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Why Some People Are More Motivated and How to be One of Them

why some people are more motivated than others

I believe that it happens to all of us. There are days when we feel totally motivated and we feel like we can achieve all the goals that we have set. There are also days when we feel a total slump, we have no motivation at all, and we just want to lie on the […]

13 Ways How to be More Productive at Home and Get Things Done

how to be more productive at home

No matter if you are working from home or you just want to be productive and get the meaningful things done at home, these tips are for you. For people who work and operate from their homes, they need to make their home as a productive workplace and there is no one to supervise their […]

The 10 Things We Can Learn from Highly Motivated Individuals

highly motivated individuals

Bouncing out of bed every morning with a hop to your step is easier said than done. Some days it seems your goals are too far from reach. It is easy to throw your hands up and go back to sleep but you know that gluing your head to the pillow will not reward you […]

20 Short-Term Goals Examples and Why They Are Important

Important Short-Term Goals Examples

When we talk about setting goals, questions that always surface are: should we set short-term goals, what are they, are there any short-term goal examples, and are they necessary? In this article, we’re going to look thoroughly at short-term goals. When you check it out on Wikipedia, you’ll discover that a goal is an idea […]

Happy People Are Productive People: 13 Tips for Workplace Happiness

happy people are productive people

A lot of business owners believe that if they want to motivate their employees and themselves to be more productive, they should pay their staff more or increase their own pay. Now, this is an outdated thinking. The idea of using money as the motivator to increase workers’ productivity may be true, but it may […]

2018 First Quarter Has Gone: Have You Achieved Your Goals?

have you achieve your goals

If you’re reading this right now, I have a question to ask, “How’s your progress in achieving your 2018 goals?” I bet that you realized that it is already April and that means 3 months have already gone by. So have you accomplished much of your goals? Or are you still at the starting line, […]

8 Golden Lessons: What Can We Learn From Failure

What Can We Learn From Failure

Do you want to know the real secret to success? It is not dedication, commitment, hard work, smart work, passion, or even habits. You’re not going to like the answer. The real secret to success is managing your failures. Period. The truth is that we learn the most from our failures. But there is a […]

10 Effective Action Plan Templates You Can Use Now

Action Plan Templates

Having a clear and exciting dream for the future is important, but what is equally important is the process of planning where you turn your far-fetched dreams into actionable goals or steps. And this is where the action plan templates come into play. Most people have dreams, but the majority of them don’t have an […]

7 Clear Signs That You Have Discovered Your Passion in Life

7 Clear Signs That You Have Discovered Your Passion in Life

We often heard people said that if we want to create remarkable results and produce outstanding success in life, we must have a passion for what we do. Passion is subjective and it is a very a personal preference. Everyone’s passion is different, so how can you tell when you have found your passion? This […]

What to do When You Have No Motivation – The Best Solutions

What to do When You Have No Motivation

What should you do when you have no motivation? This is the question that we all want answers and every one of us wishes that we can stay motivated and pumped up all the moment without feeling depressed, lack of drive, or have no mood to do something. The truth is that motivation comes and […]

The Ultimate Guide – How to be Productive at Work

how to be productive

Let’s talk about increasing productivity. We all want to have more time, to get more things done, and to beat our laziness so that we can be more productive to achieve all the goals that we set. Unfortunately, there are just too many reasons why productivity can easily slip away from our hands. For instance, […]

Why Failure is Good and Necessary to be Successful in Life

why failure is good

Whether we like it or not, failure is an important part of life. It is necessary for personal growth and success in life overall. We may fail on a small or grander scale, once or many times, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is the process and what we have learned from our experiences. No […]

Weekend Productivity: How to Plan and Make the Most Out of Your Weekend

weekend productivity

Weekend should be fun and not everyone wants to plan every minute of the day. If this is what you have in your mind right now, you are absolutely right. You don’t have to plan every minute of the day, including weekends, but one thing I know for sure, weekend is actually the secret weapon […]