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15 Epic Success Quotes from Jack Canfield to Motivate You

Jack Canfield is one of my favorite motivational and success gurus who constantly share and inspire people to achieve their maximum potential. When it comes to motivation and achieving great success in life, there is no way we can skip Jack and his work. He is the co-author of the famous inspirational book series, Chicken […]

Top 10 Oprah Winfrey Quotes That Will Reignite Your Passion In Life

oprah winfrey quotes

Oprah Winfrey, or also known as the “Queen of All Media”, was the richest African American in the 20th century. Her talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show was the highest-rated television program of its kind in history. Plus, Oprah was North America’s first black multi-billionaire. Well, Oprah is famous, successful and well-known, but she did […]

15 Stunning Quotes from Les Brown that Will Reignite Your Motivation

les brown quotes

Whenever someone asks me about motivational speeches, one of the most inspirational gurus that often shows up in my mind is none other than Les Brown. Les Brown is a successful motivational speaker, an author, a former radio DJ, television host, and also a politician. Les is considered one of the most powerful motivational speakers […]

13 Most-Inspiring J.K. Rowling Quotes to Make You Stronger

jk rowling quotes

Writing a storybook is not an easy feat, let alone writing a best-selling storybook. While on a train from Manchester to King’s Cross station in London, the now famous and a billionaire author, J.K. Rowling conceived the idea of a magical world of wizards and witches. Although Rowling had the idea of writing a great […]

17 Amazingly Inspirational Jack Ma Quotes You Can Learn From

jack ma quotes

I bet that you have heard the name Jack Ma. Who doesn’t know this Chinese billionaire who founded Alibaba and Taobao, right? Jack is often seen as Jeff Bezos of the United States. Besides his tremendous success in the e-commerce world, Jack is also known as a great teacher where he shares his knowledge, ideas, […]

17 Most Inspirational Quotes from Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold-Schwarzenegger quotes

Arnold Schwarzenegger has always been one of my favorite movie actors. Not only that, Arnold also serves as the role model and an inspiration to me that I’m able to achieve extraordinary results like he did. There is no doubt that he is one of the most inspirational characters to many, including myself. And in […]

15 Amazing Quotes from Bruce Lee that Inspire You to Success

bruce lee quotes

There is no doubt that Bruce Lee was one of the most successful martial artists that was widely known for his unique style. Besides being an amazing actor, Bruce was also a successful film director, screenwriter, and also a philosopher. Bruce was famously known for his unique style and that he founded Jeet Kune Do, […]

17 Best Lessons and Inspirational Quotes from Ray Kroc of McDonald’s

ray kroc quote

You may not know who Ray Kroc is, but I’m very sure you’ve heard about titan fast food chain, McDonald’s. Kroc was the person behind McDonald’s and who turned the franchise system into the most successful fast food corporation in the world. In 1954, when Kroc was 52, he was a salesman selling multi-mixers for […]

35 Stimulating Quotes that Will Give You Motivation to Live a Bright Life

stimulating motivational quotes

This article is contributed by Chris Richardson from EssayGeeks. When you meet a bright person, you want to be around them. They spread good vibes and make you smile. A negative person also affects your mood… they bring you down. You don’t want to be that person. You want to be the bright one. You Can’t Wait […]

The 10 Best Inspirational And Interesting Zootopia Quotes

Have you watched Zootopia? It is considered one of the best movies from Walt Disney. It features a story about an unlikely team between a rabbit police officer and a fox as a con artist to uncover a conspiracy case of animals’ disappearance in a city called, Zootopia. And just like Finding Dory, the storyline […]

15 Powerful When Life Gets Hard Quotes And What You Can Do


When life gets hard, what should you do? It is something that is inevitable. I believe that everyone has to face tough times in life, but that does not mean that we can let the difficulties and setbacks stop us from going forward. I hope you will be inspired after going through this article. It […]

7 Best The Good Dinosaur Quotes And Lessons You Can Learn


The Good Dinosaur may not be the best Pixar film, but there is no doubt that it has a very interesting story line and touching ending. I admit that I’m a fan of all the Pixar movies, and I love them. So what can you learn from The Good Dinosaur? If you haven’t watched the […]

13 Best Finding Nemo And Finding Dory Quotes That Inspire You

finding nemo dory quotes

When we talk about quotes, we often think about movies and imagine real life successful people. Have you ever thought that there is something that you can learn from fish? When Pixar launched Finding Nemo in 2003, 13 years ago, it grossed $339 million and became one of the best Pixar films that time. This […]