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how to stay motivated

When it comes to motivation, everyone wants to get and stay motivated all the time. Nobody wants to go through their days feeling slack off and accomplish nothing. Motivation is one of the most seek after topic and something everyone needs to get things done, to achieve higher success and to produce results.

In this article, you will learn the 7 techniques that I used to get motivated each day and then how I turn them into my habits.

Getting motivated is just the first part of the equation to live a successful life, developing the habit is the next part.

Why Motivation Is Important

Have you ever wonder why motivation is important? Why do people need motivation? Well, it is true that motivation helps you in getting things done and achieving your goals, but why is it that people want to stay motivated all the time?

The reason being that when you are motivated, you are able to get more things done and you will feel more alive. When you are able to do the work you set out to do, you feel accomplished and fulfilled.

This is the real reason behind why people are seeking for motivation. It gives them the sense of accomplishment and sense of being alive and energetic.

Chances are if you are reading this right now, it simply means that you are someone who wants to achieve more and accomplish better results in life.

In order to achieve that, you need to have motivation. It all started with motivation. And being motivated means being accomplished, being able to get things done, being able to produce the results you want.

This is why motivation is important and this is also why people are always looking to stay motivated all the time.

When you are able to accomplish your goals and what you set out to achieve, you will feel fulfill and satisfy.

It gives you a sense of deep happiness within you.

Albert Einstein once said, “If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.”

The #1 Reason Most People Fail – Lack Of Motivation

Almost everyone has a dream or goal that they wanted to achieve. Some people write down their goals, while most people just think about them in their heads.

The truth is that more than 90% of people who set their goals fail to achieve them. Why is this so?

When the new year is near, people are getting excited because the new year gives them hope that things will be different and it means a new beginning.

Therefore, a lot of people are getting excited and motivated. They set goals, they write down what they want to achieve.

Most of them will take some form of actions in the first few days. After the first week, more than half will forget about their goals and their resolutions because they are too busy with their day-to-day life.

After the first month, most would have totally forgotten about their goals and their targets. After 3 months, only those who are truly committed and determined will continue to march on and continue their journey to reach their goals.

You see, motivation is high at the beginning, but it will eventually fade away slowly if you did not do anything about it.

I like this quote from Zig Ziglar:

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

Yes, motivation is not going to last and you will have to do something each day to make sure that you are able to stay motivated and keep the energy high.

It is not easy to be successful. There are a lot of distractions that will get you out of your route and make you jump onto other projects. There will be tough times that require you to continue to move on regardless of the challenges. And there will be failures that will put you out of the game if you choose to quit.

And this is what this article is for. This article is meant to get you motivated and stay motivated all the time.

make motivation last

Here are 7 ways how to stay motivated at all times. I personally used these methods and they work like magic. This is why I’m sharing them with you. Good things are meant to be shared, right? 🙂

1. Revisit Your Purpose

It is said that your purpose behind your goals and your dreams are the fuel that will keep you burning. And this is absolutely true.

Why do you think that successful people are able to go on in spite of all the challenges and hard times that come at them? It is because they have a strong reason to continue on and not to give up.

If your purpose to achieving your goals or your dreams is not strong enough, you will give up when you face difficulties. If you are not committed, you will be distracted and forget about what you want to achieve.

This is why the motivation dies and does not last long. Most people don’t have a strong reason for the things that they want.

They say that they want to be a millionaire, but they are alright to live with their current income level. They say that they want to build an online business and earn passive income, but they choose to watch a movie or spend time playing games most of the time.

You see, most people are doing alright even if they did not achieve their goals or live their dreams. This is why they don’t have the motivation to go for what they want. Even if they do, it won’t last long.

You need a strong and emotional reason if you want to be able to stay motivated and accomplish your goals.

If your target is to own and drive a new car this year, why do you want it? Why do you want to be financially free? Why do you want to build a business? Why do you want to earn a million dollar?

Keep on asking yourself why and eventually you will arrive at the answer that is burying deep within you.

Remember, the stronger and the more emotional the answer, the better. So find out what motivates you.

What you can do is to write down your reasons and look at them each morning. Every day before you start your work, revisit your purpose. Read them aloud. Feel the energy flowing in you and feel the feeling.

Let your purpose drive you to stay motivated.

2. Imagine Success

Do you know that our minds cannot differentiate the projected thoughts in our head whether it is real?

Meaning that whatever thought you project in your head, your mind will make it real. That is if you make the thought as real and as vivid as possible.

