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The Secret Relationship Between Diet And Productivity

diet productivity

Your diet is absolutely pertinent for many, many reasons. Obviously, if you’re eating all of the wrong foods, you’re going to get yourself into big trouble in the near future. A poor diet can lead to obesity and many other health problems. This is a guest post from Bruce Kuster from You should also […]

10 Tips How to Build a Positive Work Environment for Solopreneur

positive work environment

After you finished your college and university, it is time to step into the real world and build your career. And in today’s world, the number of solopreneurs is increasing at a tremendous rate. More and more people start to work from their home and this is where the problem arises. It is difficult to […]

13 Ways How to be More Productive at Home and Get Things Done

how to be more productive at home

No matter if you are working from home or you just want to be productive and get the meaningful things done at home, these tips are for you. For people who work and operate from their homes, they need to make their home as a productive workplace and there is no one to supervise their […]

Happy People Are Productive People: 13 Tips for Workplace Happiness

happy people are productive people

A lot of business owners believe that if they want to motivate their employees and themselves to be more productive, they should pay their staff more or increase their own pay. Now, this is an outdated thinking. The idea of using money as the motivator to increase workers’ productivity may be true, but it may […]

10 Effective Action Plan Templates You Can Use Now

Action Plan Templates

Having a clear and exciting dream for the future is important, but what is equally important is the process of planning where you turn your far-fetched dreams into actionable goals or steps. And this is where the action plan templates come into play. Most people have dreams, but the majority of them don’t have an […]

The Ultimate Guide – How to be Productive at Work

how to be productive

Let’s talk about increasing productivity. We all want to have more time, to get more things done, and to beat our laziness so that we can be more productive to achieve all the goals that we set. Unfortunately, there are just too many reasons why productivity can easily slip away from our hands. For instance, […]

Weekend Productivity: How to Plan and Make the Most Out of Your Weekend

weekend productivity

Weekend should be fun and not everyone wants to plan every minute of the day. If this is what you have in your mind right now, you are absolutely right. You don’t have to plan every minute of the day, including weekends, but one thing I know for sure, weekend is actually the secret weapon […]

Top 10 Time Management and Productivity Tips to Learn From Brian Tracy

brian tracy time management and productivity tips

Brian Tracy is a famous motivational speaker and also an entrepreneur, one of his best-selling books is none other than Eat That Frog. I believe that you have heard about him or seen any of his books in the bookstore, or maybe you even own some of his books. When it comes to time management […]

Why You Should Manage Your Time More Effectively

manage time effectively

Tick tock. You hear that? It’s an unnerving sound, and so it should be. It’s the sound of life ticking away and an abundance of potential going down the drain. People waste time when they could be doing something productive or important all the time – and it’s not a small amount of time either. […]

5 Techniques How to Prevent Procrastination By Robin Sharma

robin sharma prevent procrastination

Watch the video above from Robin Sharma, he shares his techniques on how one can prevent procrastination and increase productivity using 5 effective techniques. The video is only about 16 minutes, but there are immense valuable insights contained in the video. Watch the video now. Sharma is a famous success coach who has helped thousands […]

10 Step-By-Step Instructions How to Plan Your Day the Night Before

how to plan your day

One of the key differences between extraordinary people and ordinary people is that extraordinary people are able to get more done, achieve better results, and are productive during the day, and all this is because they know how to plan their day. If you want to be more productive and get more things done, you […]

10 Best Time-Tracking Tools for Macs and iPhones

10 Best Time-Tracking Tools for Macs and iPhones

Time is not on our side. The pace of the daily grind has most people running to catch up. Businesses seeking greater productivity and individuals seeking to squeeze an extra ounce out of a busy day have a lot in common — they all struggle to do more with less time. Fortunately, there’s an app […]

The 7 Best Evening Rituals for Success You Should Consider

best evening rituals

How you end your day before you get to bed is probably one of the most important things that will determine your life. Some people underestimate the importance of their evening routine, while most people don’t really care about it. What you must understand is that your evening ritual is as important as your morning […]