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20 Best Personal Development Blogs You Must Follow

best personal development blogs

If you want to stay motivated and constantly improving yourself to become the best in what you do, one of the most important habits you should adopt is none other than reading.

Besides reading books, there are many things you can read from the internet. And in my case, I read a lot of other personal development articles from other bloggers.

The problem is that there are many blogs out there and how can we know which blogs to follow and to read?

Well, the answer is in this blog post. I’m not saying that this is the best list, but all I’m saying is that this is the list of blogs that I visit consistently for ideas, insights, and inspiration when I needed them.

These are the top 20 best personal development blogs that I constantly come back to and read from time to time.

Of course, I still read books for at least 30 minutes each day. And I also spend some time to read articles from these blogs from time to time or whenever I find the articles to be interesting.

You may have heard about most of the blogs mentioned here. Some of them are very successful blogs that are run by a single authority individual, and some of them are big websites that have many writers.

Why top 20 list and not a top 100 list?

Well, I’m not creating this post to get link juice or to hope that those bloggers mentioned in the list to link to me.

I’m doing this to share the great information that I read from time to time with my readers, which is you. And I also believe that I should share amazing content with the rest.

How do I read all these blogs?

I subscribed to their email list and I followed them on social media.

You can also get updates and read the latest blog posts using Feedly. It is a free platform where you can browse all the recent updates from all the blogs you have subscribed.

How often do I read them?

To be honest, I don’t visit and read these blogs every day. I will read only whatever that interest me. Usually, if the articles published by these bloggers are good and interesting, they will email or share them on social media.

And that’s how I get notified to read.

You don’t have to follow my footsteps. I’m telling you because I’m just giving you an idea how I do it. You can create your own schedule for this.

How do I come up with this top 20 list?

Well, I read most of the blogs in this list and I’m also one of the guest bloggers for some of the blogs mentioned.

There are certainly more and other great blogs out there in the personal development niche, but these are the blogs that I found to be inspiring enough. I like the way how the content is presented and they are easy to read and easy to understand.

How do I rank them?

I don’t really rank them because I think it is unnecessary to do that. Sometimes a great blog can publish an average article, while an average blog can publish an exceptional content.

Not all great blogs out there publish great content all the time. Sometimes you may find gems hidden in average blogs; you just need to keep an eye on them from time to time.

So here’s my top 20 best personal development blogs recommendations to you:

1. James Clear

This is the #1 blog that I will visit over and over and over again. I’m a subscriber to James’ blog and I make sure I read all the articles that he shared.

His blog is clean and easy to read. No advertisements, no distractive sidebars, no banners. Just great content that truly inspires and outstanding techniques to achieve better success in life.

Check it out:

2. Asian Efficiency

When it comes to personal productivity, these guys are who you should go to. I joined some of their webinars, and they shared amazing tips and techniques on how to become productive and getting things done.

The founder is Thanh Pham and the website is run by a group of a dedicated team who are experts in productivity and the art of getting things done.

Check it out:

3. Michael Hyatt

I just love to read about personal productivity. Michael Hyatt is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author and I strongly encourage you to follow him on his blog.

Go ahead and download his free guide on how to shave 10 hours off your workweek. It is a must-read. I learn a lot from him, especially on the subject of energy management.

Check it out:

4. Brian Tracy

Another authority figure in the realm of personal development industry; Brian Tracy has been in the field for as long as I can remember. I have bought and read some of his books such as Eat That Frog, The Ultimate Goals Program, No Excuses, Maximum Achievement and much more.

The techniques and tips shared by Brian Tracy are down-to-earth and simple to understand. His materials and content from his blogs are fun to read and very inspirational too.

Check it out:

5. Robin Sharma

Have you read the book, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari? If you haven’t, get it from Amazon right now and read the book. It is a highly recommended book to read if you want to improve every area of your life.

I followed Robin Sharma on his blog, his Facebook and I’m also his subscriber. Sometimes he will just share some epic content and outstanding videos on how to live your dreams.

Check it out:

6. Bold and Determined

Victor Pride, the guy behind this highly inspirational blog, is someone who knows his work. Go ahead and read the content on his blog and you will get electrified by his words and insights.

I stumbled upon Bold and Determined long ago and almost instantly, I fall in love with the content and articles provided from Victor.

Check it out:

7. Jack Canfield

Another big name in the industry; Jack Canfield, is the originator of the Chicken Soup for The Soul series. And I believe you have read and heard about him. If you have not heard about Jack Canfield and his work, you are totally new in the personal development niche.