Let’s try out this exercise:

Close your eyes now and imagine that you are at home. Walk to your kitchen, open the door to the fridge and you see a big yellow lemon there. Reach out for the lemon. Take it out with your hand and feels the texture. Now, put the lemon on top of your kitchen table, and then cut it with a knife. Imagine vividly that the juice oozing from the lemon. Pick the cut lemon up, squeeze some juices into your mouth. How do you feel?

If you do this activity seriously and you imagine doing it as vivid as possible, your will feel that your mouth has more saliva. Why is that so?

It is just a thought projection in your head, it is not real, but you get more saliva in your mouth.

It is because your mind makes it real. Your mind cannot differentiate between the real thing and the thoughts.

Hence, whatever you think in your head, your body will feel it. Your mind will make it real to your body.

And this is why visualization is such a powerful tool in helping people to achieve greater success and unleashing their greater potential in life.

success quote from will smith

Do you know that professional athletes train with visualization as well?

“You have to see it within yourself before you can make it.”

This is why people said that you have to “Fake it until you make it”. Your mind makes the thing real.

So how can this help in getting you motivated? Simple, just imagine the success you want in your head. Create the pictures in your head as vivid as possible, and your mind will send the message to your body and change your mood. It will pump you up.

If your goal is to drive a BMW 5 Series, imagine yourself grabbing the key from your table, walking down to your garage and click the remote to unlock your dream car. Feel the pressure from the button pressed and hear the sound of the car unlocks.

Imagine that you open the door and get into the driver seat. Put both your hands on the steering wheel and feel it. Smell the smell of the car and push the button to start the engine. Feel the engine revving.

Well, if you visualize everything to specific detail, you will feel as real as possible. And guess what, your mind will make it real and you feel driven instantly.

The same goes for any other goal that you want. If you want to have a vacation on a Caribbean Cruise, imagine yourself doing so. If your target is to build a successful business, imagine it vivid in your head how your business looks like.

When you see it with your mind’s eyes, you will also feel it with your body. And this is what will make you motivated.

So, practice visualization to get you motivated all the time. Visualize yourself living your dream life and achieving all the goals that you have set.

See it in your mind first, and then only you can materialize it in the real world.

This is what separates successful and unsuccessful people. Successful people think about what they want most of the time while unsuccessful people think about menial things such as what movie to watch or what to do most of the time.

You will become what you think about most of the time. So, choose to think about the success you want.

It will drive you and keep you motivated.

3. Practice Daily Goal Setting

Another way you can get yourself motivated is through goal setting. Have you noticed that the moment you set your goals is the moment that you are most motivated? It is the moment when you tell yourself that this is going to be it and you will do whatever it takes to reach your goals.

If setting goals will motivate you, why don’t you do it every single day?

In fact, most people fail to achieve their goals because they don’t practice daily goal setting. They set the goals that they want for once, and then they let it be. And most of the time, they will forget about their goals and they will do nothing about them.

Whatever that is out of your sight, will be out of your mind. And if it is out of your mind, you will never do anything to achieve it.

So practice daily goal setting. It is good because it reminds you of what you want to accomplish and at the same time, your goals will motivate you.

They are the things that you want. They will “pull” you towards them. It is pleasurable to think about them and to achieve them.

This is why you should write down your goals every single day.

Read this article to discover the importance of daily goal setting.

Every morning after I wake up, I will grab my goals book and I will write down my goals. I have been doing this for months. I feel more awake and motivated every time after I do this.

This activity is free anyway, so why don’t you just do it?

You can do it any way you want. You can write down your top 10 goals, or you can write down your most important goal for 10 times. It is all up to you.

The most important key is that this process pumps you up and set you on the right path to kick-start your day. Not only that, doing so consistently will help program your goals into your subconscious mind.

Therefore, write down your goals every day. Practice daily goal setting and make it your habit to do so each day.

4. Creating The Accountability And Building The Commitment

Have you ever tried to delay on a certain task until when the deadline is near, you eventually work on it?

Well, I believe everyone does. This is often referring to as the last minute rush. When there is plenty of time, you will not feel the pressure. Until when the time is limited, you will work on the task.

It is not so much about motivation; it is more about the commitment and the accountability. Think about it, most smokers who try to quit smoking fail, until one day they found a compelling reason not to smoke ever again. And this compelling reason is the key to their commitment to stop smoking.

Thus, you can leverage on creating commitments so that you will work on your goals and take action.

