridge.

You must take note on your surrounding for possible opportunities, you must learn to trust your instinct to make the right decision, and you must follow your guts because the Universe will lead you to where you want to be.

This is why people say:

“The harder I work, the luckier I get.”

That’s why you have to work. You must put in the necessary effort to “find the bridge”.

In other words, you must take conscious effort to notice HOW the Universe is bringing you to what you want.

What you can do:

You must always prepare yourself for what’s coming. You may never know how or when the Universe is going to bring you what you want, but you can always get yourself ready for it.

Use “Your Natural State” idea to reset and train your brain to see abundance.

We have conditioned ourselves to become skeptical and doubtful through our surrounding and people around us. Thus, you have to re-condition yourself to see abundance with endless possibility, not endless scarcity.

3. You are not priming your subconscious mind for what you want

How long you think you need for the Law of Attraction to kick in and to manifest your dreams?

This is a subjective answer.

However, if your beliefs, feelings, and thinking are in alignment, plus, that you are making a conscious effort to find the “bridge”, things can come to you faster.

The problem is that most people give up and stop doing the necessary after just a few short days of trying.

They feel excited in the beginning. They create a vision board, they practice visualization, they envision what they want and work on it.

After a few days or weeks later, when they don’t see the results, they started to feel doubt and quickly lose interest.

This is why the Law of Attraction is not working for most people.

Attracting what you want is just like a skill. You have to practice it daily. And you can get good at attracting and manifesting what you want.

This is why successful people continue to become more successful. The rich get richer, while the poor remain poor.

And the only way to learn a skill is through practice and repetition.

If you tell yourself the same tale over and over again enough times, eventually, the tale may become true to you.

The key is repetition. Just like what Napoleon Hill said:

“Any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought.”

You have to do it daily. You have to practice attraction and manifestation every day.

What you can do:

You may think that doing this daily is boring and requires too much work. Nope, not at all.

You just need to follow the guides from 15 Minutes Manifestation and do it for a couple of minutes each day.

Through consistent programming and rewiring, eventually, you can become who you want to be and live the life of your dreams.

My final suggestion to make the Law of Attraction work for you:

You need something to connect you with your dreams.

And the 15 Minutes Manifestation system can be exactly what you need to activate the Law of Attraction for you.

Always remember this: Your mind is a tool.

If you don’t think you can do it, who will?

You already have the most powerful tool to help you achieve what you want in your life, the question is – how are you going to use it?

Therefore, use the 15 Minutes Manifestation system and start conditioning yourself for the success you want. When you activate your mind, you make the Law of Attraction works for you.

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