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Career Success: 10 Remarkable Tips to Build a More Fulfilling Career

career success

Whether you like it or not, you are going to spend more than half of your live working. And thus, choosing the right career, developing it, and enjoying it is one of the most critical things that you should do in life. Most people don’t think much or plan about their career. And this is […]

Top 5 Disadvantages of Goal Setting You Must Be Aware Of

disadvantages of goal setting

I love goal setting and it is one of my favorite topics in the personal development subject. As much as I love to set goals and talk about achieving my goals, I’m aware of its disadvantages too. Yes, I have to admit that there are downsides of goal setting too. Regardless of whether you are […]

7 Easy Methods How to Be Accountable for Your Goals

how to be accountable

We all have been there. We set goals, we dream about them, and we feel good about them, but we just don’t follow through. We lack the accountability to make things happen. And this, my friend, is one of the main reasons people fail to reach their goals. When you don’t hold yourself accountable for […]

Why Delayed Gratification is Important to Your Success

importance delayed gratification

One of the most important keys to success is none other than your ability to delay gratification. When you push the immediate pleasure and aim for the long-term gain, you set yourself up for success, not now, but in the future. What is delayed gratification? It is the process whereby you resist the immediate reward […]

Why Positive Thinking Is Not Always the Key to Success

why positive thinking

Staying positive is the key to success. This statement has been around for decades now, and people seem to have taken it by heart. Sure, staying positive can help you on the road to success, but the fact is, it may also mislead you on that same road. So, before continuing with the article, here […]

Happiness and Productivity – Why Being Happy Makes You Productive

happiness and productivity

Do you want to be productive, get more things done, and achieve all your milestones? If your answer is yes, what you need to do is simple, just be happy. Yes, happiness actually increases your level of productivity. “Stop chasing the money, start chasing the passion,” quoted Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos who has […]

Morning Motivation: How to Prepare Yourself to Jumpstart Your Day

morning motivation

I know it, getting out of bed in the morning is difficult. And to wake up with energy and motivation is even more challenging. But to be successful and to achieve your dreams, you need to learn how to master your mornings to kickstart each day with motivation. I bet you understand that kind of […]

How to Align Yourself with Your Goals – 8 Things You Can Do

align your goals

Setting goals is one thing and aligning yourself with your goals is another. Most people fail to achieve their goals because they don’t align their lives, their actions, and their thoughts with their goals. When you and your goals are in harmony, the results you want will come to you. A lot of people have […]

7 Ways How to Think Big to Achieve Big Success in Life

think big

“As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big.” A famous quote from the billionaire real estate tycoon and the 45th president of the United States. Whether you like Trump or you don’t, it doesn’t matter. The key is that when you choose to think big, you start to attract big things into […]

Do You Really Need A Mentor? Here’s What You Need to Know

need a mentor

In 1908, Henry Ford mass-produced the motor vehicle for personal use and the Model T was born. Ford may not be the person to invent the first automobile, but his improvement in the assembly line conveyor technology was able to put the car together in 93 minutes made the mass production possible. Although Ford’s achievement […]

10 Powerful Steps How to Set and Achieve Your 2019 New Year Goals

new year goals

The start of a new year is one of the best moments to set a goal because everything is a brand new beginning. People often jump into the new year with excitement and motivation because they believe that the coming year is going to be great for them. And if you are looking to set […]

Why It Is Important to Think Big and Aim High

think big aim high

Everyone has a dream. No matter what dreams you are trying to pursue, whether it is to save humanity, to end world hunger, to overcome poverty, or to simply get a promotion or to change a better car, the truth is that your dreams matter. We all have things that we desire in life. Even […]

Why You Need Failure to Be Successful in Life

fail to succeed

We are so used to being afraid of mistakes and failures, that we prefer not to take risks and not to try, and if we have failed, not to start over. But after all, there is no growth without mistakes; it is impossible to achieve something without making mistakes or experiencing failures. There is no […]