How I Manifest My Dreams Through Law Of Attraction And How You Can Do It Too

Many people talk about the Law of Attraction and manifestation of their dreams, money and how to be successful in life. The problem is that most people are not doing it right. They think about their dreams, but in the end, they fail to manifest what they want in reality. If this describes you, read more to find out how I manifest my dreams.

Below are my experiences and real story on how Law of Attraction has affected my life…

I first came across the idea about Law of Attraction many years ago. It was even before the release of the famous book that everyone talks about, “The Secret.”

Well, I can’t really remember when I first came across the idea about Law of Attraction, but it was “The Secret” book that made me think about manifesting my dreams and what I want in life.

After I learned that I could accomplish whatever I want as long as I put my mind in the ‘right frequency,’ I can manifest it because the universe will somehow bring it to me.

There is nothing to lose, and so I decided to try out as much as I can to manifest my dreams. Thus, I started with writing down my goals. And like most people, I created a vision board and printed out pictures related to my dreams.

One of my dreams was to bring my mother to visit Beijing, China. She wanted to see the Great Wall for many years, but we never have the chance to do it.

Hence, I cut out pictures of the Great Wall and places in Beijing I wanted to visit. I did it one step further by creating affirmations. Every morning when I wake up, I would review my goals and do the affirmations.

By the way, I still did this even until today.

And so, something happened, and I managed to manifest my dream. I brought my mother, and we visited Beijing and the Great Wall of China.

Me and my mother in Beijing
At the bird nest stadium
At the ‘bird nest’ stadium

I don’t really believe it at first. And one day, my boss, who is also into personal development and who loves to read told me that all the dreams I shared with him had come true.

I did share with my boss saying that I wanted to own a house in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, and I did. I said that wanted to bring my mother to Beijing, and it came true.

When I was still a student studying at my local university, I told myself that I wanted to work in a lucrative industry that has something to do with real estate, guess what, after I graduated, I work as a real estate agent.

Why real estate? Thanks to the books I have read like Rich Dad Poor Dad, Having It All by John Assaraf, Donald Trump’s books and much more. These people are into real estate, and I’m inspired to be like them. So I wanted to be in real estate too.

Besides getting into real estate, I have been travelling quite a lot recently.

And because I believe in Law of Attraction and the manifestation techniques that I used, I tried it with another of my dream, to visit Korea and take my wedding photo shoot in Taiwan.

Well, I did. I visited Seoul and Jeju Island early this year with my spouse. And next month, we’re going over to Taiwan for our wedding photo shoot.

At Korea Jeju
Conquering Hallasan with my spouse
Conquering Hallasan with my spouse

If you were to ask me if Law of Attraction really work, I would say YES!

You will become what you think about most of the time.

In my opinion, the problem most people fail to manifest what they want in life are because of these simple reasons:

1. They don’t truly believe in Law of Attraction
2. They did not include emotions and feelings into their thoughts
3. They switch their thoughts and what they want too often
4. Their actions are not in alignment with their thoughts
6. They give up way too early

If you want to learn the right way to manifest your dreams and activate the Law of Attraction to achieve whatever you want in life, learn directly from Bob Proctor’s The Paradigm Shift Seminar.

How Jack Canfield Manifest His Dreams

Jack Canfield, the author of Chicken Soup For The Soul and also one of the gurus featured in “The Secret,” has experienced the power of manifestation himself.

When Jack was in his twenties, he worked for W. Clement Stone, his mentor in the personal development industry. And being Jack’s mentor, Mr. Clement Stone asked Jack to set a goal so big and so unbelievable.

Jack agreed and followed his mentor’s advice, saying that he wanted to make $100,000 in the next calendar year.

At that time, Jack had a job as a school teacher that was earning him only $8,000 a year. Thus, to make $100,000, that would be twelve times his income! He did not see how he could do that.

However, Jack went ahead anyway and set his goal to hit $100,000 income mark. So every day, he would visualize having earned that amount of money. He made a $100,000 bill by taking a hundred dollar bill and traced it on a flip chart. He then added three zeros at the back, so it looked like a $100,000 bill.

What Jack did next was to take the $100,000 bill he made and put it on the ceiling above his bed.

Thus, every morning when he wakes up, he saw the hundred thousand dollar bill, and then he would say his affirmation, ‘God is my unlimited supply. May large sums of money come to me quickly and easily under the grace of God, for the highest good of all concerned. I am easily earning, saving, and investing a $100,000 a year.”

After that, he will close his eyes and visualize living a $100,000 lifestyle. What his house would look like, what car he would drive, what charities he would like to contribute to and more.

And then he would take a shower and started his work as a teacher.

At that time, he had also written a book called “A Hundred Ways to Enhance Self-Concept in the Classroom.”

Jack would make 25 cents every time he sold a copy of the book. His average income from the selling the book was about $2,000 a year.

After doing the visualization process every day, one day, an idea suddenly hit him. It was his $100,000 idea. The idea is this, what if he could sell 400,000 copies of his book? This is because the only thing he can leverage on was his book and if he can manage to sell 400,000 copies, he would achieve his dream of earning $100,000.

Well, his book has been on the market for about 2 years, but the sales were not a big hit. However, he made that his goal, to sell 400,000 copies of his book.