Creating the Commitment

Create a public commitment so that you will feel the pressure to act. Imagine you share your goals with your friends and family; do you think you will feel more committed to achieving them now?

Of course, you are putting yourself on the line. When you share your goals and dreams with other people, you are creating a form of commitment because it’s human nature to try to keep the promise.

You will work harder and do more to accomplish what you set out to. Just like the saying:

“If you want to take the island, you must be willing to burn your boats to create absolute commitment.”

You must be willing to go all in to go all out. It is either you go big or you go home.

When the commitment is there, you will do whatever it takes to achieve what you want.

So create some form of commitment right now. You can share what you want to do or accomplish with people who will support you. You can make a shout out in Facebook or any groups that are suitable. Get the words out so that you will feel the pressure to act.

commitment quote

Find an Accountability Partner

Besides making a public commitment, the next thing you can do is to find an accountability partner.

Get someone to measure your progress and keep an eye on your result.

For example, you can ask your superior or manager to be your accountability partner. Ask him or her to measure your results and review your progress each day.

When you know someone is watching what you do, most likely, you will do it.

If you are in sales, get an accountability partner to keep an eye on your prospecting activity. Ask him to check how many calls you make each day. Review your work with him so that you will make progress every day.

This is why getting a coach or a mentor is important because they can become your accountability partner and make sure that you are making progress from time to time.

All the professional athletes have mentors and coaches, don’t you think you should do the same if you want to produce outstanding results in life too?

5. Affirmations, Work!

Every morning, I will write down my affirmations (together with my goals) for at least 10 times.

I learned about affirmations many years ago, but I have never really applied it until recently I read a book from Scott Adams, the famous cartoonist.

Scott Adams said that every morning, he will write down his affirmations, “I, Scott Adams, will become a famous cartoonist” for 15 times. And he did this every single day.

Guess what, he got the result he wants. He achieved his goals and becomes a famous cartoonist. And so I model his technique to write down my affirmations each morning too.

I found that I feel more motivated every time I do this. It makes me feel good because my affirmations remind me of what I wanted to achieve. And whenever I think about it, I feel excited.

You should do this too. You can choose to write down or you can choose to just repeat it out loud for at least 10 times.

Of course, whether you write it down or you are doing it verbally, try to feel the energy. Clench your fist and feel the power from the words. Imagine you have achieved the goals and see yourself as already successful.

The key is to make it as real as possible. If you are just writing down your affirmations for sake of doing it, you will never experience the energy boost up.

And since you are going to do this anyway, so just do it seriously and do it with your best. Fake it until you make it.

6. Change Your Physiology

Feeling bored, tired and lack of motivation? No problem, do this and you will feel energetic and motivated instantly:

“Stand up and jump as high as possible for 5 times. And every time after the jumping, shout “YES” out loud and pump your fist.”

Trust me, do this right now and you will feel totally different. Why? Because you have changed your motion and your physiology.

When you change your motion, you will change your emotion. Motion creates emotion. If you want to feel awake and energetic, move faster, breathe faster and talk faster.

If you want to feel bored, try to get into your usual boring position and you will instantly feel the boredom.

Our physiology will affect our emotions. Thus, keep an eye on how we walk, talk, breathe and our body posture.

This is why you can tell if someone is worry, stress, or happy directly from their face. You can read their emotions and their states from the way their physical body act.

The same goes for you. If you want to feel happy and excited, first, act with your physical body. Make a smile and you will feel better. Of course, do it sincerely and seriously.

So whenever you are feeling tired and lack of motivation, just do the jumping trick.

You will feel the energy coming to you instantly. You will feel fully awake. Else just try to listen to some uplifting songs, sing along and move your body. When you do that, you are changing your physiology, and thus, you will change your mood.

When you listen to slow and sad songs, you will start to act that way and feel sad as well.

Hence, keep an eye on your physiology. If you want to get motivated, talk, walk, breathe and act like someone who is motivated.

7. Drink A Cup Of Coffee

If coffee is not for you, just skip this method. Use the other methods mentioned above. I personally love to drink coffee and I found that it wakes me up and gets me going.

I will drink a cup of coffee every morning around 9am. And this is when I’m doing my most important task, which is to write content.

Even when I’m writing this sentence right now, I’m drinking the coffee. Well, I’m not suggesting you drink a lot of it, but just one cup a day will do.

You may or may not agree with me on this, but you can try. Somehow, I’m feeling energetic and motivated to do my work and get the results I want from drinking coffee.

