When it comes to living, everyone will tell you that they wanted to live a fun, more fulfilling, exciting and more interesting life.

It seems like everyone wants to be happy and have a great life; nobody wants to get bored, living a lousy and mediocre life.

This is exactly what you are going to discover in this article today.

There are many ways how you can make life interesting, however, there are 5 principles that you must understand for you to make your life truly interesting.

Without these 5 principles, no matter what you do, be it meditation, writing down your goals, planning your life, learning a new language, etc, all will have no positive effect on you.

These 5 principles will basically equip you with the right thinking that this is your life and you should choose how to live it. It is your responsibility to make your life interesting and exciting…

5 Principles Behind How to Make Your Life Interesting and Exciting

Remember, you are responsible for your life. If you do not love your life right now, you can choose and make a decision to change.

Sometimes it may not be easy, but you can take the leap of faith and do it anyway. It is all up to you. You must understand how life works and commit to yourself that you are the one that is living your life, not others.

1) Never worry about what others think about you

do not worry what others think about you

If you want to live a more exciting life, there is no way you can avoid this principle. Do understand that there is no need for you to worry about what others think about you.

This is your life, and you should live it your way. Of course, I’m talking about legal and ethical ways.

After all, you are the person who should be responsible for what you do. So ignore the naysayer and never live life because of how others want you to be. You should make your decision and follow your heart.

If you love to sing, follow your heart. You do not have to listen to how others want you to live your life.

2) Sometimes great moments do not need money

great moments do not need money

You do not need money to make life fun and exciting. In fact, sweetest and memorable moments are created without money.

Money can enhance the effect of great moment, but there’s no saying that you cannot have a great life without money.

As long as you are grateful for what you have, you can be the wealthiest person in the world and live a great life. And the best moments are usually created without money.

3) You can always make more time

make time

Some people always think that they don’t have time for better things. When you ask them to go for a short trip or to meet up, they will tell you that they do not have the time.

While it is true that you will have to spend most of your time working, and by the time when you reach home, it will be evening, but you can always make time.

People who are living a great life always enjoy their moments, because they make time for what matters most to them.

Read the sentence again, people who enjoy life the most are those who make time for what matters most to them.

You have to be the same. Find out what matters most to you and make time for them.

Everyone has 24 hours a day and some people enjoy their lives while others complain that they don’t have enough time. Learn to manage yourself and learn to manage the way you spend your time.

Do you watch too much TV or probably spending too much time on things that don’t matter?

4) When you’re too serious, you lose

if you are serious you lose

Sometimes you do not have to be too serious. Life is short and may end with a blink of an eye, and everything will be gone.

Close your eyes and imagine what were you doing and how were you doing a year before? Were you doing the same thing and living the same life?

Life is all about appreciating each moment that you have with you. When you get old and retire, the days that you enjoyed and had fun the most are the days that you will remember the most.

So live life to the fullest. Sometimes you just don’t need to be too serious about life. Make it fun and make it exciting.

5) Make it fun, exciting and interesting

make it fun

Yes, this is how you should live your life. Smile more, cry more, have more emotions and be a human.

Everyone can live a great life they want. Living a fulfilling life has nothing to do with being rich or poor. It has nothing to do with your wealth, and it has everything to do with how you spend and enjoy each of your moment.

And since time will continue to move no matter what you do, you might as well just enjoy each second and every minute of your life. So make your life enjoyable.

So are you ready to discover the 31 ways how to live a more interesting and exciting life? Here they are…

1. Learn to master a skill

master your skill

What one skill that you have always wanted to learn but never does? It is time for you to master that skill and become the best in it. It can be managing your business, playing golf, swimming, singing, playing guitar, etc.

Mastering something and becoming the best in it will make your life fulfilling. You will feel worth it and extremely satisfied when you do.

Here’s a list of 48 skills you can learn.

2. Breathe the morning fresh air

morning breeze

Try to wake up early. Breathe the fresh air and start your day early. Studies have proved that people who wake up early each day tend to get more things done and tend to live a better life.

It may be difficult to get out of your warm bed, but you have to get over it. Learn to get out of your comfort zone and do things that are not comfortable.

3. Have a big and healthy breakfast

big healthy breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the whole day. You have slept for at least 6 or 7 hours, and your body needs food to digest for energy and water to hydrate your body.

So make sure you take breakfast and drink a lot of water in the morning. Do you know why it is called “breakfast”? It is to break the fasting after a good night’s sleep.

4. Read a book

morning reading habit

You can read any book you want. I will suggest you read more books on personal development and books that will inspire you. However, you can change it and read other books according to your hobby.

There are many benefits of reading. One of them is to enhance your knowledge and train your focus.

5. Go offline and get disconnected

disconnect and offline

You do not have to do this the whole day. Choose a moment where you think you should get disconnected from the world and go offline. Stay alone and be with yourself.