Once Jack started to see the possibilities and activate the Law of Attraction through visualization, opportunities started to flow to him.

One day, he saw the Reader’s Digest, and he noticed that it has millions of readers in more than 37 languages.

Instantly, he knew he could leverage on Reader’s Digest to sell 400,000 copies of his book. Thus, he called them up to check the advertisement space, but it was too expensive.

But then his wife suggested him to write articles for Reader’s Digest instead of buying an ad space there. And so Jack wrote an article and sent to Reader’s Digest, but it got rejected.

After a couple of weeks later, he saw National Enquirer and noticed that they had 12 million readers weekly. So he called up to check out the cost of advertising, but it was too expensive.

What Jack did next was he included Reader’s Digest and National Enquirer into his visualization.

And miracle started to happen. After a few months later, when Jack was doing a talk at Hunter College, a lady approached him and said, “I’d like to interview you.” And Jack asked, “Who are you writing for?” And she said, “I’m a freelancer, but mostly I sell to the National Enquirer.”

All this may sound like a coincidence, but it will never happen if Jack never put his goal to make $100,000 in the first place.

So Jack agreed to the interview, and his book sales started to grow. After that, another idea came to Jack when his wife ordered something through the mail. His wife suggested him to do mail order bookstore.

That way, Jack could sell his book and make $3 a copy instead of a quarter.

Things started to grow even faster when they decided to take ads in magazines. Jack also took his book to educational conferences and sold them there.

Another idea came, and they included a catalogue with tapes and audio books on self-esteem, parenting and more for people who bought their books. It was a 32-product catalogue. They sold even more, products and made even more money.

The real explosion came when the University of Massachusetts had a weekend educator workshop and conference and asked Jack to take part.

At that weekend alone, they made $2,000 net profit. So Jack thought to himself, if he could do that every week, he will be making $100,000!

At the same time, Jack was also doing consulting and giving talks, charging $300 a day to go into schools to teach other teachers.

Jack said he would never ask for more money if he did not set his goal of making $100,000 a year.

Therefore, he increased his speaking fee to $800. There was a time when Jack was talking to a friend and his friend asked him what he got for his speaks, he said $800. His friend was amazed and asked him how he did it, Jack answered, “I asked for it.”

At first, Jack was afraid that his speaking charge was too expensive and people will reject him. So he practiced for a week saying $800, over and over again.

He would look into the mirror and said to himself, “What is your fee?” And he would answer to himself, “$800”, just to get used to it.

Now, at the end of the year, did Jack Canfield made $100,000 and achieved his goal? No, he did not. He made $92,326. However, do you think he and his wife were disappointed? Not at all! They have increased their income more than ten times in less than a year.

Then his wife said, “If it worked for $100,000, do you think it will work for a million?”

Jack told his wife he did not know, but they could try. It had taken Jack and his wife several years longer before they manifested a million dollar.

Today, Jack Canfield is a famous author, speaker and personal development guru. He had co-authored his Chicken Soup series books in more than 250 titles and sold more than 500 million copies in print in over 40 languages.

If you think about it, Jack Canfield will never achieve such a great success if he did not come across Law of Attraction, visualization and set his first goal to make $100,000 and do what it takes.

Law of Attraction works, but you must work on your part as well.

It is just like a GPS system. Your past does not matter; it only wants to know where you are and where you want to go. The GPS system will not get mad at you when you go off course. It simply tells you that you have left off route and what you should do to get back on the right course.

Life, the Law of Attraction, visualization and goal setting work the same way.

So let’s learn to activate the Law of Attraction and start to manifest your dreams here.

Is It Really Working?

If you were to ask me this question, I would answer yes because so far, I have successfully manifested quite a lot of my dreams and have accomplished most of my goals…

Conquering Mountain Huangshan
Conquering Mountain Huangshan
Visited Hangzhou with family. That's my spouse
Visited Hangzhou with family. That’s my spouse
With the eBay guy, Adam Ginsberg, many years ago
With the eBay guy, Adam Ginsberg, many years ago
With famous internet marketer, Patric Chan
With famous internet marketer, Patric Chan
With famous author, Robert G. Allen
With famous author, Robert G. Allen
With super affiliate, Ewen Chia
With super affiliate, Ewen Chia, many years ago

Well, I believe that anyone can make use of the Law of Attraction and make their dreams come true.

First, you need to use the right strategy. If you are not following the right strategy, you will never get to manifest what you want.

Just like if you want to see the sunrise and if you keep running west, you will never get to see it.

The recipe to manifestation and making your dreams a reality has been laid down for you.

Bob Proctor, one of the gurus featured in “The Secret” is ready to teach you how to do this.

The question is this: Are you ready to manifest anything you want in life?

You can achieve whatever you want through your powerful mind. And in order to activate the power of your mind, you must learn to “shift paradigm” through your mind.

It all started with a PARADIGM SHIFT. Like what I did to manifest all the things that I want in life. You can do it as well.

Go HERE to learn how to manifest your dreams and ‘shift paradigm’ with your mind directly from Bob Proctor himself.

With the right mindset, right strategy and the person (Bob Proctor) to show you the way, you will definitely make it. If it works for an ordinary guy like me, it will work for you. Period.

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