I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

best coffee quote

From Motivation To Habits

The 7 methods above are good enough to get you motivated, but in order for you to stay motivated consistently, each day, you must transform them into your habits.

Jim Rohn has a meaningful saying:

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

If you want to stay motivated all the time, you must transform the action and the progress into your habits. When the action becomes your habit, you will feel less resistance and you will do it automatically.

It is just like brushing your teeth, you will just do it every morning automatically without thinking much. You will never say to yourself, “Should I brush my teeth? Or should I do it later?”

It has become a deeply rooted habit that you will do it without any question.

And this is what you want to accomplish with motivation as well. Turn the motivation into your habits and you will never have downtime anymore.

So here are 3 simple techniques you can leverage to turn your motivation into habits.

1. Sticking To The Routine

Yes, once you have set your schedule, you have to just do it.

For example, if you spend 10 minutes to visualize the success you want each morning, do it every day and don’t miss any day.

Stick to your schedule. When it comes to building habits, sticking to your plan and doing it is more important than anything else.

Try to do it at the same place and time each day. If you write down your goals once you arrive in the office, do that every day. Do it in the same place and same time, if possible.

So that it will become a habit, and you will feel motivated every time after doing that.

The more you stick to your schedule, the faster it will become your habit.

2. Leverage on The Jerry Seinfeld Calendar Method

I absolutely love this method and I’m using this method to build my writing habit right now.

The Jerry Seinfeld method is easy. All you need to do is to decide on what action you want to take and then mark it on a calendar every time you have done it.

For example, every day after you have written down your goals, put a big “X” mark on your calendar. Your job is to keep the “X” link continues and do not break the chain.

As the days go by, you will have longer and longer “X” on your calendar. As for me, every day after I have written 1,000 words content, I will cross the calendar.

Whenever you see your progress on the calendar, you will feel satisfy and accomplish. You will get motivated and wanted to do more.

This method is simple and easy to apply. Just get yourself a calendar and decide on which activity you want to turn into your habit, and then stick to the schedule of doing it.

3. Habit Stacking

Habit stacking is another effective method to develop any habit you want. And this is technique is very useful especially when it comes to applying the 7 ways how to get motivated above.

Simply state the habit you want before/after your old habit.

For example, if you want to develop the habit of writing your goals every morning, you can have a statement such as, “I will write down my goals every morning after I drink water from the kitchen.” Or “Before I take bath in the morning, I will write down my goals.”

The key is to leverage on your old habit pattern while inserting a new habit (writing down your goals daily) into the process.

Thus, if you say that you are going to write down your goals before you bath every day, make sure you do it. Put up a reminder in your bathroom so that whenever you get into your bathroom, you recall that you need to write down your goals.

Here are some other great examples of habit stacking you can consider:

Before I take bath in the morning, I will do 20 pushups.
After I reach the office each morning, I will write down my top 10 goals.
Before I sleep each day, I will spend 10 minutes to visualize the success I want.

These are some easy and simple ways how you can transform your motivation into your habits.

When you have developed the right habits to stay motivated, you will never have to worry about procrastination or having no energy to get things done.

Successful people develop productive habits that will get them going each day. You should do the same.

First, get yourself motivated. Next, turn the actions into habits. And then just rinse and repeat.


This is how you can stay motivated all the time.

When you visualize the success you want, you feel motivated. Great, do it every day and make it your habit.

The same goes for daily goal setting and all the other methods mentioned above.

Do you like these ideas? Let me know what you think by leaving your comments below. If you like what you read, remember to share it too.

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2 Replies

  1. Some excellent advice here, Shawn. Thank you.

    I’m curious about the section on affirmations. I do a lot of reading about academic research on motivation, and I haven’t come across anything that validates a positive effect for doing daily affirmations. Have you come across any articles that discuss that topic from a scientific perspective. I’d love to check it out if you could share anything you’ve found.

    1. shawnlim

      Hey Rich, I’m not sure about whether there is any study conducted on the subject, but affirmation is a suggestion to your mind. You consciously tell your mind what you want, and eventually, it becomes a habit. And when it becomes a habit and programmed into your subconscious, this is where the magic happens. 🙂

      I believe there are plenty of books talking about self-talk. Oh ya, just remembered, there is a book on the subject of self talk, it’s called “What to Say When You Talk to Yourself” written by Shad Helmstetter.

      Quite a good book. I have read it. The author gives very inspiring examples of self-talk and what you should say when you talk to yourself in your head.

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