You can choose to do your own thing such as working on your project, taking action on your most important task, reflecting on your life, reviewing your goals, read a book, etc.

6. Get a short weekend trip

short weekend trip

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. You need to enjoy and relax your mind from time to time. Human beings cannot stay focused on just one thing for a long-term. Our productivity level will drop, and we will get distracted somehow.

Therefore, get on a short weekend trip from time to time. While on the trip, take the time to slow down and reflect on your life. What have you done and what have you accomplished?

7. Dine in a new restaurant

dine in a new restaurant

Want to make your life interesting? Try out at a new restaurant tonight. Go to a place that you have never been before. Try out things that you have never tasted before.

If you have never tried Korean food before, try it tonight. If you have never tried sushi before, check it out tonight. Make your life colorful through food and taste.

8. What is your hobby? Do it

follow your hobby

What do you love to do? What are your hobbies? Hobbies are great ways to make our life enjoyable and fun. Do you love to play basketball? Do you love to swim? Or do you love hiking?

Every week, spend some time doing what you love. Work around with your hobby. If you love to swim, arrange a time for swimming at least once a week.

9. Make a new friend

make new friends

There’s a saying, “It is not what you know, but who you know”. And this is very true. We are not superhuman, and we just cannot do everything on our own. We need help, and our network will be our backbone to support us in life.

Do you know who to go to when you need help? Successful people are successful because they know how to leverage their network of people to get things done. So commit to making a new friend often.

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10. Get alone and practice solitude

alone solitude

Albert Einstein said that imagination is more powerful that knowledge. And you can only imagine when you are alone and in solitude. So spend time with yourself more often.

Learn to understand yourself and master your thoughts. This is why you need to wake up early because early morning is the best ‘sacred’ time to be with yourself. So practice solitude because it is where your life begins.

11. Practice meditation

morning meditation

There are many benefits of meditation. For instance, it can release your stress and lighten your pressure. Not only that, you can increase your attention span and learn to focus better through meditation.

You do not have to meditate, but there’s no harm to try out. And who knows you may love it and make you more productive and enjoy life more.

12. Greet and smile at strangers

smile at people

No one was born happy, but we were born with the ability to create happiness. Our smile can change the world one at a time. Smile more to bring happiness to yourself. Smile at strangers to make the world a better place.

Do I even need to explain more on this? Every morning when you wake up and look at the mirror in your bathroom, smile and say to yourself, “Today is a great day and wonderful things will come to me.”

13. Help someone

help others

We should all focus on making other people’s lives better. When you think about it, athletes and actors are making their fans entertained. Successful business people are exchanging some form of value to their customers with the money they make.

When you got into a restaurant and ordered your meal, the restaurant exchanges the food with your money. In other words, everyone is making, creating or exchanging some form of values every time.

Therefore, focus on how you can touch and help others. Learn to build values in your work and your business. This is how you can achieve real success in life.

14. Make your own meal

make your own meal

Do you know that making your own meal can make you feel fun, and it is a great moment to enjoy?

It does not matter even if the food you make is not as good, as long as you spend the time to do something for yourself, you will make your life more interesting. How about calling up your friends and tell them that you will make them dinner tonight?

15. Travel alone

travel alone

Have you tried to travel alone? You should try it. There’s no need for you to travel overseas or to a foreign country yourself right away. You can always start small.

Probably you can go for a one-day trip alone and see how you like it. And then you can grow bigger from there.

When you think about traveling alone to countries that you have never been to before, it will make you thrill and excited.

16. Learn a new language

learn a new language

Life will be more interesting when you can speak a new language. If you say that you do not have the time, think again. You can use your commute time to learn a new language.

Remember the principle you have learned above? You can always make time for something. Learning a new language will give your brain a boost. It can improve your memory, attention span and make you feel satisfied with your life.

17. Declutter and get organized

declutter your life

This is one of the most underestimated ways most people never thought about when it comes to living an exciting and interesting life. When your workplace and your house are in a mess, your life will be in a mess too.

Imagine when you are working on something fun and exciting, and suddenly you are distracted by the thought that you need to clean up your house, you need to wash the dishes, throw the rubbish, etc.

You can never have the maximum productivity and fully enjoy your life. So learn to declutter and get organized.

18. Groom yourself

get groomed

When you groom yourself and get into great attire, you will feel different. Try to wear a new shirt and see how you feel. You will feel better; you will feel more confident, and you will feel fresh.

This is why you need to groom yourself all the time. Get a new haircut and buy some new clothes if necessary.

19. Change the environment

change environment

Another great way to make your life more interesting is to change the environment. You can change your workplace, and you can change your living place. I’m not saying that you should move, but you can try to change the furniture, put in more greens and plants, repaint your house, etc.

