Imagine you are living your ideal life, how would it be like? Everyone wants to live their dream life, but sadly, most people fail to achieve it. In this article, you will discover how you can create your ideal life and how to live it.

If you have a choice to turn back time, what would you do differently that will make your life better today? Or you are already living the perfect life you wanted?

The majority of people take things for granted. They thought that they have all the time and they neglect their dreams. They say, “later”, or “there will always be tomorrow”. The fact is that we don’t have all the time in the world.

If you want to achieve something in your life, do it right now. Later becomes never.

The same goes for living your ideal life. You have to make a decision right now.

Living Your Ideal Life Starts With A Decision

You have to understand that what you want in life is a choice. You are where you are right now because you choose to be. Nobody puts a gun at your head telling you that you should work at this company or at this lousy job that you don’t like.

You have a choice. You can choose. And because you have a choice and you get to choose how you want to live, living your dream life starts with making a decision.

A decision to say “no” to things that you don’t want. You have to be more decisive and learn to follow your hearts.

Steve Jobs didn’t care about how other people look at him. He went to his office without shoes. Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper company for his ‘lack of imagination and creativity’, but that he did not care much and continued to pursue his passion.

You get to choose how you want to live your life.

And if you want to live your ideal life, you must commit to saying “no” to the things that will pull you away from it and tell yourself “enough is enough”.

It is time to make a change. Dare to be different and dare to follow your heart.

It is time to let go of your ego and be more self-centered. Find out what you want, stop giving excuses as to why you can’t achieve it and start living the life of your choice.

Define Your Ideal Life

Once you have decided that you will never settle for anything less and you want to live your ideal life, it is time to define it; define the dream life that you want.

How would you see yourself in the future? What would you be doing and where would you be? Will you still be living in the same house doing the same thing? Or would you be living in a different place doing crazy stuff like snowboarding?

My ideal life will be different from yours. You don’t have to compare your life with other people. This is your life and you can choose how you want to live it, on your own terms.

Do you want to race camels in the Egypt? Or do you want to drive and race Ferrari in Abu Dhabi?

Do you want to build a company that will someday bring people to Mars and colonizes the other planets like Elon Musk?

Do you want to be financially free and never to worry about money anymore? You can travel anywhere you want, stay at a luxury resort in the Bahamas, visit the ancient town in China, and enjoy the sunset in Santorini?

Close your eyes and imagine your ideal life. How would it look like?

Would you still be going to the office at 9am in the morning? What kind of house do you want to stay in? How would you dress and what would you be doing?

see it with your mind

It is time to be creative and become a kid once more. When you were a kid, you have all sorts of imagination. You want to be a superhero to save the world, you want to be the police and put all the bad guys in jail, and you want to be the cool kid that attracts all the girls.

However, as you grow up, people tell you that you can’t do this and you can’t do that. Eventually, you don’t dream anymore. You buy into the idea of living in ‘reality’.

Remember, you are the one who creates your reality. If you don’t like your life right now, you can change it.

First, you must define your ideal life with a vision. You must first know where you want to go before you can embark on the journey.

People are not living their ideal life because they don’t know what their ideal life looks like.

So first step first, find out what kind of ideal life you want to have.

See Your Ideal Life In Every Major Area

Don’t just see yourself living your dream life in just one area; expand your vision into every area of your life.

How many children do you want to have? How much time do you want to spend with your family each day? Will you spend an hour a day exercising or doing things that you love such as your hobbies and playing games?

What about your career? Do you want to be your own boss? Do you want to build a successful company that gets listed on the stock market? What car do you want to drive? Where do you want to live? Are your skills enough for the job that you want? Perhaps you’re looking into additional education. If planning has been a passion for you, maybe it’s ideal to get an MBA in strategy online, either way, you have to weigh in other factors.

How much time will you spend for reading and what books do you want to read? Which countries do you want to visit? Do you want to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro? Do you want to practice yoga and meditate?

If you read The Code Of Extraordinary Mind from Vishen Lakhiani, you will see how Vishen distributes the areas of life into 3 main categories: Experiences, growth, and contribution.

And within these 3 main categories, they can be further divided into 12 areas, four areas in each category.

