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The Kick You Need in Life

Stop Working Hard Unless You Fulfill These 5 Principles

stop working hard

We all have been led to believe that in order to be successful and to achieve greatness in life, we need to work hard. But is this really true? The answer is in this article. The first thing when you take a look at the clock, do you look at the hour hand or the […]

Why Clarity of Purpose is Important to Success and How to Get It

clarity of purpose

“Cat: Where are you going? Alice: Which way should I go? Cat: That depends on where you are going. Alice: I don’t know. Cat: Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.” – Alice in the Wonderland You have probably heard about the story of Alice in the Wonderland and how the clarity of purpose […]

Why You Should Manage Your Time More Effectively

manage time effectively

Tick tock. You hear that? It’s an unnerving sound, and so it should be. It’s the sound of life ticking away and an abundance of potential going down the drain. People waste time when they could be doing something productive or important all the time – and it’s not a small amount of time either. […]

5 Techniques How to Prevent Procrastination By Robin Sharma

robin sharma prevent procrastination

Watch the video above from Robin Sharma, he shares his techniques on how one can prevent procrastination and increase productivity using 5 effective techniques. The video is only about 16 minutes, but there are immense valuable insights contained in the video. Watch the video now. Sharma is a famous success coach who has helped thousands […]

The Top 10 Positive Attitudes and Behaviors Your Need to Succeed in Life

Positive Attitudes and Behaviors

“The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.” – Captain Jack Sparrow The above is a famous quote from the famous movie, Pirates of the Caribbean series. And this quote says it all. It is not the problem or the circumstances that we face in life that determine our […]

7 Effective Methods How to Get Motivated When You’re Feeling Tired

How to Get Motivated When You’re Feeling Tired

How to get motivated when feeling tired is one of the most common subjects that everyone faces in their life. Most people work from 9 to 5 and from Monday to Friday; and it is extremely typical for us to feel no energy, lack of motivation, tired, and exhausted throughout the day. You have to […]

Short-Term Goal VS Long-Term Goal: Which is Better?

short term long term goals

When it comes to goal setting, have you ever thought about if the goals you set are short-term or the long-term? And how are they going to affect you and your life? In my opinion, both the short-term and long-term goals are important, and we need to set our goals in both time frame in […]

What To Do When Life Gets Hard – 20 Great Suggestions

Going through life is like riding a roller-coaster, sometimes you experience the thrill, and sometimes you experience the twists and turns that make you feel a headache. Life is not going to be a normal ride; there will be ups and downs, peaks and valleys. Sometimes you feel driven and motivated, and sometimes you feel […]

9 Ways Running Can Help You Succeed in Life (Backed by Science)

Running Can Help You Succeed in Life

This is a guest article contributed by Sadi Khan, a sport and fitness writer and a big advocate of running. Reaching a high altitude in your life is a matter of self-improvement. You might be aiming to grow your business, reach personal goals, or simply build good habits. There’s something that can help you achieve any […]

7 Keys How to Manage Your Life Better

manage your life

One of the most important lessons one can learn in life is to learn how they can manage their lives better. When you know how to manage your life better, you will be more effective, you can develop productive habits that get you what you want, you will have better health and energy, you will […]

Setting Realistic VS Unrealistic Goals: What You Need to Know

realistic vs unrealistic goals

When we all talk about setting goals to achieve something that we want in life, many people will have the question of whether the goals that they set are realistic or unrealistic. How do you know if your goals are realistic, or unrealistic? And what which option should you go for? Should you make your […]

77 Positive Affirmations to Start the Day

positve affirmations to start the day

“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.” – Muhammad Ali Affirmation is a statement or a declaration that you tell yourself, either out loud or within yourself in your mind, repeatedly until it becomes true to you. It is considered one […]

10 Step-By-Step Instructions How to Plan Your Day the Night Before

how to plan your day

One of the key differences between extraordinary people and ordinary people is that extraordinary people are able to get more done, achieve better results, and are productive during the day, and all this is because they know how to plan their day. If you want to be more productive and get more things done, you […]