Your environment will make you, or it can break you. Successful people are successful because they network with other successful people, and they make themselves stay in a successful environment that will support their dreams. You have to do the same.

20. Write down your vision, dream, and your goals

plan your life

What can be more interesting and fun than having a clear vision and a goal to achieve? Writing down your life’s vision and your goals will give you a clear direction in life.

You will know what to expect and what you want to accomplish each day. And seeing yourself moving ahead and getting closer to your dreams is something that will excite you every day.

Want to learn how to set goals and achieve them? Use my Goal Setting Formula here.

21. Work on your dreams and goals

work take action

You can never move forward without taking action on your dreams. Living your dream is exciting and fun. There’s no way you can live an interesting life without living your dreams.

So commit to taking action and work on what you want to achieve in your life. These are the fuels and the drive that will show you how you should live an exciting life.

22. Surprise your loved ones

surprise your loved ones

We cannot live alone on an island; we need others to make us feel complete. So surprise your loved ones and enrich your relationship with people you care from time to time.

You will feel better, able to go further and always feel loved when you know you have loved ones to support you from your back. You will then be able to achieve more and have more confidence to go further.

23. Exercise

morning exercise

You cannot live an interesting and fun life if you are in bad shape. So exercise often and make sure you commit to doing it.

If you study successful people, you will see that most of them spend their time to workout and exercise before they start their day. They know that exercise is important and they just cannot enjoy life if they are weak and always sick.

24. Praise 3 people each day

praise someone

Now, if you have never done this before, you should try this out. Try to find the good in people and praise them. Praise at least 3 people each day. You will make them happy, and you will make yourself happy too.

Too often, we have been conditioned to criticize and to look for the negative about others. It is time to change this and focus on the positive. Search for the good things in people and praise them.

25. Take a new challenge

challenge yourself

Life is short; you should take more challenge, and you should commit to doing more. You do not want to grow old only to regret the things that you never do.

Set yourself a goal and challenge yourself. It can be a financial goal, a fun goal or something that you want to improve on. For example, you can make a challenge to save $1,000 by month’s end. Or you can make it a challenge to lose 5 pounds in 2 months.

Whatever the challenge, make it interesting and make it fun.

26. Adopt a small pet

get a pet

It is interesting to adopt a pet in life. Your pet can bring a happy and fun moment to you and at the same time, teach you to be more responsible in life.

Get a puppy or a cat if you want to. However, make sure you can commit to taking care of your pet before you adopt them. Or else just forget about this.

27. Count your blessings

count your blessings

Take a piece of paper and just write down everything that you are grateful for. It can be your wife, your spouse, your dog, your car, your TV, your house, your friends, your boss, your job, your thinking, your hair, your wardrobe, etc.

When you count your blessings, the activity makes you feel more grateful and thankful for what you already have. The process will train you to be more appreciative and always look for the positive side of every event.

28. Relax and do absolutely nothing

relax and do nothing

Imagine lying on the beach while enjoying the sunset and doing nothing, how nice is that? If you can’t get to the beach, you can sit on your balcony; enjoy the great view with your favorite beverage. You should enjoy life more.

Sometimes you will get stuck and feel like going nowhere in life. So slow down and relax. Enjoy the moment and do absolutely nothing. You will be surprise how this can make you more productive and make your life interesting.

29. Plan your life

review your goals

Do you know how your life should be? Some people say that it is better to live life on complete randomness, and I agree to some point. However, when it comes to the big picture, you should understand the direction you want to go and how you want your life to turn out.

This is why you need to plan. Successful people know what they want, and they understand where they wanted to go in their lives. This is why they can accomplish amazing results through focus and knowing their direction.

You should be the same. Plan your life, know what you want to accomplish and know the direction. And then, you just live life and see where it brings you.

30. Be in the moment

stay in the moment

When you are drinking the coffee, drink the coffee. Enjoy the moment and be at the moment. There’s no need for you to worry about what has happened and what will happen.

Instead, stay at the moment and enjoy the moment. When you work, work. When you play, let go all the stress and pressure and enjoy your play.

31. Take a leap of faith

take a leap of faith

Finally, take a leap of faith. Try out some of the ways shared with you above. If after you read this, and you still decide to live the life you have always live, you will be getting the same old result.

If you want to change, you must do things you have never done before. If you want to live a more interesting life, do things that are interesting and things that will make you exciting.

Decide today that you are going to live life to the full and enjoy every moment. You can make your life interesting, if only you decide for it and work on it.


You do not have to follow through all the ways mentioned above, and you do not have to do them every day. You can take a weekend trip once in a while, finish a book once a month, count your blessings every morning, and dine in a new restaurant this weekend, and more.

Anyone can make his or her life interesting and exciting. So are you living an interesting life now? Share your story with me in the comment section below.

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