I have numbers of books from him, and the one that I like the most is The Success Principles. It is a big book full of practical insights and day-to-day principles that anyone can apply into their life.

Check it out:

8. Business Insider
9. Fast Company
11. Entrepreneur
12. Lifehack

The above 5 are the big names that cover not only self-help topics but other interesting topics as well. I read them from time to time whenever I found some attractive articles.

I am also a guest blogger for Lifehack, and I would say that these blogs are huge and they cover a lot of topics. You can choose to read only those that catch your attention. If you try to read everything there, it will take you forever to do so, and it is going to be a time waster.

Check them out:,,, and

13. Addicted 2 Success
14. Wealthy Gorilla
15. Motivation Grid
16. Everyday Power
17. Time Management Ninja

This is another group of 5 blogs that I visit from time to time. Some of the content shared on these blogs are exceptional. Some of these blogs also covered a variety of topics. I only choose to read those that interested me only.

Usually, I will just scan through the headlines of the articles. If it looks catchy, I will read. And because I’m also running this blog which is in the personal development industry as well, I will visit them to get ideas on what to blog about.

Check them out:,,,, and

18. Zen Habits

This is another big name in the industry. The founder behind the ZenHabits blog is none other than Leo Babauta. I’m a subscriber to the blog and will receive updates from time to time.

I love the way Leo Baubata crafted his blog posts. They are very easy to read and more importantly, they are in a very conversational style. The content he shared is good and very inspiring too.

Check it out:

19. Steve Pavlina

This is another popular and famous blog, as the name suggested; the founder is, of course, Steve Pavlina. The articles published in this blog are very in-depth, just like James Clear, I love both of the blogs.

There are too many generic articles out there and it can be difficult to find something exceptional. Steve Pavlina’s blog is different. He shared something that can be personal and from his point of view.

Check it out:


Another awesome blog from Henrik Edberg. Henrik has been blogging since the year 2006 and most of the content he shared are outstanding.

He focuses more on topics such as self-esteem, self-confidence, simplifying life, reducing stress and happiness.

Check it out here:

Other Outstanding Blogs that Worth Your Time:

When it comes to the best personal development blogs, there are just too many to fit in a list of just 20. Here are some that will be worth your time too:
And much more…

These are additional blogs that I may visit ocasionally.

There might be some other great blogs out there which I might have missed out. You will have to discover those on your own then.

What Can You Do Now?

Leverage on the free resources available for you on the internet. This is an information era. It is all about information and how much you can soak in.

If you want to improve yourself, get better, there is no other better way than to commit to CANI, Constant-And-Never-ending-Improvement.

Let me ask you this question, how do you get better in what you do? You learn and you improve yourself.

Imagine that you have been following these great blogs for a year now, do you think you will be better than ordinary people who have never spend time upgrade their skills and knowledge?

You know the answer. As for me, I also constantly read internet marketing blogs such as Problogger, Quick Sprout and I also follow Neil Patel. Therefore, I’m always aware of the techniques, tips, and updates on what is happening around the internet marketing world.

If your passion is in gardening, follow authority figures in the gardening niche. Learn and read each day. You will get better at gardening. Agree?

If you’re into building businesses, follow the movers and shakers in the business world, you will expose yourself to great ideas from other successful people. You will learn and keep improving yourself.

This is how you can become better and achieve greater success in life.

It all starts with your commitment to learning and your determination to improving.

So spend some time to read and learn about personal development all the time. If you spend just 30 minutes to read a few good articles each day and you continue to do so for this whole year, you will become a totally different person because your knowledge has improved.

You will be equipped with powerful potential power, ready to be unleashed to make your life better.

People say that a leader is a reader. So commit to improving yourself. Make it your habit to read and learn. You can only get better.

Of course, great things will only come to you when you APPLY your knowledge and what you have learned.

Reading and learning alone are not going to get you the result you want, they are only a form of potential power waiting to be released.

And when you do, you will become unstoppable.

Here’s to your success, cheers,
Shawn Lim

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    Conscioused is a relatively young startup that is seeking to target what we feel is the biggest issue in the world right now: education. Our vision is to be a university for life skills such as social skills, mindfulness and entrepreneurship. Currently, we are writing a blog that distils some of the best ideas, from the best minds, into engaging and interesting articles. Eventually we aim to expand into creating an open source, collaborative curriculum for life skills before creating a social network for learning.

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