1. Love relationship
2. Friendship
3. Adventures
4. Environment

Ask yourself: “If time and money were no objects and I did not have to seek anyone’s permission, what kinds of experiences would my soul crave?”

5. Health and fitness
6. Intellectual life
7. Skills
8. Spiritual life

Ask yourself: “In order to have the experiences above, how do I have to grow? What sort of man or woman do I need to evolve into?”

9. Career
10. Creative life
11. Family life
12. Community life

Ask yourself: “If I have the experiences above and have grown in these remarkable ways, then how can I give back to the world?”

You can always learn more about success and life from Vishen Lakhiani. I strongly suggest you read his book, The Code Of Extraordinary Mind. It is life-changing and it will surely give you the insight and inspiration you need to live your ideal life.

Write Down Your Ideal Life

Don’t just dream and imagine the perfect life you want, write it down. If you just think about it in your head, you will forget it the next moment.

Instead, choose to write it down. Take as much time as you need and design the life that you want.

When you put your dreams and your goals into papers, it shows that you are more committed to them and they will come to live.

This act alone will tell you how much you care about your ideal life. People who don’t write down what they want simply are not committed to it. They just say what they want, but they never do.

Get yourself a journal if possible. Invest in yourself and into your future.

If you are serious about your future and your life, you should do it; write it down and make it happen.

Living Your Ideal Life One Step At A Time

The journey to living your ideal life will be a difficult one. You may face challenges and hard times, but that does not mean that you cannot achieve it.

So how do you achieve your dreams and live your ideal life? By taking one small right step at a time.

No matter what goal or dream you want to accomplish, you can achieve it if you break it down into smaller and actionable pieces.

How do you lose 10 pounds? By exercising regularly and monitor the intake of calories. How do you build a successful blog? By constantly publishing great content that people wanted to read and marketing your content consistently.

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one step at a time

There are books and courses out there that can guide you. You can even get yourself a mentor and a coach to help you. However, the basic principle is the same, work at one right thing at a time.

Success begets success. When you take one small step that gives you small result, you feel good and you will feel more confident. You then take more action and produce more result.

The key is in taking the right action that will give you the result you want. If you work on the wrong things and when you don’t get the result you desire, you will feel dejected and doubt yourself. This is where most people started to lose faith and eventually, they quit.

Don’t let this happen to you. Learn the right way.

Find out who has accomplished the result you want and seek help from him or her. Commit to study and read books to learn about the right strategies. The best way is to get a mentor to guide you there.

Success is like climbing a mountain. If you have never conquered the mountain, you will never know which route to take. So what do you do? You get someone who has been there to guide you. You get a tour guide.

And you know that if you want to make it to the top of the mountain, you have to train your stamina and learn the necessary hiking skills. You prepare yourself for the trip.

The same principle applies to living the perfect life you desire. First, you define the life you want, and then you prepare yourself for it. You learn to improve your skills, you get someone to teach you, you study and read books, and of course, you take actions to get there.

Success is not easy, but it is not complicated either. If you are willing to do the work, day in and day out, until you developed the habits, things will become automatic and you will eventually produce the extraordinary results you want.

Never Lose Sight Of Your Target

Now that you know what kind of ideal life you want to live and you know what you should do to achieve it, the final piece of the puzzle is to never lose sight of your target and don’t give up.

No matter what comes up, challenges, difficulties, rejections, tough times, adversities, hold on to your vision and your target.

The moment you lose sight of your dream life, it is the moment you started to buy into living like everybody else, ordinary.

You must hold your dreams in your mind. See it in your mind each day. Wake up with your dream, live it, take action, act on it, write it down, review it, make it alive, talk about it, share it with other people, and don’t give up.

When we were young, we have many dreams. We want to be a superhero, we want to save the world, we want to be the cool guy that gets all the girls, but as we grow older, we were affected by the so-called ‘reality of life’.

And we buy into the idea that we should follow the crowd. Do what others are doing. Don’t try to do things differently because you will fail.

Somehow, we forget about our dreams and our ideal life. We lose sight of what we desire.

Don’t let this happen to you. Keep your targets, your dreams, and your goals alive by thinking and visualize them at all times.

“Success is the ability to move from one failure to another without loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

Do you think this article is helpful, able to inspire you and give you the insight to living your ideal life?

Let me know in the comment section.

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