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Top 10 Examples of Good Time Management Habits

time management habits

Time management is the way how we use our time in order to get more things done and produce the results that we want. But the truth is that we cannot really manage time, we can only manage ourselves. We all have 24 hours a day. And it is what we do during those hours […]

The Importance of Taking a Short Break According to Research

taking a short break

Do you always find that it is extremely difficult to focus on a task for a long time? Do you always feel that you are easily distracted and found it challenging to maintain your willpower and motivation to get things done? If your answer is a yes to the above question, it simply means that […]

10 Amazing Ways How to Improve Your Focus

improve your focus

Your ability to stay focused on doing one task until it is done is one of the most powerful traits that will determine your success in whatever you do. Most people fail to reach their goals because they lose their focus, and then their motivation, and eventually they give up on their goals. It happens […]

Top 10 Habits of Productive People You Should Adopt

habits of productive people

I believe that nobody wants to procrastinate, no one wants to feel stressed, no one wants to get distracted, and no one wants to live in mediocrity. Everyone wants to be productive, to achieve the goals they set, to live their dreams, and to achieve outstanding success in life. Well, says easy, does hard. It […]

What Causes Procrastination: The #1 Reason People Don’t Take Action

causes procrastination

I bet you have set a goal or determine to follow a plan, but in the end, you don’t do it. You procrastinate and choose to wait until a later time. Procrastination is one of the most common reasons people fail to reach their goals. And to overcome procrastination, we need to understand what causes […]

How to NOT Get Distracted from Your Work and Goal – 10 Great Ways

not get distracted

No matter how good you are or how focused you can be, there is no way you can NOT get distracted from doing your work or achieving your goals. We’re human beings and getting distracted is something natural in us. The key then to staying productive and to getting things done is to learn how […]

10 Super Tips How to Create an Effective To-Do List

effective to do list

Looking for ways to make an effective to-do list? I have been using a to-do list to handle my everyday tasks for years. And I can say that having a to-do list is absolutely helpful in getting what I want to be done, done. But sometimes, there are also days when I find that a […]

10 Most Common Signs of Procrastination, Do You Show Any of Them?

signs of procrastination

Procrastination is something that stops us from living our ideal life. It prevents us from achieving our full potential and it is the thing that destroys our dreams and makes us fail at our goals. So how can you tell if you are a procrastinator? Everyone procrastinated at times, even the most successful people you […]

30 Useful and Applicable Tips How to Have a Productive Day

how to have a productive day

Aristotle said it beautifully, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” And if you want to achieve great success and produce amazing results in life, start by managing your days, not your weeks or months or years. And learning how to have a productive day, every day, […]

The Secret Relationship Between Diet And Productivity

diet productivity

Your diet is absolutely pertinent for many, many reasons. Obviously, if you’re eating all of the wrong foods, you’re going to get yourself into big trouble in the near future. A poor diet can lead to obesity and many other health problems. This is a guest post from Bruce Kuster from You should also […]

10 Tips How to Build a Positive Work Environment for Solopreneur

positive work environment

After you finished your college and university, it is time to step into the real world and build your career. And in today’s world, the number of solopreneurs is increasing at a tremendous rate. More and more people start to work from their home and this is where the problem arises. It is difficult to […]

13 Ways How to be More Productive at Home and Get Things Done

how to be more productive at home

No matter if you are working from home or you just want to be productive and get the meaningful things done at home, these tips are for you. For people who work and operate from their homes, they need to make their home as a productive workplace and there is no one to supervise their […]

Happy People Are Productive People: 13 Tips for Workplace Happiness

happy people are productive people

A lot of business owners believe that if they want to motivate their employees and themselves to be more productive, they should pay their staff more or increase their own pay. Now, this is an outdated thinking. The idea of using money as the motivator to increase workers’ productivity may be true, but it may […]